WSJ: Nintendo Says NX Update “Not Too Late In The Course Of This Year”

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has reconfirmed that the Nintendo NX announcement won’t be showcased too late in the course of this year. So of course E3 which takes place in Los Angeles in June could make perfect sense for the unveiling.

Analysts have been watching for indications of how Nintendo’s mobile game will interact with a next-generation system that Nintendo has under development, code-named NX.

Mr. Kimishima said Tuesday that the company will provide an update “not too late in the course of this year.”


Nintendo Says They Received Many Proposals For “Joint Initiatives” From Third-Parties At E3

We heard last week that Nintendo had discussed the NX with various third party developer at E3 and had received positive feedback regarding the system. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has basically reconfirmed this and that they they have received “joint initiatives” from third party developers during E3. Hopefully the NX platform is interesting, or powerful enough, to continue to gain interest from the many third party developers out there.

“On the other hand, Nintendo is collaborating with various software publishers. At E3, which was held in the U.S. and is the largest trade show in the video game industry, we received many proposals for joint initiatives. In addition, Japanese software publishers have close relationships with our licensing department on a regular basis. As for collaborations with software publishers or their games, please consider that there are various ongoing projects below the surface.”

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Reggie Says They May Release “New Variants” Of New Nintendo 3DS In North America

Forbes recently had the opportunity to catch up with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime after this year’s E3 event. The publication quizzed Reggie regarding why there was no new Nintendo hardware showcased at the show. Fils-Aime pointed towards the New Nintendo 3DS as a piece of hardware they have recently launched and also teased that they may release “new variants”. Whether he just means releasing additional colour schemes for the New Nintendo 3DS XL, or alternatively bringing over the standard New Nintendo 3DS, remains to be seen. Here’s what Reggie Fils-Aime had say at this year’s E3 event.

“Our focus is over the current six- to nine-months. In our handheld space, we’ve just launched the new Nintendo 3DS XL. So from that standpoint, there is no new hardware coming over the next six- to nine-month period. There might be some new variants. The thing about the handheld space, consumers love new designs, new colors. And we’ll continue to offer those types of experiences. But there’s not going to be a fundamentally new piece of handheld tech coming out.”

Nintendo Apparently Discussed The NX With Third Parties At E3 And Had Positive Feedback

Game Informer is reporting that Nintendo were approaching third-party developers at this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles regarding their new hardware which is currently known as the NX. According to the US publication the reception that the team received was positive, which if true, means that the overall concept is one that appeals to developers and gamers.

The problem for Nintendo is the NX’s launch is at least a year away—likely more, as the company reportedly just started talking about it with third party partners at this year’s E3. (The reception, say insiders, was positive.)

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Scott Moffitt: It’s Not A Transitional Year For Nintendo Platforms

This year’s E3 event was a slight disappointment to fans. As we know a number of the games showcased had already been announced last year and also a few of the new titles were spinoffs of traditional series. Some wonder if Nintendo is in a transitional period before it releases the NX onto the market. However, Nintendo of America executive VP of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt, says this simply isn’t the case. Moffitt points out that the company has 14 games between now and the end of the year. He confirms that eight of them are for the Wii U and the other six are for the Nintendo 3DS.

“I wouldn’t view it as a transitional year at all for us. At least, I don’t think of it that way. We’re bringing a plethora of great games to the market this year. We have 14 games we’re launching between now and the end of the year, eight of them on Wii U and six of them on 3DS. They’re great, bold, imaginative, transformational games… Our company is always moving on many different dimensions, but E3 is probably not the place to talk about a theme park experience, it’s not a mobile game show. So a lot of those things are really better talked about and discussed at other times of the year. We focus on games, games, games. We make great games and we want to showcase those here and allow fans to play them.”

Reggie Takes A Little Pop At PlayStation

Whatever way you look at it both Xbox and PlayStation won this year’s E3 event judging from social media, news reports, and various message boards. However, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime wanted to take a little pop at PlayStation in an interview with Kotaku. Specifically he took a little dig at The Last Guardian which was clearly shown too early when it was first showcased in 2009.

“The best way to launch a game like that is to surprise and delight [fans], to give them a launch date, in an environment like this let them play it versus what other companies do which is to announce a project that you may not see for five, six years,” he hissed. “It’s just not the way we do things.”

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Epic Mickey Producer Calls VR A Fad

Warren Spector, the man behind the Epic Mickey franchise, isn’t entirely convinced by Virtual Reality headsets such as Morpheus and Oculus Rift. Spector joins Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime in criticising the current technology and believes that it is simply nothing more than a fad. Spector claims that people generally look silly wearing the head-gear and there’s also the fact of nausea to content with. However, he thinks there is potential in Augmented Reality like Microsoft’s upcoming Hololens.

“I’ve been pretty consistent in my belief that VR is a fad. I think it’ll generate some interest among the hardcore gamers. And I see amazing possibilities in VR for social media and virtual meetings and training and crazy stuff like dealing with phobias. But for entertainment? I’m just not seeing it. I don’t think most humans want to look stupid (everyone looks stupid in a VR headset) and they don’t want to isolate themselves from the world. I mean, if someone’s sneaking up behind me with a baseball bat, I want to know about it, you know what I mean? And let’s not talk about nausea.”

“It’s weird, I worked on a couple of games that supported available VR headsets back in the ’90s and I was really jazzed about it. Now, I’m kind of over it.”

“AR, on the other hand – that seems pretty exciting. There’s some potential there. Even the low-hanging fruit of AR gaming seems compelling. Bring on the AR.”