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Nintendo Europe Discounts Select Games For Smash Bros Veterans’ eShop Sale

smash_saleNintendo of Europe has detailed exactly which titles you can purchase in a special Super Smash Bros-inspired eShop sale. From August 21 to August 28, the eShop will offer discounts on select Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games to celebrate the hard-working veteran fighters in the upcoming brawler.

Last week, Nintendo of Europe hosted a special sale entirely dedicated to Smash Bros. newcomers. But their time is over, and the veterans have returned with up to 50 per cent off selected downloadable titles. And as a treat for Fire Emblem fans, the original and classic Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem game has arrived just in time for the eShop sale on the Wii U Virtual Console. All other discounted games can be found in the list below.

3DS eShop:

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening – €29.99 / £25.99 (was €44.99 / £39.99)
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 – €35.99 / £31.99 (was €44.99 / £39.99)
  • Sonic Lost World – €23.99 / £20.99 (was €39.99 / £34.99)
  • 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure – €4.20 / £3.78 (was €6.00 / £5.40)
  • Donkey Kong (Game Boy, Virtual Console) – €2.79 / £2.51 (was€3.99 / £3.59)
  • Kirby’s Dream Land (Game Boy, Virtual Console) – €2.80 / £2.52 (was €4.00 / £3.60)
  • Kirby’s Dream Land 2 (Game Boy, Virtual Console) –  €2.80 / £2.52 (was €4.00 / £3.60)
  • Super Pokémon Rumble – €29.99 / £25.99 (was €44.99 / £39.99)

Wii U eShop:

  • New Super Mario Bros. U – €47.99 / £39.99 (was €59.99 / £49.99)
  • Sonic Lost World – €29.99 / £23.99 (was €49.99 / £39.99)
  • Pokemon Rumble U – €9.99 / £8.99 (was €14.99 / £13.49)
  • Donkey Kong (NES, Virtual Console) – €3.49 / £4.99 (was €4.99 / £3.49)
  • Kirby’s Adventure (NES, Virtual Console) – €3.49 / £4.99 (was €4.99 / £3.49)
  • Kirby’s Dream Land 3 (Super Nintendo, Virtual Console) – €2.80 / £2.52 (was €4.00 / £3.60)
  • Fire Emblem (Game Boy Advance, Virtual Console) –  €4.89 / £4.40 (will cost €6.99 / £6.29)



Euro eShop: Free Tomodachi Life Demo Available From August 21

Nintendo of Europe has revealed exactly which new games can be downloaded digitally in the eShop this week. Earlier this year, Nintendo of Europe and America gave out exclusive demo codes to Club Nintendo members in order to promote Tomodachi Life before its release. But to sustain its popularity, a free eShop demo was available to download for North America back in July. For European 3DS owners, a free eShop demo will arrive this Thursday, August 21, for the quirky life simulation game, so those who haven’t jumped into the game so far will be able to do so.

Also arriving in the eShop come Thursday is Mega Man IV for the Virtual Console, along with a variety of temporary discounts, including the Ubisoft sale which continues until August 28. Check out the list below and see if anything tickles your fancy this week.


  • Tomodachi Life Demo – Free
  • Bit Boy!! ARCADE Demo (Bplus) – Free
  • Mega Man 4 (GB VC) – €3.99/£3.59

3DS Temporary Discounts

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival – €19.95/£17.99 (usually €39.95/£34.99) until September 5
  • Nano Assault EX – €7.49/£6.35 (usually €9.99/£8.49) until September 11
  • Aqua Moto Racing 3D – €5.99/£5.39 (usually €7.99/£7.19) until September 18
  • Van Helsing Sniper ZX100 – €2.69/£2.69 (usually €6.66/£6.66) until September 24

Wii U

  • Adventures of Lolo (NES VC) – €4.99/£3.49
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Arc System Works, NES VC) – €4.99 / £3.49

Wii U Temporary Discounts

  • Nano Assault Neo – €7.49/£6.70 (usually €9.99/£8.99) until September 11
  • Chasing Aurora – €3.49/£2.99 (usually €6.99/£5.99) until September 11




Sonic Boom Release Dates Announced For Europe

Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the most recognisable figures in video game history will be speeding his way back to fans – both old and new – this November. Today SEGA announces that in Europe both Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for Wii U developed by LA-based Big Red Button, and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Nintendo 3DS developed by Sanzaru Games of San Francisco, will be released on 21st November.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal star the electrifying team – Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and newcomer Sticks – who will band together to defeat both familiar and new powerful enemies. The games are part of the brand-new Sonic Boom initiative, an all-new Sonic experience that will usher in new gameplay based on action-adventure combat, new characters and environments as well as new storylines that will carry through the franchise’s first CG-animated series.



Thanks, Sonicguy726


Nintendo of Europe To Hold Smash-Themed Character eShop Sale From August 14 – 21

Along with the Smash-themed 3DS XL Limited Edition bundle, Nintendo of Europe has also announced it will hold a Smash-themed eShop sale to celebrate the many playable characters in the upcoming brawler. From this Thursday, August 14, until August 21 – just one week only – a whole host of downloadable retail and Virtual Console titles will be discounted by up to 50 per cent for new challengers.

But from August 21 – 28, a special sale for veteran fighters will let players get reacquainted with characters returning to the Super Smash Bros. series. To find out which titles will go on sale that week, stay tuned to Nintendo eShop, the Super Smash Bros. Facebook page or the Nintendo website.

The Super Smash Bros. Character Sale: New Challengers, as Nintendo have named the special eShop sale, will feature discounts on the following 3DS, 2DS and Wii U games from August 14 – 21:

Mii Fighter Challenger:

  • Tomodachi Life –  20% off at €31.99 / £27.99  (usually €39.99 / £34.99) for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS (Card/Download)
  • Wii Party U – 30% off at €31.49 / £24.49 (usually €44.99 /£34.99)
    for Wii U (Disc/Download)


  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 30% off at €27.99 / £24.49 (usually €39.99 / £34.99) for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS (Card/Download)


  • Kid Icarus: Uprising – 30% off at €24.49 / £20.99 (usually €34.99 /£29.99) for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS (Card/Download)

Wii Fit Trainer:

  • Wii Fit U –  30% off at €24.49 / £20.99 (usually €34.99 / £29.99) for Wii U (Disc/Download)

Little Mac:

  • Punch-Out!! – (Virtual Console – NES) 50% off at €2.49 /£2.24 (usually €4.99 / £4.49) for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS
  • Punch-Out!! – (Virtual Console – NES) 50% off at €2.49 / £1.74 (usually €4.99 / £3.49) for Wii U
  • Super Punch-out!!! – (Virtual Console – SNES) 50% off at €3.99 /£2.74 (usually €7.99 / £5.49) for Wii U

Mega Man:

  • MEGA MAN 1-6 – (Virtual Console – NES) 50% off at €2.49 / £2.24 each (usually €4.99 / £4.49) for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS
  • MEGA MAN 1-6 –  (Virtual Console – NES) 50% off at €2.49 / £1.74 each (usually €4.99 / £3.49) for Wii U


  • PAC-MAN – (Virtual Console – NES) 50% off at €2.49 / £2.24 (usually €4.99 / £4.49) for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS
  • PAC-MAN –  (Virtual Console – NES) 50% off at €2.49 / £1.74 (usually €4.99 / £3.49) for Wii U

Louvre Museum 3DS Application Receives An Update Due To Layout Change

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed via Twitter that the Louvre Museum Guide for Nintendo 3DS has received an update. Due to changes in the museum’s layout, where new galleries have been added, 3DS users who have downloaded the application will be able to update to the latest software and explore the recent additions.

According to the Louvre’s official website, a decorative arts collection is now displayed on Sully Wing’s first floor, housing pieces from the reign of Louis XIV and up to the French Revolution. The website lists art pieces from the following time periods:

  • 1660–1725: Louis XIV’s personal reign and the Régence
  • 1725–55: development of the rococo style
  • 1755–90: return to classicism and the reign of Louis XVI.

Nintendo of Europe hasn’t clarified exactly which exhibitions have been added, though, so you may want to check them out in the update. When firing up the software, simply head to the Nintendo eShop and, when prompted to download, it will do so automatically.


Europe, Australia & New Zealand To Receive Hyrule Warriors Special Edition Set With Link’s Scarf

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed Zelda fans across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will receive a Hyrule Warriors limited edition set. Similar to Japan, the bundle will include Link’s Scarf, which has the Triforce emblazoned on the front of its highly fashionable – according to the latest Hylian Vogue magazine – bright blue and orange material. Eager fans will be able to purchase the limited edition set straight from Nintendo UK’s online store for the recommended retail price £49.99, as well as other participating retailers.

Also announced in today’s Hyrule Warriors Direct was the addition of Ganondorf’s alternate costume. Club Nintendo members who register their copy of the game between 9am BST on September 19, 2014, and 22.59 BST on October 17, 2014, will receive a free download code for a Ganondorf Legacy Costume Set. Nintendo will unveil further information on how to obtain other alternate costume sets in future weeks.

If you missed any of the Hyrule Warriors Direct and its subsequent action, you can watch it all in the video posted above. And if you’d like to see the alternate costume sets, you can view the video, here.


Disney Magical World Coming To Europe On 24th October

A whole new world awaits players in Disney Magical World, launching across Europe on 24th October for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems. After creating a personalised avatar and a customised dream life, players embark on a 3D fantasy adventure featuring more than 60 iconic Disney characters across a main central plaza and its surrounding worlds inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella,Aladdin and more. It’s all Disney, all the time as players interact with beloved characters, manage a café to earn in-game coins, set off on ghost-hunting quests and even visit friends’ towns via Local Play.

Endless opportunities for creativity and customisation allow the imagination to run wild in Disney Magical World. With more than 1,000 items, players can hone their design skills to create hundreds of personalised Disney-themed outfits, accessories and furniture. Aspiring restaurateurs can design a café from its décor to its menu. As they foster its success through careful management, players can earn valuable in-game coins and even pique the interest of favourite Disney characters to stop by for a meal. The personal “My Room” retreat above the café offers another customisable opportunity with even more items and furniture.

For players looking for a dose of adventure, Disney Magical World features many exciting quests and unique collectibles. By collecting and using magic wands with different skill sets, players can battle through ghost-filled forests and dungeons. Players also can help various Disney characters retrieve missing hard-to-find items on these action-filled excursions. With Disney Magical World players can connect with friends and showcase their creativity to one another. By connecting a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS system via Local Play, they can check out the towns and cafés of friends and even exchange cherished items.

Adding to the adventure, a full world based on Pirates of the Caribbean can be purchased as add-on content from November 2014, where there will be new quests and characters, including Captain Jack Sparrow.  Meanwhile from launch, look out for a number of unique free items, including new costumes, recipes and café items, which will become available via Nintendo Zone hotspots across Europe. From launch you will also be able to take advantage of the Augmented Reality capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems, with the distribution of Disney Magical World-specific AR cards. More details on these AR cards, and how you can get them will follow closer to the game’s release. The fun-filled adventure begins on 24th October 2014 when Disney Magical World launches across Europe for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems.


Fantasy Life Is Coming To Europe On 26th September, Plus Here’s The Opening Movie

From Mercenary to Magician, Carpenter to Cook, prepare for a life filled with endless choice and epic adventures on 26th September when Fantasy Life, a role-playing game containing dynamic life simulation elements, releases in Europe on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems.

Set in the fantasy world of Reveria, choose to live your life your own way, and at your own pace, with 12 Life classes to choose from, a vast open world to explore, hundreds of items to collect and craft, and countless characters to get to know throughout the land. At the heart of the game is the innovative Life system, which allows you to switch between Life classes at almost any point in the game, with your choices not only upgrading your character, but also shaping your journey along the way.

More details for the game will be revealed leading up to launch on 26th September. In the meantime, to catch a snapshot of the 12 different Life classes in Fantasy Life, the game’s opening movie can be viewed above.


European And Own NES Remix 1 Or 2? Then You Can Get 50% Off NES Virtual Console Games

Nintendo Europe will be running a special promotion for those of you that own either NES Remix or NES Remix 2. If you own either of those titles then you’re eligible to get 50% off select NES titles on the Wii U eShop. These games include The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and Dr Mario. The promotion begins on the 24th of July. Which games will you be purchasing?