Wii U GameCube Adapter Available On GameStop Website

True to their word GameStop is advertising that they have now got hold of the scarce GameCube Adapters for the Wii U. If you want one you’d better be quick about it. You can either purchase it solo or as a bundle with a Wii U GameCube Controller. Which ever one you pick is up to you, but be warned that they aren’t expected to ship until May 1st, according to the website.

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GameStop Could Be Getting More GameCube Adapters In

The Wii U GameCube Adapters sure are scarce at the moment, but that could change as GameStop might be getting a new batch of them in to sell to consumers. You might have a while to wait though as the GameCube Adapters aren’t scheduled to come in until May 1st. We already know that GameStop reopened pre-orders for the Shulk Amiibo and that product was also listed for May 1st. I guess we shall have to wait and see.

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Here’s How GameStop Plan To Deal With New Nintendo 3DS XL Transfers And Trade-Ins

You might be wondering how GameStop plans to deal with trade-ins for the New Nintendo 3DS. If you have an existing Nintendo 3DS XL then you can get yourself $100 off the New Nintendo 3DS. The problem is you need your current Nintendo 3DS and your New Nintendo 3DS to do a system transfer to bring all your content across from your old system to your new system. You’ll also need to provide a charger if your trading in your old system and then buy a charger for $10. Anyway, here’s how GameStop say they will deal with the situation come February 13th.

  • Go to GameStop. Purchase a $200 New 3DS XL
  • Take your system home, go through the transfer process
  • Take your existing system and your new system back to GameStop
  • Return your new system for a full refund of $200
  • Trade-in your existing system for $100
  • Rebuy your New 3DS XL, use the $100 credit to pay for half the purchase

The New Nintendo 3DS Is Completely Sold Out At GameStop

Wanted to get a New Nintendo 3DS from GameStop and have it delivered on Friday, but didn’t pre-order? Well sadly you’re out of luck. All four New Nintendo 3DS bundles are sold out on the GameStop website. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the console from other retailer, but if you were hoping to get one from GameStop you’ll be disappointed. However it could be well worth your time popping to your local store on Friday to see if they have any in stock.

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