Club Nintendo Special Goodbye Coin Available In Europe


Club Nintendo Europe keeps on giving as there’s a new reward available on the service which is due to close shortly. Nintendo fans can now pick up a Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin which will set you back 2000 Stars. This could well be the final gift added to the service before it gets a complete revamp.


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Club Nintendo Europe: Card Matching Game And Kirby’s Dream Blanket Up

Despite it closing soon, the European Club Nintendo keeps on giving. There’s two new lucrative additions to the already impressive lineup. You can now purchase a Super Mario Card Matching Game or alternatively a Kirby Dream Blanket. If you opt to choose the Super Mario Card Matching Game then be prepared to fork out 3500 Stars, or if you opt for the cosy Kirby’s Dream Blanket you will need 4500 Stars. Will you be purchasing either item with your hard-earned Stars?

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Nintendo Europe Details Holiday Lineup Including Amiibo And Xenoblade X

You have probably seen that Nintendo of America has detailed the games that are due out for the rest of the year and Nintendo Europe has done the same. Star Fox Zero and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash are both coming November 20th. Xenoblade Chronicles X will be arriving on December 4th. Which games will you be purchasing?

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Luxurious Zelda 3DS Carrying Case Added To Club Nintendo Europe


Club Nintendo members in Europe have got yet another reason to be pleased, providing they have got some stars, as Club Nintendo Europe have just added a luxurious Legend of Zelda Nintendo 3DS carrying case. The extravagant case isn’t cheap and will set you back 4,000 Stars. Still, it’s a very nice item to be gifted.

Emblazoned with the iconic Hylian Crest from The Legend of Zelda series, this neat carry case is just the ticket for pencils, toiletries – or even a Nintendo 3DS and some Game Cards! Fashioned from dark green nylon, it features a useful carry handle, plus a gold-coloured zip complete with two slider grips – one is stamped with a Zelda Heart Container emblem, the other with the Club Nintendo logo. Don’t forget it the next time you set off on an adventure! Dimensions approximately 19.5cm x 12cm x 6.5cm.

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Nintendo Europe: Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Bundle Announced At Gamescom


Nintendo has opened a booth full of current and coming-soon titles for its Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family systems at gamescom – the world’s largest annual trade fair for video games, held in Cologne, Germany. With several days of fun events ahead, Nintendo kicks off the show with a string of launch dates and newly revealed special editions for some key 2015 titles.

Super Mario Maker for Wii U is the star of the show at Nintendo’s booth in Hall 9.1 A10/B10 as we gear up for the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Attendees will be able to play and create unique 2D courses, or take part in daily Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U contests throughout the show. The first 111 Mario fans can get a Mario goodie bag if they come dressed as Mario and bring a Mario amiibo on Thursday 6th August at 12:00 CEST.

Zelda fans will be happy to hear that The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is set to launch on 23rd October on Nintendo 3DS family systems. Gamescom visitors will be able to form teams of three and work together to solve unique Zelda-style puzzles and boss fights. With one life meter to share, working together will be key to overcome the game’s many dungeons…

Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U is playable for the first time in Europe at gamescom, as Nintendo reveals two limited edition bundles launching alongside the game in December:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Premium Pack: features a black premium Wii U console, a physical copy of the game, an Artbook and a World Map poster
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition Pack: features a physical copy of the game, a SteelBook  cover, a World Map poster, a Cover Art Poster and the Artbook

Can’t make it to gamescom? Those at home can tune into a special Xenoblade Chronicles X live stream broadcast on Saturday 8th August between 16.00 – 17.00 CEST to get a sneak peak at the game. In addition the original Wii classic Xenoblade Chronicles is to be made available on Nintendo eShop on Wii U right now! Those who purchase this game will be eligible for a £9.00 GBP discount on Xenoblade Chronicles X if they buy it on Nintendo eShop on the same Wii U console within two weeks of the game’s launch in December.

Gamescom attendees can also grab the GamePad and take Star Fox Zero for a spin, while anyone at home can tune in to IGN Live on Saturday 8th August at approximately 18.45 CEST for a fresh look at the Area 3 and Titania levels in this action-packed title coming to Wii U in Q4 2015.

Fans of limited edition offerings should keep an eye out for Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, coming to Wii U on 30th October. From that day, Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water – trial version creeps onto Nintendo eShop, giving players the opportunity to sample action from the game’s prologue and first two chapters at no cost before choosing whether to purchase all remaining chapters. At retail, the game will only be released as the Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water – Limited Edition bundle, featuring a copy of the game in its standalone packaging, a double-sided poster, an art book, four Spirit Photographs, and a SteelBook cover.

In another reveal taking place off the showfloor, today marks the premiere of the European launch trailer for Devil’s Third, now showing on YouTube. Action game guru Tomonobu Itagaki’s unique combination of shooting and melee combat launches on 28th August with an off-the-wall single player campaign as well as online multiplayer modes allowing for intense 16 player battles.

At the other end of Nintendo’s varied spectrum of offerings comes the Animal Crossing amiibo cards Collectors Album, which fits the entire Series 1 collection of cards and comes with a 3-card pack to get started, and is set to launch on 2nd October alongside Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Animal Crossing series fans are in for a special treat at gamescom, as they can get a free download code for Photos with Animal Crossing as well as an AR Card to use with this download-exclusive Nintendo 3DS title, which lets fans take photos of some of their favourite Animal Crossing friends in real world settings.

Owners of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire who stop by the booth are also in for a treat as they can collect a card with codes that, when inputted into their copy of either game, will unlock two of four exciting Pokémon. These special Pokémon were hand-picked and primed for battle by GAME FREAK’s Shigeki Morimoto himself and include Aromatisse, Bouffalant, Malamar and Sableye. Which pair will you be lucky enough to receive? For more details (in German) visit

Last but not least, a large part of Nintendo’s booth at gamescom 2015 is dedicated to “Nindies”: talented indie developers showcasing their most recent work for Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. From new tracks in Shin’en Multimedia’s FAST Racing Neo to the first hands-on with Plague of Shadows, the upcoming free DLC for all Shovel Knight owners, a new Nindies @ gamescom 2015 trailer showcases all indie games at the booth – and a whole lot more!

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Final Fantasy Explorers Coming to North America And Europe

Square Enix has today confirmed that the intriguing Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS is heading over to the west in 2016. The JRPG will be arriving in the United States on January 26th and in Europe on January 29th. The latest Final Fantasy game invites players to “band together to form an elite squad of Explorers with your friends, braving hordes of monsters in hopes of conquering a newly discovered Grand Crystal – every Explorer’s dream.”

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Little Battlers eXperience Arrives In Europe on 4th September, Here’s The Details

In a world where toy robots constitute more than just child’s play, can a group of middle-school children fight the forces of corruption to save that world from the brink of disaster? The answer awaits in Little Battlers eXperience, a role-playing game with real-time battle action launching 4th September on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, which gives players a near-infinite amount of possibilities to customise their own LBX robot and bring it to life in battle.

Little Battlers eXperience is the first game for Nintendo 3DS in the next hit series from developer LEVEL-5 – the force behind series like Inazuma Eleven and Professor Layton – which also spans a successful anime series, manga and toy line. The game follows the first season of the anime, set in the year 2046 and telling the story of Van Yamano, a middle-school student who is a fan of the palm-sized LBX robots: a range of toys that were previously deemed too dangerous to control. Since the invention of Battle Boxes – dioramas made from an advanced type of fortified cardboard – kids can safely let their LBXs duke it out in dedicated arenas via remote control units.

The story kicks off when a mysterious woman entrusts Van with a special “AX-00” model LBX that she says could either save the world… or destroy it. Van soon finds himself in battle with a rival at school, as he tries to secure the Armor parts for his Achilles set. But as an evil organization called the New Dawn Raisers sets its eyes on Van’s prized possession, the stakes are about to get a lot higher – not only for Van and his friends, but for the whole world!

Customisation is key when it comes to besting your opponents – whether that’s the New Dawn Raisers or your mates down the road. So with more than 130 different models and over 4.000 individual parts to collect, it’s down to you to build a truly unique LBX, assigning Weapons, Armor and Core Units before you watch your creation come to life in battle.

These battles take place in the aforementioned Battle Boxes, which may look like little dioramas but in fact conceal miniature worlds inside. As you control your LBX from a third-person perspective, make sure you use the environments to your advantage, dashing and jumping to manoeuver your LBX in place for a well-timed attack. From melee attacks to long-raged assaults, your actions will deplete your Tension Gage and when that runs out, your power and speed will be dramatically reduced, so use your wits and adapt your play style to your LBX and its load-out.

Be on the lookout for heavily damaged opponents: you could risk a Breaking Blow to see them off once and for all, but failure will cause your LBX to overheat, which limits your movement speed and leaves you open to attack…

Up to 6 players can compete in battles via local wireless multiplayer, but whether playing solo or with friends, keep in mind that LBXs gradually wear out as they battle. If the Maintenance Gage depletes fully, the LBX parts won’t gain as many Tune-up Points at the end of a successful battle, so be sure to grease up your LBX to keep it in fighting shape.

Free Add-on Content will be made available via SpotPass on a weekly basis from launch until June 2016. Players just need to connect their Nintendo 3DS family system to the internet in order to download new LBX Cards, Quests and Capsule Toys. Some LBX models will be made available exclusively via Nintendo Zones, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements!

Build the best LBX in the world and watch it come to life in battle as you take down the evil New Dawn Raisers from 4th September in Little Battlers eXperience on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

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