Pokemon Shuffle Has Reached 4 Million Downloads On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo will certainly be pleased as today the company announced that Pokemon Shuffle, the downloadable game for the Nintendo 3DS eShop, has reached a staggering four million downloads. This means that the game has seen three million downloads in the last three months. That’s not bad going at all. To celebrate Nintendo has revealed that a new special Mythical Shaymin stage will be added to celebrate the occasion. It will be available from now until June 15th. The Kyoto based company has plans to add more additional stages to the game.

All Nicalis Games Are 50% Off In The Nintendo EShop

The developer and publisher, Nicalis, are offering all of their games on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop for 50% off. They’re behind games like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and VVVVVV and many others, so head to the eShop and see if there’s anything that tickles your fancy while they’re cheap!

Nintendo Humble Bundle Available

You can get a number of Nintendo eShop games as part of this month’s Humble Bundle promotion. You can pay what you want for Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, Woah Dave and Mighty Switch Force. If you pay more than $10 you unlock Stealth Inc 2 and Steamworld Dig. It’s a pretty sweet deal, however it is only available for those in North, South and Central America.

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Don’t Starve: Giant Edition For Wii U Coming To Europe On June 4th

Good news for European gamers as Don’t Starve: Giant Edition for the Wii U will be headed to the European eShop on June 4th. Those of you in the United States will be able to get the game a week earlier as it launches in the US on May 28th. If you decide to purchase the game by June 28th you are entitled to a free copy for one of your friends. Can’t say much fairer than that. The Don’t Starve: Giant Edition has all the original content as well as the Reign of Giants expansion pack. The game also rather handily supports off-TV play so you can play on your GamePad.

Stretchmo, The Newest Game In Pushmo Series, Now Available On Nintendo 3DS

Starting today – more specifically, right now! – Stretchmo, a customizable new 3D puzzle game in the Pushmoseries, is available to download exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. For the first time in the well-received series, the first seven starter puzzles of the Stretchmo game are free. After trying the fun levels out for no charge, players can then choose to purchase passes for the game’s main attractions individually or as one of multiple bundles. The attractions and respective prices are as follows:

  • Mallo’s Playtime Plaza ($4.99): 100 progressively challenging levels that introduce the basics of the game.
  • Poppy’s Sculpture Square ($2.99): 50 puzzle levels shaped like animals and objects.
  • Corin’s Fortress of Fun ($2.99): 50 levels featuring new gizmo obstacles and enemies.
  • Papa Blox’s NES Expo ($2.99): A treat for retro fans that features 50 levels based on classic NES characters.

The following attraction pack bundles are also available:

  • Bundle featuring all four attractions ($9.99).
  • Bundle containing “Poppy’s Sculpture Square,” “Corin’s Fortress of Fun” and “Papa Blox’s NES Expo” after “Mallo’s Playtime Plaza” has already been purchased ($6.99).
  • Bundle of the remaining three attractions after purchasing either “Poppy’s Sculpture Square,” “Corin’s Fortress of Fun” or “Papa Blox’s NES Expo” ($8.99).

In addition to pushing and pulling colorful blocks, the active verb inStretchmo is right there in the game’s name: stretching. Players make their way through multiple puzzling levels by moving around blocks to reach the goal – even stretching certain blocks to extend them from every side. Players can even stretch the limits of their own imaginations and create levels in Stretchmo Studio, save them and share via a QR Code with friends and family members who also own the game! Stretchmo Studio is unlocked by purchasing any attraction pass. Additionally, different features are unlocked as players complete more levels throughout the attractions.

Stretchmo is now available exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. For more information about the game, visit http://stretchmo.nintendo.com.

Fullblox Available To Download Now On Nintendo 3DS eShop In Europe

Attention puzzle fans – Mallo and friends are back in Fullblox, available to download immediately on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. Featuring a free tutorial where players can try seven introductory puzzles, players may also choose from a selection of four additional DLC packs to fulfil their puzzle game needs, which means now everyone can discover the unique puzzle-platform gameplay of this critically acclaimed series.

Imagine moving individual parts of Big Ben to make a precarious staircase to climb, or reworking the shape of the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Eiffel Tower, simply by pushing and pulling sections of these landmarks around, all in an effort to make it to the top. This is similar to how the puzzle-platform fun unfolds in Fullblox, across hundreds of wildly varied puzzles. The player controls friendly and responsive characters as they scamper around three-dimensional structures by pushing and pulling their component blocks to create steps in order to reach the goal at the top.

Fullblox is the latest evolution of the popular and acclaimed puzzle-platform game series developed by Intelligent Systems that includes Pullblox (2011, Nintendo 3DS),Fallblox (2012, Nintendo 3DS) and Pullblox World (2014, Wii U).  The newest entry in the series offers a brand new twist to the formula by adding extra directions of movement in which to push and pull: now you can grab hold of blocks not just from the front, but also the rear and both left and right sides, adding even more layers of complexity to the much-loved head-scratching fun – not to mention a good reason to observe the puzzles in 3D. Also new, in Fullblox you can pull and push up to three squares compared to previous games’ two squares of movement. But don’t worry, just like previous games if you make a mistake, just rewind time and try again! Fullblox also sees the return of the popular level editor, called Fullblox Studio in this version, which allows for almost limitless possibilities to create and share, along with almost endless puzzles created by other users to enjoy.

The free Fullblox download offers seven introductory puzzles which familiarise the player with the basics of gameplay, with four individually themed downloadable content packs (DLC) that can then be purchased separately, or within one of a selection of available bundles

The individual downloadable content packs include the following all new contents:

  • Mallo’s Playtime Plaza (£4.49): 100 progressively challenging levels that introduce the basics of the game.
  • Poppy’s Sculpture Square (£2.69): 50 puzzle levels shaped like animals and objects.
  • Corin’s Fortress of Fun (£2.69): 50 levels featuring new gizmo obstacles and enemies.
  • Papa Blox’s NES Expo (£2.69): A treat for retro fans that features 50 levels based on classic NES characters

The following downloadable content pack bundles are also available:

  • Bundle featuring all four DLC packs, £8.99
  • Bundle of three DLC packs after Mallo’s Playtime Plaza has already been purchased, £6.29
  • Bundle of any three DLC packs after already purchasing one of the following: Poppy’s Sculpture Square, Papa Blox’s NES Expo or Corin’s Fortress of Fun, £8.09

Each DLC pack features its own playable character Mallo, Poppy, Corin, or Papa Blox, while an additional 50 super-challenging puzzles will unlock for free after completing the 250 puzzles from all four DLC packs combined. Purchasing any downloadable content pack or bundle also unlocks Fullblox Studio for free. In this mode you can create and edit your own Fullblox levels using a simple set of tools with infinite possibilities and turn your puzzles into QR Codes to share with friends via Miiverse, or play others’ levels via their QR Codes. New for Fullblox Studio is the ability to create puzzles of up to 16 layers of depth, enabling fans to create puzzles that truly show off Fullblox’s new multi-directional pushing and pulling.

With seven introductory puzzles for free and with multiple purchase options for players to build the game they want, Fullblox allows anyone to discover the unique puzzle gameplay of the critically acclaimed series, and is available now from Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.

Take A Look At The New Downloads This Week For Nintendo Consoles

There’s some new digital content available in the Nintendo eShop and Wii U Virtual Console for Nintendo systems this week, you can check out the full list here. The biggest of which is probably the launch of amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits, which you can get for free to unlock classic gameplay of good ol’ NES and SNES games with just the tap of your amiibo. You can also download the original Paper Mario game from the Nintendo 64 for Wii U Virtual Console. And last but not least, you can now download a demo for the upcoming Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition from the eShop for the Nintendo 3DS, ahead of its release on May 22nd.

There are also a number of eShop offers to take advantage of, such as the Shin’en Spring Sale– huge savings on select Shin’en Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles, from today until May 21st. How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Monster High: 13 Wishes for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, amongst other Little Orbit games, are on sale starting May 1st until the 31st. And finally, Kung Fu Rabbit is reduced by 70% to $1.49 until May 7th. And there’s still much more on the full list, so get yourself onto eShop and see what downloads and offers you want to grab for yourself!