Here’s Some New Fire Emblem For Nintendo 3DS Details

We have finally got some juicy new details for the forthcoming Fire Emblem title for the Nintendo 3DS. We have yet to find out when it will be coming over here to the west, but hopefully all will be revealed during E3 in June. Anyway, here’s the latest dose of information taken from Japanese publication 4Gamer

  • Hoshido has a world map.
  • Nohr has more complex maps. Besides the usual “defeat all of the enemies”/”defeat the general” maps, there will also be suppression, breakthroughs, defending bases, turn restrictions, amongst others. There are lots of map gimmicks. (We’ve already seen dragon’s vein.)
  • Both versions of the game contain the same characters. You’ll be shown different aspects of their personalities in accordance to the route you select.
  • The downloadable version does not contain both sides. It does not lock the other route when you select one. You pay to receive everything up until chapter five, and once you make a decision, you will have to download everything from chapters six, onward, for the respectful route. The second download is free because you have already paid. If you want to try the alternative version, you have to buy DLC in the same way those with physical copies will.
  • You can also save directly to your 3DS system (versus the cartridge).
  • If you decide to buy the DLC, you can load your chapter 5 data and continue from that
  • instead of starting from the beginning. Of course, you can restart if you’d like to.
  • You’ll be able to experience an entire story by only playing one route. The other is a completely different story.
  • The third path is in the middle of Hoshido and Nohr in terms of difficulty. People who began with Hoshido should still be able to complete the third path.
  • You’ll be able to lower the difficulty in the middle of the game if you find Nohr too hard.
  • You’ll still be able to connect with people who play the alternative version. (Probably means you can streetpass someone with Nohr despite playing Hoshido, and vice versa.)
  • There will be various perks for connecting with other players.

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Here’s Some Details About 25th Anniversary Fire Emblem Concert In Japan

You may have heard by now that a special Fire Emblem concert is taking place in Japan to celebrate the franchises 25th anniversary. We know have some more information detailing the event and what will take place. It’s a Japanese only event and will be taking place in the summer. Here’s what you need to know.

The concerts themselves are actually made of three parts:

  • The concert itself, by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (led by Ikuro Fujiwara);
  • A talk show with some of the developers from Intelligent Systems;
  • A mini-drama show with some of the voice actors from the series.

Today, Intelligent Systems updated the official website for the event, with some details about the talk show. It confirms that the following people will be present during the talk show:

  • Masahiro Sakurai
  • Kozaki Yuusuke (chara-designer for Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem if)
  • Several developers from Intelligent Systems
  • Several developers from Nintendo
  • 2 special guests (to be announced).

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New Fire Emblem 3DS Coming To Japan On June 25th And There Will Be Two Different Versions

There will be two different versions of Fire Emblem on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The versions will be based on the two difficulty paths you can take in the game. Those of you in the US and Europe will get one copy and the other will be available as downloadable content. The game launches in Japan on June 25th while we have to wait until 2016 to play it over here in the west. If you’re interested the Fire Emblem 3D site is now live, so go pay it a visit.

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Next Fire Emblem For Nintendo 3DS Coming 2016

Nintendo of America has today confirmed that those of you who purchase the next Fire Emblem title for the Nintendo 3DS will be able to play as your own custom character. The custom character will then be the hero of the game. The new Fire Emblem game asks players to choose between two unique gameplay paths. We won’t be able to play it until 2016 though.

Nintendo Celebrates Fire Emblem’s 25th Anniversary With Symphony Concert In Japan

Nintendo is set to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Fire Emblem this year with a wonderful symphony concert. Taking place in Japan at the Tokyo Dome City Hall between July 24 and 25, 2015, the concert was revealed yesterday for the tactical RPG franchise via the launch of a teaser website. Though the details are scarce, the event is seemingly Japan-only and will be organised by the game’s developer Intelligent Systems.

With the arrival of a new Fire Emblem for the Nintendo 3DS coming soon, it’s fantastic to see the series celebrated with its emotive, stellar music in a symphony concert. And Fire Emblem isn’t the only game with a concert taking place this year, as The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses “Master Quest” tour has also made a resurgence, which is currently taking place across various cities in North America and Europe until October.

Nintendo Australia Issues Amendment Email Stating Some Of The 2015 3DS Games Were Incorrect

We all got incredibly excited when we found out from Nintendo Australia that Fire Emblem 3DS was destined for release this year. However, that excitement hasn’t lasted long as the company has sent out an amendment email stating that there was an error in the listed release dates of Nintendo 3DS titles for 2015. Whether Fire Emblem 3D is coming this year is anyone’s guess.

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Nintendo Australia Says Fire Emblem For Nintendo 3DS Is Coming This Year


This should come as great news for Fire Emblem fans as Nintendo of Australia says that the newly announced title will be coming this year to the Nintendo 3DS. The news was announced in a recent Nintendo of Australia news letter which says Fire Emblem 3DS is coming this year along with previously revealed titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D.

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