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Aonuma Says He Wasn’t A Fan Of The Zelda Tech Demo For The GameCube


Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma has revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the original Legend of Zelda tech demo for the Gamecube. Aonuma says he saw the demonstration and automatically thought it wasn’t the Zelda that he knew and loved. He concluded by saying that it didn’t contain any interesting surprises and it basically looked like a revised scene from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

“I saw that movie and I thought, ‘No, this isn’t Zelda. This isn’t Zelda at all.” I felt like this wasn’t what I imagined Zelda to be. It wasn’t the Zelda I wanted to make. That video clip didn’t actually contain any big surprises. There wasn’t any kind of revelation going on. It was more like a continuation of the previous version.”To me at the time, I say, it looked like a scene from Ocarina of Time, but better looking. “Yeah,” he smiles. “That’s right. I wasn’t interested in it at all.”

Doctors Use Classic GameCube Title And Other Games To Prep Before Performing Surgery


A report by Polygon reveals that doctors are beginning to use video games to prepare themselves for surgery. Doctors at Florida Hospital Celebration Health are playing the GameCube classic Super Monkey Ball 2 not long before their first incision, citing research that shows the doctors become “more efficient” and are able to “suppress errors” if video games are played before they perform surgery. The hospital has even set up an area in the physician’s lounge that houses some ready-to-play games for the good doctors. No word yet on whether the sword-wielding gameplay of Skyward Sword increases the surgeons’ precision with a blade.

Gamecube Saw More Support Between August And December Than Wii U


NeoGaf user Aquamarine has complied a list showing the amount of Wii U games from August to December and has compared it to the GameCube during the same period in its lifetime. The Wii U has thirty-six games from August to December, whereas the Gamecube had one hundred and nine. The software shown is software released in the United States. The list clearly shows that the Gamecube had better third-party support despite the console failing to break any sales records.

Thanks,  iceazeama

Zelda Wind Waker HD Developed By Hexadrive, The Team That Made The 3rd Birthday


It has come to light that Hexadrive, who developed the role playing, Square Enix-published shooter The 3rd Birthday for Playstation Portable, also had a hand in developing The Wind Waker HD for Nintendo’s Wii U. Hexadrive reportedly helped change textures in the game to high resolution. The do-it-all company has been seeing a lot of work lately, as they were also responsible for “programming optimization” on The Wonderful 101.

Much has been said about the new HD graphics Hexadrive worked on for the Wii U update of Wind Waker. Comparison videos between the new HD version of the game and the GameCube classic have been popping up again and again on Youtube, as many reviewers have called the Wii U remake the “definitive version.” While the title was released in the Wii U eShop on September 20th, the coveted physical copy of the game will be arriving on October 4th.

New Zelda Wind Waker HD Video Shows GameCube And HD Versions Side By Side

If you’ve been wondering how the new HD remake of Wind Waker on Wii U will stack up against the old Gamecube version, a new video out of Japan will quell any doubts about the HD version’s superiority. The clarity and detail are unmatched in the HD version, as some shots are shown side by side with the Gamecube version, while others are shown in quick succession. The scenes from the HD version are full of life and feel like they jump right out of the screen.

The highly coveted Wind Waker HD will be released as a bundle with the Deluxe Wii U later this month. One new feature of the game will be a Hero Mode in which the player takes increased damage from enemy attacks, while replenishment hearts are in short supply. The game will be available worldwide October 4th.

Mutant Mudds Creator Thinks The Wii U Will Be The Gamecube Of This Hardware Generation


Jools Watsham, the creator of Mutant Mudds Deluxe for Wii U, has said on Twitter that he believes that Nintendo’s struggling Wii U console will be the Gamecube of this hardware generation. The console which had some absolutely tremendous games, but simply failed to entice consumers away from the competition.

“The Wii U will be the GameCube of this hardware generation. The platform that had some truly great games, but somehow lost the console war.”

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DFC Intelligence Says Their Wii U Forecasts Are Higher Than For The GameCube


Jeremy Miller, video game analyst for DFC Intelligence, says that the company expects Wii U sales to be slightly higher than the GameCube,  which launched in 2001 and 2002. Miller says that the machine will appeal to the hardcore Nintendo fans, but it won’t capture the mainstream audience in the same way as the original Wii console did in 2006. He went on to say that he thinks initial sales for this generation will be better than last generation for Microsoft and Sony because of limited competition from Nintendo.

“The Wii U is more of a loyalist Nintendo system right now and is looking more like the Gamecube, but our forecasts are higher than for the GameCube. The Wii U and its lineup is very much targeted to a core Nintendo fan.  In that it seems pretty successful. The problem is many people are expecting another Wii in terms of sales and we don’t see that happening. As a company Nintendo probably needs to learn to make due with a smaller but more dedicated audience.”

“We actually think initial sales for this generation will be better than last generation for Microsoft and Sony because of limited competition from Nintendo. Consumers are ready for new game hardware, but they are also fairly savvy about purchase decisions. There is a great deal of pent-up consumer demand and it creates opportunity. Right now, we see both PS4 and Xbox One selling as well as or better than their predecessors in the first year.”

“A Wii U price drop would help drive sales into a more casual audience. The Wii U is a great family system, but Nintendo has done a poor job of even communicating its existence.  What they need to do better is have a more dedicated marketing campaign that explains to the average person what a Wii U is. Right now, many consumers still think the Wii U is just an add-on pad for the Wii.”

Crowdfunding Campaign Launches Monday For Eternal Darkness’ Spiritual Successor

eternal_darkness_gamecubeIGN revealed a tantalising teaser trailer of the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem earlier today, in order to kickstart a crowdfunding campaign. Details of the survival horror game, named ‘Shadow of the Eternals’ will be released next Monday, May 6, when the campaign begins.

Silcon Knights originally released Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem on the GameCube in 2002 and went onto considerable success – it even received one of the IGN Editor’s Choice Awards. Denis Dyack is reportedly involved within the game, but by all accounts, the project is in development by Precursor Games. So far, no platforms have been announced but, either way, we won’t have to wait long for the rest of the details to be spilled.

Tales of Symphonia Is The Most Popular Tales Game In The West


Tales of Symphonia producer Hideo Baba has revealed to Destructiod that Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube was the most popular Tales game in the West. Baba believes that the success of the game was due to the fact that it was the first Tales title that was rendered in 3D polygons. Baba also revealed that the development team had a lot of help from Nintendo which allowed them to reach out to a broader audience.

 “I believe the success of Tales of Symphonia has multiple factors to it, the first being that it was the first Tales title that was rendered in 3D polygons, so we believe that was a huge component to its success.”

“Another huge component was that we had a lot of support from Nintendo, so that allowed us to reach out to a broader audience that we weren’t able to reach before.”

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Eternal Darkness Fifth Extension Trademark Granted


Eternal Darkness, the survival horror video game released for the Nintendo GameCube, has had its fifth extension trademark granted. The applicant owner is Nintendo of America. The sequel to the Gamecube game was originally thought to be canceled as the original developer, Silicon Knights, were faced with a number of layoffs. Judging from the trademark extension the project could well be back on track. Who would you like to see develop the sequel to Eternal Darkness?