Here’s How Japanese Gamers Reacted To Cloud In Super Smash Bros

We were all a little shocked and surprised to see that Cloud from the Final Fantasy series is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. There’s been a ton of amusing reaction videos posted onto YouTube, but what did the Japanese think to Cloud’s inclusion to the diverse roster? Well, the Legends of Localisation browsed Twitter and 2Chan to find out what a small sample of Japanese consumers thought!

  • Cloud doesn’t match Nintendo, shoulda gone with Bartz, though I doubt he’d be popular
  • If they’re gonna put Cloud in there, I think they should really put in popular characters from Famicom and Super Famicom games that were pillars of those systems.
  • Someone like Goemon, or Goemon, or Goemon…
  • Or maybe no kids these days know who Goemon is?
  • I’m SO happy the Advent Children outfit is in there
  • Should’ve waited to put him in the next game
  • Can’t wait for the FF7 remake!
  • At this point they’ll throw anything into Smash
  • Oh yeah, I NEED his amiibo
  • They should just make Smash like LoL where it’s free to play and you can pay to get more characters
  • Snake!
  • that’s all
  • His up-smash seemed really weird
  • Is this a hint that the FF7 remake’s gonna be on the Wii U too?
  • Honestly, all I can think is, “So?” In the end, they’re just trying to extend the life of the game by adding characters afterward.
  • Regardless of sales totals, if this is what we can expect from our games now, then the 3DS is done for.
  • Is there something wrong with extending the life of a game? I don’t see the problem in trying to let a game sell for a long time alongside new games that come and go.
  • Cloud dressed up like a girl would be adorable…
  • So what?
  • Sony fanboys gonna go crazy!!!
  • Please, Square-Enix! Put Geno in too!
  • Go back to PlayStation!
  • Cloud’s been on Nintendo systems before:
    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA)
    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (DS)
    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS)
    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS)
    Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS)
  • Cecil would’ve been better
  • Looks like Link
  • Why now?
  • I loved FF7 so I’m glad that Cloud’s going to be in the game. But I guess nobody else here feels that way…
  • If Cloud’s in, Tifa can’t be far behind. Am I the only one who thinks that?
  • I’ve honestly never played a single Final Fantasy game
  • Way too many male characters. We need more female characters, it’s getting way too unbalanced!
  • Snake, Sonic, and Rockman were all on Nintendo systems at some point, so they make sense. But Cloud…?
  • Nintendo has finally broken its limit
  • I suspected that they were going crazy with these new characters… and yep, I was right!
  • It’s not THAT surprising – he was in two 3DS Theatrhythm games after all
  • I’m amazed this didn’t get leaked first
  • Between Pac-Man, Rockman, Sonic, Ryu, and Cloud, the game’s really gained an incredible “All-Stars” aspect
  • If they’re gonna add new characters, someone like Jibanyan or a squid would’ve been a more exciting choice, I think. But FF7 is REALLY popular with foreigners, so it’s probably an attempt to appeal to them.
  • Square-Enix must be hurting financially
  • I think there are plenty of Wii U and 3DS gamers who’ve played FF7 before.
  • As a fan, I also love that the Advent Children outfit is an option. They really get it.
  • Smash’s popularity aside, I’m sure there are people who will be glad that Cloud’s going to be in it.
  • As always, the Internet filth of Japan gives a coldhearted response.
  • You should at least accept that Cloud’s in the game mostly for foreign gamers. The fact he’s in the game shows that your opinions mean almost nothing anyway.
  • I wish they’d put FF7 and Saga Frontier on the Virtual Console… but I guess that’s never gonna happen
  • He represents their betrayal of Nintendo though
  • I opened the article, hoping to just take a quick peek… but man, nothing beats FF7’s music!
  • The music and the sample footage got me pumped up! I can’t wait to buy it now!
  • Is Sephiroth in the works?
  • I won’t play him if his controls are bad
  • People still care about Cloud that much? He’s old news to me.

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Nomura Wants More Final Fantasy Remakes This Time From The Nintendo Era

The reaction was extremely good when Square Enix announced that they’re remaking Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 4 and possibly the Xbox One, but will they stop there? Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura has hinted to Venture Beat that he wants more Final Fantasy remakes but he is setting his sights on older Final Fantasy titles like those for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo and Gameboy Advance. Specifically he is interested in Final Fantasy V and VI. There’s clearly money to be made from remakes so it’s not too surprising.

“Considering that we have remakes of Final Fantasy up to IV and then we have VII — I’ve been working with Mr. [Yoshinori] Kitase since Final Fantasy V, and we’ve noticed that V and VI are missing. That bothers me,” Nomura said. “How come we skipped over those two?”

Here’s A 25 Minute Look At The Remastered Final Fantasy For Nintendo 3DS eShop

As you may already know, the original Final Fantasy has been remastered for the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan. To celebrate its release, NintenDaan has captured twenty five minutes worth of footage from the remaster. Now let’s all cross our fingers and hope it comes to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in the west.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call DLC Now Confirmed For The West

Today I bring some good news as Square Enix has announced that the Japanese Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call downloadable content will be making its way to the west. The track listing, which you can see below, will be available to download on December 24th in Europe and most probably the same day in the United States. Square Enix has also announced that more downloadable content will be coming on January 8th but wouldn’t say any more about the subject.

  • “He of the Name” (Bravely Default)
  • “Evil Wings” (Bravely Default)
  • “The Serpent That Devours the Horizon” (Bravely Default)
  • “Ultima” (FINAL FANTASY XIV)
  • “Hard to Miss” (FINAL FANTASY XIV)
  • “Ardent Rhythm” (Romancing SaGa : Minstrel Song)
  • “Battle #4” (SaGa Frontier)
  • “Meridian Dance” (Secret of Mana)
  • “Chrono Trigger” (CHRONO TRIGGER)
  • “Horizon of Light and Shadow” (Bravely Default)
  • “Title Screen” (Romancing SaGa 2)

Square Enix Reveals Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Box Art


Square Enix have lifted the lid on the official box-art for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call for the Nintendo 3DS.  The rhythm based game will feature over 200 songs and a brand new versus battle mode.  Curtain Call is due to be released sometime this year.

Sakurai Praises Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has praised Square Enix’s Lightning Returns in his semi-weekly column in Weekly Famitsu. The Final Fantasy XIII saga has received some flack from traditional Final Fantasy fans, but Sakurai was noticeably impressed by the game and praised the evolution of the ATB system. Sakurai concluded by saying that it’s nice to pick up a game and throughly enjoy it.

I was amazed at how, even under the limitations of there being only one party member [in Lightning Returns], [the ATB system] has evolved.”

“It’s easy to pick up an already released game and simply enjoy it, but in order to generate entertainment, you need to keep your eyes peeled.”I was reminded that if you take what seems natural for granted, nothing will evolve or change for the better.”

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Michael Pachter: ‘I Don’t Get Japanese Developers’

wii-u-blueRenowned Wedbush research analyst Michael Pachter has admitted he doesn’t understand Japanese companies or their motivation for releasing games. The latest Pach-Attack comes after he defended Nintendo’s software strategy, but in a question submitted about a Final Fantasy VII remake from Square Enix, he appears to have slipped back into his age-old ways. Pachter said: “I don’t think Nintendo is unique in being inscrutable. I don’t get any Japanese developer, I don’t know what motivates them, especially in how they release games into the West. Final Fantasy is just one of those franchises I just don’t get.”

Moving on from Final Fantasy, Pachter answers a question deliberating whether it is a riskier option to become an ‘everyone’ console, or a specific ‘hardcore’ software. Turning a comparison from the Wii’s everyone and non-traditional market to the Wii U’s ‘traditional games market’, Pachter said it was a mistake made by Nintendo.

He continued: “Nintendo had a huge success in expanding into the non-traditional market – that’s 25-year-old women who play Guitar Hero, 45-year-old women who play Wii Fit, 65-year-old women who play bowling – that worked and they sold a lot of consoles, but those people didn’t really embrace other software titles […] so I think that you can make money if it resonates with everyone but ultimately it causes you to make mistakes like the Wii U.

“Nintendo thought all these same people would line up and play the Wii U […] and those non-traditional people didn’t embrace it. I think Nintendo is going to be lucky to sell 30-40 million Wii U’s, they might sell 20-25 miliion which makes it more like a GameCube, but we’ll see.”