Pokkén Tournament Pre-Orders Are Now Live On GAME

The upcoming Pokémon fighting title, Pokkén Tournament, has been listed on GAME‘s website and is available to pre-order. It’s priced at £44.99 with free delivery and still has a ‘TBC 2016’ release date.

The anticipated release date for Pokkén Tournament is Q2 2016 for both North America and Europe. You can check out one of the latest trailers for the title below:

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UK: Pre-order Mario Tennis Ultra Smash With GAME And Get Free Sweat Band


If Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is on your purchase list for Friday and you are from the United Kingdom then you may want to think about purchasing it from GAME. The retailer is offering a free Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash themed Sweat Band if you decide to get the game through them. Our Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash review will be coming tomorrow afternoon, so look out for that!

Pre-order Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on the Wii U and receive an exclusive Mario Tennis Sweat Band, only at GAME.

Join Mario and friends on the Nintendo Wii U as they return to the court once again. With amiibo support and new characters to make their Mario Tennis debut. Ultra Smash is sure to be the best Mario Tennis game yet.

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GAME Runs Out Of Gift Cards As Branch Manager Accidentally Orders Them All

If you were browsing the internet yesterday you may have heard speculation that UK video game retailer GAME were once again in financial difficulty. The speculation arose when people complained that they were unable to get the money for the items they traded in on a gift card. Well, it appears as though the reason why the GAME gift cards were so difficult to get hold off was because one branch manager accidentally ordered all the gift cards. This has led to all kinds of problems for the stores as they are having trouble rerouting them to other stores.

“I tried to trade some stuff in last week and was told that I couldn’t put it on a gift card because there were none. I asked why (instead of assuming they were going out if business) and was told that a manager somewhere had accidentally ordered ALL THE GIFT CARDS and they were having trouble rerouting them to other stores.”

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Exclusive Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Items Are Available At GAME

As of yesterday, participating GAME stores with a Nintendo Zone will unlock new furniture in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. The Nintendo UK website advises that the theme will be 24-hour shop furniture, which will include special walls, counters and other items.

To unlock these items when visiting a GAME store, you’ll first need to complete Carrie’s request, then just follow the instructions from the Nintendo website below:

“1. Launch Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer while in a Nintendo Zone. In the game, go upstairs in the Nook’s Homes office. Make your character face the Nintendo 3DS system on the office desk and press the A Button.

2. You will receive an explanation about special design requests. Select “Yes, please!” to receive the request.

3. Listen to Filly’s request, then accept it.

4. When you next open the furniture catalogue on the Touch Screen, you’ll see that special 24-hour-shop furniture has been added!”

These items will be available up until January 6th, so there’s plenty of time to get down to a GAME store and unlock them. Nintendo has also noted that they will be adding more items each week, so keep checking back if you can. Here’s a handy link to find your local Nintendo Zone.


GAME Sends Out £10 Gift Cards For Super Mario Maker Pre-Order Issues

UK video game retailer GAME has started sending out £10 gift cards to those who were affected by the Super Mario Maker issues. As you may have already read the retailer charged some customers up to seven times for their Super Mario Maker pre-orders which caused some to go extremely overdrawn with their bank. The retailer has now offered an apology to those affected and will issue them with £10 gift cards for them to spend on what they want.

As you have been affected by some billing issues on Mario, we wanted to get in tough to say sorry and that we made a mistake. We know this was wrong and have been working to ensure things go smoothly in future.

We wanted to send you this goodwill voucher of £10 which you can redeem either in store or online. We know you love gaming or were buying Mario as a gift. We’re sorry if we caused you any inconvenience and please accept our sincere apologies.


UK: Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition Appears To Be GAME Exclusive For Moment

If you’re excited for Xenoblade Chronicles X then you be pleased to learn that you can now pre-order the Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition bundle at UK retailer GAME. The company says that it is exclusive to GAME, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it popped up on the Nintendo UK Store. For those wondering, the Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition costs £59.99. You can order it, here.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition includes:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X Game
  • Artbook
  • Map
  • Double-Sided Poster
  • SteelBook

GAME Continuing To Overcharge For Super Mario Maker Some Have Been Charged 7 Times


We reported yesterday that a number of GAME customers had taken to Twitter and the company’s website to complain that they were being charged for multiple copies of Super Mario Maker. The company promised that they would have the issue resolved in 24 hours, but now it turns out the problem is only getting worse. Some customers have found that they have been charged up to seven times for Super Mario Maker causing a number of customers to go overdrawn with their bank accounts.