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GameStop President Says Only 40% Of Their Customers Know That They Accept Trade-Ins

GameStop president Tony Bartel has revealed that only 40% of their customer base know that the company accepts trade-ins for in store credit. Bartel was speaking to Venture Beat about the importance of trade-ins and their future plans.

“The biggest opportunity with trades is awareness. Believe it or not, only 40 percent of the people who walk into a GameStop store today know that we accept trades of games.”


That Possible Assassin’s Creed Comet Reveal Was Actually For Batman Arkham Knight DLC


Yesterday we reported that GameStop were planning to reveal something special and they posted an image to accompany the news which looked suspiciously like an Assassin’s Creed protagonist. This led many to believe that Ubisoft were going to reveal the rumoured Assassin’s Creed Comet for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and possibly Wii U. Well it turns out the big surprise was DLC for Batman Arkham Knight for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The DLC contains playable character Red Hood and is a GameStop exclusive.


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Rumour: GameStop Manager Says Smash Bros Wii U Will Be Bundled With One Amiibo, Launching Around November 21st

A GameStop manager has been in contact to say that he’s heard rumblings in the office that that every copy of Smash Bros for Wii U will come with a free Amiibo figure. He also says that he has been hearing that the street date for the Wii U version will be November 21st. He wishes to remain anonymous, so I can’t verify these claims. However it does sound fairly plausible. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Nintendo to grace us with an official release date.



GameStop Now Offering $50 Credit Towards Wii U When Trading In The Wii

GameStop have produced a new incentive for those of you that have yet to upgrade from the original Wii to the Wii U. The US-based company is offering $50 credit towards a Wii U if you trade in your old Wii console. It’s not a huge amount, but if you’ve yet to make the plunge then now could be the time to do so.

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Nintendo Confirms Mario Kart 8 Demo Event At GameStop Between May 17 And 18

Nintendo of America has confirmed it will be hosting a special Mario Kart 8 event at select GameStop stores this weekend. Yesterday, we reported that US retailer GameStop would partake in Mario Kart 8 mayhem by giving away Karting posters and showing off a fantastic demo for the upcoming racer title. Today, Nintendo has announced in a press release that the demo and poster giveaway will come to more than 2,700 GameStop stores between May 17 and 18.

From 12pm to 4pm (local time) this weekend, fans of the franchise will be able to “test drive” Mario Kart 8 in an action-packed demo. Plus, for those who have pre-ordered or pre-order this weekend, you’ll receive an exclusive double-sided poster. You can check if your local GameStop is hosting an event, here, and if you want to win more Mario Kart 8 prizes, you can do so here. Mario Kart 8 launches on May 30, exclusively for the Wii U.



GameStop Apparently Having Mario Kart 8 Demos On May 17 And 18 Plus Poster Giveaways

Jorgejjvr, a member of the IGN message boards and a reader of My Nintendo News, has revealed that GameStop will soon be having Mario Kart 8 Wii U demo stations that will be playable from May 17th till May 18th. The store will also apparently be handing out Mario Kart 8 posters to those that pre-order the game. So if you want to play the gorgeous Mario Kart 8 before its May 30th release date it sounds like a trip to you local GameStop could be a good idea.

“I just got back from gamestop from paying mk 8 in full and buying a stylus that I needed. When I was paying for my things the guy at gamestop who I’m pretty good friends with told me that a Nintendo guy passed by not too long ago to set up Mario Kart 8 on their Wii U demo station but it won’t be unlocked until a later time, he didn’t know exactly when so he checked his email, and on it it said that it will be on May 17 and 18. And that they will also be handing posters for those that go and have it pre ordered. I asked him how anyone was supposed to know about this, how would I have known this unless I had shown up, and he said he also has flyers that he will be putting outside the store soon to advertise the event. This is awesome, and great on Nintendo’s side, I’m so there! I’ll get the practice needed to be ahead of you guys for the tourney haha :D but of course now that I’ve told you, you guys will probably go and play it too lol -.-“

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GameStop Set To Increase Focus On Phones And Tablets Instead Of Video Games

Popular US video game retailer GameStop has announced that it plans to increase its focus on both smartphones and tablets, rather than video games. GameStop CEO Paul Raines calls the bold new move “GameStop 3.0.” Raines says the company will close around 2% of its current retail stores. GameStop will be opening Spring Mobile and Simply Mac stores instead. Spring Mobile will cover AT&T-branded phones and Simply Mac covers Apple products. They will open over 200 Spring Mobile stores and 20 Simply Mac stores.