Couple In Pennsylvania Holds A Zelda-Themed Wedding At GameStop

A couple in Pennsylvania had a Legend of Zelda-themed wedding this past Sunday, May 24, at a local GameStop, where they first met. As you would guess, the bride wore a dress inspired by Princess Zelda and the groom donned a Link outfit – complete with a hat, belt and brown boots. After getting married, the couple stayed in the video game store for a bit longer to play a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Their wedding was widely covered by multiple media outlets via television broadcasts and online publications.

GameStop: Pre-order Splatoon And Get Exclusive Splatoon Mii Fighter Costumes For Super Smash Bros

Don’t forget that if you decide to place your Splatoon pre-order with US retail firm GameStop then you entitled to get exclusive Splatoon Mii fighter costumes for Super Smash Bros. These special costumes are only available via GameStop so this should be a good incentive to pre-order. It includes Splatoon Headgear plus Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy Costumes. Splatoon is out on May 29th.

Thanks, Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

Don’t Forget You Can Check Out The Splatoon Single Player At Select Best Buy & GameStop Stores

Just a quick reminder that you can check out the Splatoon single player mode at select Best Buy and GameStop stores in the United States. There’s a ton of stores with demo locations so you will want to check this link to make sure that your local store will be offering the demo. Amy from Miiverse has been reminding people to check it out, so I guess it is best to do what she says!

Hello Inklings of Miiverse! I hope you had a chance to play yesterday. How many battles did you win? I think I won three battles – I was happy to see the result showing how much I contributed to the team. For those who can’t wait until the game launches to play, I have amaz-ink news! You can now test out the single-player mode for Splatoon at selected Best Buy and GameStop stores! Make sure to visit the website in this post to check which stores are offering the demo. If only I could transform into a squid and swim quickly to one of those stores right now!

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Rumour: Low Wave 4 Amiibo Shipments At GameStop, No More Holds, Shulk Restock In June

A Reddit user that claims to work at GameStop has outlined the dire situation ahead for collectors of the fourth wave of amiibo figures. The retail chain will only have a limited amount of stock of shipments and won’t be holding amiibo. However, there is good news, as Shulk is meant to be restocked sometime in June.

Throw away account for several reasons. Here’s what we are dealing with at gamestop. Mods can verify this however they want but I’m not using my own separate verified account.

  1. Corporate is raining down on stores stemming from the small Marth restock. Enough people complained about holding amiibos that it got store policy changed. Here’s the kicker though, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t affect employees, just customer holds. At my store personally, several people complained who I know benefited from amiibo holding themselves in the past. they where just pissed they didn’t call first. So the reality now is that from now on at gamestop…its first come first served when it comes to store shipments that aren’t preorders/web-in-store.
  2. Our shipments of wave 4 SUCK. plain and simple. from 0 robins/lucina to just one of each. 1,2, or no nesses. Surprisingly we’ll have plenty of silver mario’s for whatever that’s worth. Memo stated that we will not be re-supplying wave 4. Once we run out, we are out. you can camp gamestop if you want, but as a collector myself…I’m not. I can spend my time better at another store with much better stock. (this doesn’t mean there won’t be the abnormal store here and there that might have decent stock)
  3. e-mailed customer solutions about the shulk shipments from february. They told me it’s now between June 2nd-June 9th.

Edit 1: The email said we are going to post in hand stock I believe the morning of 5/29 right on the door. So, you’ll be able to see what we have while you wait in line.

Can’t post the actual memo and email. Especially because of the warning up top, not risking my job for this one folks. maybe a more carefree SGA and up will provide it. can’t really think of anything else at the moment. I’ll field questions for a bit though, so ask away.

TL;DR wave 4 stock sucks, it’s harder to get amiibos with us now

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GameStop Has Now Sold Out Of All Preorders Of Wave 4 Amiibo

I received a number of emails from disgruntled Nintendo fans who had tried to purchase the fourth wave of amiibo. The GameStop site wasn’t particularly sturdy and went down a couple of times as people scrambled to secure their pre-orders. The retailer has announced on Facebook that Wave 4 amiibo pre-orders are now sold out, but didn’t offer an apology. I hope those of you who persevered with the GameStop website managed to get your pre-orders in.

UPDATE (6:48pm): At this time, all Wave 4 amiibo pre-orders are sold out.


Due to very strong demand for the newest wave of Nintendo’s amiibo figures, GameStop is experiencing some technical issues with our website.

At this time, we are accepting pre-orders of amiibo in stores only while we resolve these issues.

We are working aggressively to resolve the technical issues as quickly as possible and expect it to be back online shortly.

Thanks, Rubberyen and AKA-Link77

That Ness Amiibo Is Exclusive To GameStop In US

GameStop has just revealed via its Facebook page that the lucrative Ness amiibo will be exclusive to them. You can pre-order the figure from 2pm tomorrow along with the other amiibo figures that were announced today during the Nintendo Direct. Here’s what GameStop had to say.

Challengers approaching! Head to your local GameStop or visit our site to pre-order this exclusive Ness amiibo along with the next wave of Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon amiibo figures starting tomorrow at 2pm CT!

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GameStop Says Digital Downloads Only Make Up 5% of AAA Game Sales

Popular US retail chain GameStop has revealed some interesting information about the state of physical and digital video games based on DFC data. The retailer says that only 5% of digital downloads are sold to the consumer for AAA games. That means that 95% of purchases are for physical based games. That’s a shockingly low figure for digital games. It could well be due to their expensive pricing and average broadband speeds.

Slide 7 shows some key statistics based on DFC data which analyzes the AAA games sold in 2014. You can see that DFC estimates that of the total number of AAA videogames sold last year 12% were downloaded and 88% were physical. Of the 12% downloaded, it is estimated that 60% were given away in hardware bundles, that means about 5% of AAA titles were downloads, but were actually paid for by consumers. DFC estimates that full game downloads of AAA titles paid for by consumers made up only 2% of the total physical and digital software market.

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