Rumour: GameStop Having Amiibo Event On August 8th And Will Sell 3 Pack

If you are an amiibo hunter then you may want to pay your local GameStop store a visit on August 8th. Reddit amiibo moderator FlapSnapple is reporting that the popular retailer will be holding a special amiibo event and they will be stocking a special 3-Pack. The 3-Pack will be a exclusive retro themed pack which includes R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch. Each of the stores will have 30 of these available for pre-order. You can read the full details, below.

  • GameStop’s 8/8 event will be amiibo related.
  • GameStop will indeed be getting a 3-Pack!
  • The 3-Pack will be a GameStop exclusive. (Not the individuals)
  • The 3-Pack will be a Retro Pack featuring R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch.
  • Each store will have approximately 30 available for preorder.
  • Preorders will be the traditional “head in store and put $5 down” style and NOT utilize Web In Store.
  • If a location allows more than their allocated preorders, the customer will simply not receive their pre-order. No exceptions.
  • As of now, the 3-pack is the only pre-order officially announced internally for the 8/8 event.
  • As a side effect, GameStop most likely not be reeciving individuals of R.O.B., Duck Hunt, or Mr. Game & Watch.
  • There is a rumor that Pro members will be allowed in to stores an hour early. I am unable to confirm this at this time.


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GameStop Have Splatoon, Charizard And Wario Amiibo Up

Some amiibo have been restocked online at GameStop, but you better grab fast because they probably won’t last long! You can bag yourself the Splatoon three-pack, the Inkling Girl, Charizard, and Wario— each for $12.99 or the three-pack which is $34.99. If you missed your chance the first time round, well today is your lucky day.

Rumour: GameStop May Not Take Preorders On Future Amiibo

A Reddit user claims that GameStop may no longer take pre-orders on future amiibo releases. Megamanultra says he had a word with the regional GameStop manager and talked to him at length about amiibo and the pre-order situation. The manager claims to have said that they will no longer takes reservations or preorders for future amiibo. They will also limit amiibo sales to one per person.

Also, happened to run into the Gamestop regional manager when I went to grab Shulk. He mentioned that he has gotten word that they will no longer take reservations/preorders for future Amiibo. All future Amiibo will reportedly be like the 29th, a sign in the window noting what they have, and no presales. Limits will be one of each figure per person. And to limit people using multiple accounts, they have apparently just updated their system to be able to track for multiple accounts using the same address. Looks like preorder setups are definately changing.

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Shulk Amiibo Are Popping Up At GameStop Stores

The pretty rare amiibo, Shulk, has had a reprint and are apparently popping up at GameStop stores, so make sure to keep an eye out on the availability in your nearest stores if you want to get hold of one! There’s been quite a few reprints rolling out in the last couple of months, so hopefully this means amiibo stock is improving. But be quick, because they won’t last long.

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The GameStop Expo Is Returning This Year And Nintendo Will Be Attending

Good news for video game fans in the United States as GameStop will once again be running their GameStop Expo. There’s a number of exhibitors this year including Nintendo, Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, and Take Two Interactive. It is set to be a one day only event and will take place in Las Vegas on September 2nd. If you are interested in attending then a ticket to the event will set you back $40. The company has stated that there will be over 80 booths across 250,000 square foot of Expo. It just a shame that it is only running for one day.

“Going into our fourth year of the GameStop Expo, and our second time in the entertainment capital, it is only appropriate to makes this show bigger, better, and the ultimate gaming event for our fans,” said Bob Puzon, senior vice president of merchandising at GameStop.

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Couple In Pennsylvania Holds A Zelda-Themed Wedding At GameStop

A couple in Pennsylvania had a Legend of Zelda-themed wedding this past Sunday, May 24, at a local GameStop, where they first met. As you would guess, the bride wore a dress inspired by Princess Zelda and the groom donned a Link outfit – complete with a hat, belt and brown boots. After getting married, the couple stayed in the video game store for a bit longer to play a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Their wedding was widely covered by multiple media outlets via television broadcasts and online publications.

GameStop: Pre-order Splatoon And Get Exclusive Splatoon Mii Fighter Costumes For Super Smash Bros

Don’t forget that if you decide to place your Splatoon pre-order with US retail firm GameStop then you entitled to get exclusive Splatoon Mii fighter costumes for Super Smash Bros. These special costumes are only available via GameStop so this should be a good incentive to pre-order. It includes Splatoon Headgear plus Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy Costumes. Splatoon is out on May 29th.

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