GameStop Survey Asks If You Plan To Buy Nintendo’s NX ‘In The Next 12 Months’

Nintendo’s NX is mentioned in a recent purchase intent survey by GameStop, which wants to know if you’re going to buy the system “in the next 12 months.” Does this mean the NX will be released by the end of 2016? It would seem so based on the wording of the survey, but Nintendo has yet to confirm the possibility.

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Pre-Orders For Roy Amiibo Now Available At GameStop

If you’re looking to pre-order a Roy amiibo, you can do so now via the GameStop website. Remember, this amiibo is exclusive to GameStop in North America so you won’t be able to pre-order him anywhere else.

The GameStop website seems to be having issues with the Roy amiibo description page at the moment, but if you click here, and select ‘add to cart’ on the right hand side, you’ll be able to pre-order.


GameStop Cancelling Pre-Orders For Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition

If you pre-ordered the special edition of Fire Emblem Fates at GameStop in hopes of getting those bonus keychains, you should start checking for availability elsewhere. Due to a system glitch, the retailer mistakenly allowed more pre-orders after meeting their allocation way back on November 18th. Because of this, GameStop is cancelling all orders for Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition that were made after that date.

This news comes from a picture that a GameStop store leader received from their higher ups. As you can see in the image below, there is no mention of an apologetic gift for unfortunate buyers–something of a staple for these mishaps. Instead, it is simply suggested that the purchaser move their pre-order over to another product, or cancel their order and buy the three versions that come in the special edition separately. Have any of you been affected by this?



Pre-orders Of The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD At GameStop Will Come With An Exclusive CD

For those of you looking to pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in North America, you might want to take a look at GameStop’s pre-order bonus.

Nintendo of America has Tweeted that pre-orders for the game made through GameStop will come with an exclusive CD.

This CD comes with all of the bundles that include the amiibo in Europe, however the CD will remain exclusive to GameStop in North America.


GameStop Closing All Puerto Rico Stores Soon

Prolific video game retailer GameStop will be closing all their stores in Puerto Rico very soon. The company blames the move on “ongoing business challenges and increased governmental restraints.” All the GameStop stores in Puerto Rico will close by March 2016 which will come as a blow to fans of the establishment. There’s currently 35 stores in Puerto Rico which is a fair amount. Here’s what a company representative had to say.

“Given the ongoing business challenges and increased governmental restraints we have experienced in Puerto Rico, GameStop has made the business decision to close all of its video game stores and operations located on the island. As a result, GameStop will be exiting the Puerto Rican market by the end of March 2016. Until that time, we will continue to conduct normal business operations.”


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Pre-Order Fire Emblem Fates From GameStop And Get Three Character Keychains

If you plan on buying Fire Emblem Fates, you might want to make your way over to GameStop. The retailer is offering character keychains of Ryoma, Xander, and Azura when you pre-order both versions of the game online or in-store. This news comes from their weekly ad, which features other Nintendo deals such as half-priced collectible Wii Remotes and GameCube controllers. Pre-ordering the Special Edition of the game, which comes with all three versions,  will net you the keychains as well. You can check it all out here. Below you can also find an image of the page featuring the Fire Emblem Fates pre-order deal.


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GameStop: Zelda Twilight Princess HD With Amiibo And Strategy Guide

Want to get your hands on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for Wii U which comes bundled with the Wolf Link amiibo and the Collector’s Edition Official Strategy Guide? Well, US retailer GameStop has this specific item available for pre-order, though it isn’t exactly cheap. You will be looking at spending $99.99 if you want it.