Nintendo eShop Opening In All Remaining European Countries In December

Do you live in Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, or Romania? Well good news: the Nintendo eShop will finally be available to you starting on December 10th at 15.00h CET. It’s important to note that the eShop will be in English and will only accept Euros for purchases. Hopefully it opens with some great deals!


EU: Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword Of Chaos Coming To The Wii U Virtual Console

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the simple platforming action that the NES was known for, then get your Wii U ready. Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos is coming to the European Wii U Virtual Console on November 26th. If you can’t wait that long, the game can be purchased in the Nintendo 3DS eShop now. For those unfamiliar with the older Ninja Gaiden games, you can watch the trailer below to get an idea of the series’ roots.

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Video: The Legend Of Legacy Coming To Europe February 2016

NIS America is super excited to announce that The Legend of Legacy, a game developed by a core group of legendary developers who came together to create this brand new IP, will be arriving 5 February 2016 in Europe for Nintendo 3DS as both a physical and digital release! Atlus U.S.A., Inc. is the publisher of the game in North America.

About the game:
In The Legend of Legacy, seven adventurers—Liber, Meurs, Owen, Bianca, Garnet, Eloise, and Filmia—arrive on the mysterious island of Avalon to pursue their own agenda as explorers. They team up with two of the other adventurers to achieve  their objectives—be it exploring the island for treasure, looking for the “god” on the island, or recovering  lost memories. But things change when they discover a singing stone that causes the party to see phantasms of Avalon’s forgotten history.

Key Features:

Seven Unique Perspectives — Each character in The Legend of Legacy has their own motivation for exploring Avalon, and their individual conclusion at the story’s resolution. Play through as each character to see them all!

Combats Gets Classless — Managing formations to instruct specific combat roles instead of fixed classes adds a different level of challenge for battle enthusiasts.

Legendary Development — Illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi (SaGa series), renowned composer Masashi Hamauzu (SaGa, Final Fantasy XIII), writer Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger), game designer Kyoji Koizumi (SaGa series), and Masataka Matsuura (999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors) all come together to create this brand new experience.

Balance for the West — Based on user feedback following the Japanese release, several gameplay adjustments were made to enhance the gameplay.

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros Coming To Europe December 4th

The Mushroom Kingdom is about to learn that two Marios are better than one in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.! Releasing on December 4th for Nintendo 3DS family systems, the fifth instalment of the popular RPG series will see Paper Mario jump off the page and form a superstar team of Mario Bros. to take on the only thing more threatening to the Mushroom Kingdom than one Bowser: two of them!

When Luigi accidentally opens a mysterious book hidden away in Peach’s Castle, he gets more than he bargained for when characters from the Paper Mario universe spill out of the pages and start running amok. Players must take control of the terrific trio of Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario to defeat Bowser and Paper Bowser and bring the Paper Mario characters back to their original world.

Adding Paper Mario to their ranks means that Mario and Luigi have even more ways to explore, solve puzzles and take down any enemies foolish enough to mess with the Mario Bros. In a first for the series, players can now battle with Trio Attacks, as well as use Paper Mario’s unique copy ability, allowing him to create duplicates of himself in order to bolster his attack power. Our papery hero also has special skills outside of battle, like his ability to slip through tiny cracks to areas inaccessible to the three-dimensional brothers.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. will also see the introduction of Paper Craft Battles, tasking players with taking down the Bowsers’ forces with the power of dance! Craft battles see our heroes take part in rhythm-based events in order to power a giant papercraft and use it to defeat giant papercrafts from Bowser’s army.

Avoid a “tearable” fate as Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. for Nintendo 3DS family systems launches across Europe on 4th December.

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Gravity Falls: Legend Of The Gnome Gemulets 3DS Release Date Revealed

Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets for Nintendo 3DS has been known about for some time, though eagerly waiting fans had only a speculative Amazon estimate for release. However, today developer Ubisoft announced the game would be released on October 20th in North America and October 23rd in Europe. The game is based on the cult-classic TV show from the Disney Big Grin channel. Check out the teaser below for more information:


European Splatfest Won’t Happen This Weekend

In a touch of disappointing news, Nintendo of Europe has reported via their Twitter account that the European Splatfest will not be happening this weekend. The previous Splatfest in Europe occurred September 19th. There has been no explanation on the small delay. On the bright side, voting will be open on Saturday beginning at 12 CEST:

Splatfest is a recurring event in Splatoon hosted by the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, who are both seen atop their own trucks singing and dancing in a continuous loop. During this event, Inklings are able to choose between two teams, which differ from event to event and participate in battles against the other team. Inkopolis Plaza and all the stages are decorated to reflect the event, becoming nighttime and being adorned with festive lights.

Medabots Game Boy Advance Games Coming To Wii U Virtual Console In Europe

Medabots: Metabee and Medabots: Rokusho will be coming to the European Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow, October 1. Similar to the Pokemon series of games, these two titles are alternate versions of the same game, with each offering version-exclusive Medabots and Medals. Medabots:Metabee and Medabots: Rokusho take players through a story as they build and pit teams of Medabots against enemy forces in turn-based battles. Both versions will retail for €6.99 / £6.29. You can watch the trailer for the Virtual Console release below.