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Eiji Aonuma Wants Next Zelda Game To Exceed Fans’ Expectations

Eiji Aonuma has said that he wants the next installment of The Legend of Zelda to exceed fans’ expectations. Included in The Legend of Zelda Box Set: Prima Official Game Guide is a certificate of authenticity signed by the series producer himself. Via the document, Aonuma acknowledges the Zelda fanbase for the long-running franchise’s success. Read Aonuma’s message to Zelda fans below:

It has been 25 years since The Legend of Zelda was introduced to the world, and it is still going strong. This was made possible by the fans who love the series. In the next installment, it is my desire to create a unique experience that is beyond your expectations. We are privileged to have your unwavering support.


Eiji Aonuma Shares Miiverse Message For Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Launch

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has shared a message with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds‘ fans on Miiverse this morning. Writing from the developers’ room, Aonuma has confirmed that there will be a special community for the game when the Miiverse app launches for the Nintendo 3DS in December. But until then, fans can post on the Wii U Miiverse boards in the Zelda series community, sharing their thoughts on the newest adventure with Link. The producer also shared some developer advice for those players who may be stumped in parts of the game. You can view a snippet of his message below, or in full on Miiverse here:

“As you know, this is not a Wii U game, so there won’t be a designated community in Miiverse just yet. However, once the system update for Nintendo 3DS rolls out in December, Miiverse will be available on Nintendo 3DS. At that time, we’ll make a designated community for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

“Lastly, I have one piece of advice as the producer. If you are stuck trying to solve puzzles, you can ask the Hint Ghost for help using Play Coins. Well, this is one method, but aren’t you perhaps forgetting something else? The more you get into the game, the more you might tend to forget about Link’s special ability to turn into a painting and merge into walls. Be sure to try that out whenever you get stuck in the game. I think it will help you make it through!”

Eiji Aonuma Transforms Into A Drawing To Promote Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Nintendo of America has published a brand new video promoting The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. With less than three weeks until its release, series producer Eiji Aonuma has been spotted running through the streets of New York city in a mad dash, trying to escape those mean guys from Nintendo of America as they attempt to capture him.

In the neat video above, spotted by gaming publication Nintendo Everything on the eShop, Aonuma leaps onto various buildings around New York, merging with the walls – just like Link and his new ability to transform into a drawing. And just when Aonuma thinks he’s outrun the NoA team, he has to make a split decision and enter the dark world. But don’t worry, the dark world hasn’t done any lasting damage as he returns to the light world greeting us with a smile. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on November 22 in both North America and Europe.

Aonuma Says Nintendo Will Be “More Careful” Choosing Zelda Art Styles In The Future

link_modelNintendo has given many a thought over which direction to take Zelda’s future art style in, but there’s always been careful consideration. Last month, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma admitted that he initially kept Wind Waker’s art style hidden from Shigeru Miyamoto, because it was such “a drastic change” for the main series to take. Even A Link Between Worlds changed its artistic direction from when it was first shown at E3, to the Nintendo Direct presentation a couple of months ago.

In an interview with GamesTM magazine, Aonuma spoke about how the art style from the original Wind Waker has affected the company’s future style with the series, and how he hopes a new approach will “break new ground again”.

“We encountered an awful lot of problems from the drastic leap we took with Wind Waker. I think we will be a bit more careful in the future, but if we find a new approach that not just the developers, but also the users would enjoy then I think we will want to break new ground again. But we haven’t found such an approach yet.”

Kindness Of Zelda Fans Moves Aonuma To Tears On Days When Miyamoto “Gets Mad” At Him


In a new interview with Spike, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed his emotional side, admitting that he is deeply touched by the kind words of Zelda fans. He mentioned a time when he posted about his jet lag from being at E3 and received many kind responses from Zelda fans around the world.

Interestingly, one of the examples Aonuma provided of a stressful event he experiences at work was legendary Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto “getting mad” at him. He went on to say that the encouraging messages he receives from fans especially move him while he’s going through one of these rough patches. Aonuma’s struggles will be fully realized on November 22nd when A Link Between Worlds slides into the game slot of 3DS owners the world over. Here is Aonuma’s full quote from his interview with Spike:

“I think one thing that surprises me is how many encouraging messages I get when I just post something simple. Like, just at E3, I posted that I was really feeling the jet lag, and people were like, ‘oh, no that’s too bad,’ and gave me lots of pat on the back type messages. It made me realize that Zelda fans are just really, really nice. I didn’t realize they were such great people. When I’m at my job, and working on producing The Legend of Zelda titles, and Mr. Miyamoto is getting mad at me and stuff, then I get these encouraging messages it’s almost enough to make you cry, so it’s just really great.”

Check Out Aonuma’s Presentation And Several New Details On Zelda A Link Between Worlds

Zelda Informer has obtained and posted a Youtube video of Eiji Aonuma’s presentation at the New York Comic-Con, which contains tons of new footage and details about The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Among the new information trickling out about the game is that the villain in the game is named Yuga, there is something special in the game from Majora’s Mask, which is apparently not just the mask in Ravio’s shop, and items can be upgraded similar to how they are in Skyward Sword. Apparently a bow can be obtained that shoots three arrows at once. A new trailer was released today in conjunction with his Aonuma’s presentation. Enter the above video at your own risk, because Aonuma’s demonstration contains several spoilers about the game!

Aonuma Posts Miiverse Message About Items In Zelda A Link Between Worlds


Eiji Aonuma has posted a new message on Miiverse explaining the items system in A Link Between Worlds. He has revealed that the items can be rented from the shop, but once Link dies, the item is automatically returned, and Link must rent it again to proceed. In addition, the items can be purchased from Ravio, the owner of the shop, at which point Link will permanently retain the item, even if players die and have to continue. Today’s Nintendo Direct showed lots of new footage of the game, revealing the new character Ravio, in addition to picturing several others. It was also pointed out that Ravio’s shop contains Majora’s Mask. Here are Aonuma’s full comments posted on Miiverse:

“Hi everyone, I’m Eiji Aonuma from Nintendo.

Fans in Europe will have to wait a little longer, but it makes me happy to see so many of you using the Tingle Bottle feature to post in-game messages in The Wind Waker HD community. So thank you!

In today’s Nintendo Direct, we revealed the name of the character in the A Link Between Worlds screenshot I posted here last time. His name is Ravio, and we also announced that you can rent and purchase items from his shop. You may be wondering what in the world we mean by “renting” items. Well, let me explain.

In Ravio’s shop, each of the items you can use in the game are on display from the beginning. But Ravio only has one of each item in stock, so if he sells them he’ll go bust! For this reason, he set the purchase price for each item at an outrageously high rate. Unfortunately, that means Link can’t move forward and Ravio can’t sustain his business, so he decided to start renting the items at reasonable prices. The rental period for each item is unlimited, so you can rent them for as long as you’d like, but if Link falls during his adventure and it’s game over, the items will be returned to the shop. If you want to continue playing, you’ll have to rent them again. After a while, you can eventually purchase the items, and once you do, you’ll be able to keep using them even if you game over.

This may seem similar to the three day system in Majora’s Mask where all your items are lost when you reach the end of the third day, but you’ll be able to rent every item from the beginning if you can afford it. So unlike past Zelda games, you won’t run into a scenario where you can’t do something because you need a certain item that won’t be available until later. I hope all of you will experiment with many different items and play as you like.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds comes out on November 22nd. There’s still a lot more information to come, so please stay tuned.”

Thanks everyone who sent this in.

Aonuma Says He’s Kind Of Getting Tired Of The Zelda Formula


The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has stated that, to some extent, he’s getting tired of the Zelda formula. Aonuma explained to Hero Complex that he’s looking to change the series’ formula, though he acknowledges he has to make sure the new recipe doesn’t clash with the widely known Zelda theme; in other words, the next Zelda game has to feel like a Zelda game. The Wii U console’s first original Zelda title is in its experimental phase, but Aonuma previously revealed that the unknown game will introduce “unexpected elements.”

“It’s not that anyone is telling me we have to change the formula. I want to change it. I’m kind of getting tired of it,” Aonuma said.

“If I’m getting tired of it, then I’m sure other people are getting tired of it. There is an essential ‘Zelda’ I feel we need to stay true to. We are still testing things, exploring our options. We haven’t landed anywhere at this point. We’re still seeing what we can do.”

Aonuma Reveals Why Zelda Titles Aren’t Released As Frequently As Mario Games


Two of Nintendo’s flagship franchises The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario have been around for over 25 years. Although both series were born in the 1980s and have seen releases on all of Nintendo’s major consoles, Super Mario trumps The Legend of Zelda in terms of the number of titles developed. The reason for this is, according to The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aounuma, Zelda games require a longer development time. Plus, while the Super Mario series has two producers – Takashi Tezuka and Yoshiaki Koizumi – Aonuma is The Legend of Zelda’s sole producer.

We see Nintendo franchises come and go. Some aren’t updated for long periods of time. Zelda is not one of those. And yet Zelda, it’s not as if it’s a 5, 6, 7 million seller like a New Super Mario Bros.. It’s not one of the huge franchises. So what does Zelda mean to Nintendo? What is the importance of Zelda in the Nintendo world?

Aonuma: You said that Nintendo releases Zelda games regularly. We do release them regularly, but we don’t release them that often. Mario games, if you push to get it done, you can finish it in a year. Zelda games take at least three years to complete. At the same time, I’m getting pushed to release them quicker but the users are expecting bigger experiences. And those things don’t match up. So I struggle with that all the time. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do to meet both of those demands.

With the Mario series, there are two producers, Mr. Tezuka and Mr. Koizumi. With Zelda, it’s just me.

Aonuma Says “If We Don’t Change We Might Die”


Revered Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma recently sat down with Engadget to discuss the iconic Legend of Zelda franchise. Aonuma explained to the publication that if they continue to create remakes then the team ultimately won’t grow, but development on The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD has helped his production team learn what the system is capable of. He reiterated that the development team are also hard at work on the next Legend of Zelda game for Wii U, but it’s not at the point where the team have anything that’s relevant to show. Interestingly, Aonuma told the publication that “If we don’t change we might die. We need to evolve. Things need to change. Things need to grow.”