Gearbox Software Working On A New FPS For Wii U And Unannounced Next-Gen Consoles?

half-life_artAccording to a rumor posted in an IGN board, Half-Life developer Gearbox Software is working on a new first-person shooter, which may be a new IP and is supposedly being developed for Wii U as well as for unannounced next-generation consoles. The rumored game is said to be in its first stages of development, and it is apparently being developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, which is a game engine that Nintendo’s Wii U is capable of running.

Renegade Kid Working On New First-Person Shooter For Nintendo eShop On 3DS

jools_watsham_nintendo_eshopMutant Mudds and Bomb Monkey developer Renegade Kid is working on a new first-person shooter, according to the first issue of Nintendo Force magazine. The game will be released in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS holiday 2013. Renegade Kid is also working on a title for the Nintendo eShop on Wii U – Mutant Mudds Deluxe, which is an upgraded version of the original Mutant Mudds, features additional levels and new enemies.

THQ Says Call Of Duty Has “Stamped Out Memories” Of What Made FPS Great


THQ’s head of global communications Huw Beynon believes that the Call of Duty franchise has genuinely stamped out the memories of what made the first person shooter genre great. Beynon mentions games such as Half Life, System Shock or GoldenEye – where a first person shooter didn’t necessarily have to involve military material, but brought the player to another world.

“I think it’s probably very true to say that there’s reaction to what used to be a small subset of the genre of a military shooter,” he went on, “which has ballooned and mushroom-clouded to almost define the genre, and kind of stamp out memories of what I remember being great about first person shooters, whether that was Half Life, System Shock or GoldenEye – where a first person shooter didn’t necessarily have to involve military material, it just meant an invitation to a fantastic other world, which to me was always the point of video games in the first place.”

Analysts Say Call Of Duty & The FPS Genre ‘Seem Tired’

Macquarie Securities’ Ben Schachter and other analysts, including Michael Pachter, have “significant concerns” toward Activision’s Call of Duty series and the FPS (first-person shooter) genre as a whole. Schacter believes that Call of Duty has reached its peak in 2011 and will have a hard time trying to expand its audience. Below are Schacter’s six reasons as to why he thinks Call of Duty: Black Ops will always be the most successful title in the franchise’s history:

  1. HD hardware and software as a whole have been declining all year (it is not just weak Wii sales that are impacting the industry)
  2. Lifetime unit sales of Modern Warfare 3 are slightly below Black Ops
  3. The genre seems tired
  4. The futursitic setting may not have the same appeal for some
  5. The macro economic environment is causing some gamers to hold back on upgrades
  6. Currency fluctuations mean that European sales are worth less to ATVI shareholders

LucasArts Hiring For New FPS For Current And Next-Gen

LucasArts has posted a job listing that suggests that the company is looking for developers to work on a first person shooter for current-gen and next-gen consoles. There are no other hints related to the game, but it’s widely expected that it will be another entry in the Star Wars franchise and will join the impressive Star Wars 1313.

Doom Creator Looking At Creating New “Old School” First Person Shooter

Legendary designer, John Romero, has announced via Twitter that he’s looking at creating a brand new ‘old school’ first person shooter. Romero revealed the news when he was fielding questions from fans on Twitter. Maybe we will hear more about this intriguing title, and the platforms it’s being developed for, at this year E3 event in June?