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Japan: Smartphone Games Now Make Up 50%+ Of Japanese Total Games Market

A report delivered by CyberZ, which is a subsidiary of Tokyo Internet conglomerate CyberAgent, states that the Japanese mobile market was worth 546.8 billion yen (US$5.4 billion) in 2013. This is up an astonishing 178% from 2012. The company says that data obtained shows that smartphone games now make up 50% of the total Japanese gaming market, which is poised to grow even further this year. The report concludes by saying that the smartphone game segment is expected to reach 823.8 yen (US$8.1 billion) in size by 2016.

iOS Game Spending Alone Outpaces Nintendo 3DS And PlayStation Vita In Q1 2013


Research firms IDC and App Annie have both conducted a study which found that tablet and smartphone gaming on Apple products have eclipsed Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita software sales during the first quarter of 2013. This is the first time that iOS game sales alone have beaten the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Previously it was iOS App Store and Google Play store combined that had outsold dedicated gaming handheld sales.

GDC: Fewer Games Are Featuring Multiplayer Modes

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Recent data provided by research firm EEDAR indicates that fewer games these days are including an online multiplayer mode. The reason behind this is due to rising cost of game development, as well as the fact that including multiplayer modes in certain games doesn’t make sense. EEDAR took a look at every Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game released in the United States and the results show that fewer video games nowadays are coming with multiplayer.

“You can see that in 2006, one year into the release of the Xbox 360 and the launch year of the PlayStation 3, 67% of the games had online multiplayer, 58% had offline multiplayer and 28% had no multiplayer. By 2012, you can see that only 42% have online multiplayer, a drop of 25%, 44% have offline multiplayer, a drop of 14%, and 41% have no multiplayer, a rise of 16%. So, over time, fewer and fewer high definition console games are including multiplayer as part of their core offering.”

- Geoffrey Zatkin, the Chief Operating Officer of EEDAR

BBC Says Majority Of Gamers Could Be Women By End Of Year


The BBC is reporting that the majority of people who play video games could be women by the end of the year in the United Kingdom. The news publication says whilst the hobby is currently a male dominated area, this could all change by the end of the year as a growing number of gaming enthusiasts are female. It seems more and more females are now using smartphones and tablets to play the latest video games.

Nintendo 3DS Remains Japan’s Best Selling Hardware

The Nintendo 3DS has once again managed to fend off the competition and take the number one position with the most hardware sold in Japan. The lead wasn’t so great this time around, as the PlayStation 3 trailed behind due to Capcom’s Resident Evil 6. This time around there were only three Nintendo related titles in the top ten software charts. Without further ado, here’s the charts.

  1. [PS3] Resident Evil 6
  2. [PS3] World Soccer Winning Eleven 2013
  3. [PSP] Summon Night 3
  4. [PSP] Sol Trigger
  5. [360] Resident Evil 6
  6. [3DS] Style Savvy: Trendsetters
  7. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  8. [PSP] SD Gundam G Generation: Overworld
  9. [PS3] F1 2012
  10. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2
  • Nintendo 3DS: 63,669
  • PlayStation 3: 42,218
  • PSP: 17,769
  • PlayStation Vita: 7,957
  • Xbox 360: 4,894
  • Wii: 4,849
  • PlayStation 2: 894
  • Nintendo DS: 674



Rayman Legends Delayed Until 2013

Ubisoft has confirmed that the promising Rayman Legends will no longer be a Wii U launch title, and will instead be released sometime in the New Year. Ubisoft wouldn’t really specify why the game is missing the Wii U launch, but they did provide the following statement.

“Rayman Legends will launch worldwide in the first quarter of 2013.”

“We’re happy that fans are excited about the game, and we are taking the time to make sure we deliver a game that lives up to and hopefully exceeds their expectations. We’ll have more details to share soon.”

Cnet: iPhone “Getting Awfully Close” To Trump PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS’ Hardware

According to Cnet Senior Editor Scott Stein, even though it still lacks built-in physical buttons and analog sticks, the recently released iPhone 5 is the best gaming phone. Stein believes the iPhone is “getting awfully close” to trump the hardware of both the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Stein also claims that gamers may hate to admit it, but Apple’s iPhone was always a great gaming handheld.

Back before the iPhone 5 was a known quantity, back before we even knew it was definitely going to have a larger screen, the iPhone was already a great gaming handheld. Millions of people know that. Gamers may hate to admit it, because the iPhone lacks physical buttons. It doesn’t matter.

What the iPhone did to mobile gaming has reverberated across the industry, forcing the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita into catch-up mode, battling for second and third place. Free-to-play and the very concept of redownloadable gaming apps — not to mention the rebirth of indie development — can all be traced to Apple’s App Store and this little handheld device.

How does the iPhone 5 compare as a gaming handheld? It’s the best Apple’s ever had, but it may be the best any phone maker’s ever made, too.That’s not to say the iPhone doesn’t have a few issues. Its lack of physical buttons and that smaller screen began to feel cramped compared with the latest handhelds from Nintendo and Sony. Physical buttons or no, the screen of many iPhone games can become riddled with virtual, cluttered button dashboards. Some elegant games bypass this, but many don’t.

Nintendo Announces Wii U Showcase Tour

Nintendo UK will be touring the country with its revolutionary new home console, giving thousands of people the chance to experience gaming like no other ahead of the console’s launch on the 30th November. Kicking off in London on the 27th September, the Wii U showcase tour will visit a range of shopping centres, gaming expos and events across the UK.

The tour is the perfect place to get hands-on with some of the pre-release Wii U titles and experience first-hand how the new Wii U GamePad controller with 6.2-inch touch screen affects both single and multiplayer games. Visitors will get a real feel for what the Wii U has to offer this Christmas with world famous Nintendo franchises like Mario and brand new Wii U exclusives including Nintendo Land and Ubisoft’s ZombiU available to trial.

As an extra treat, Nintendo favourites Mario and Luigi will be on hand to welcome Nintendo fans on the day, plus there will be a whole host of Wii U challenges to complete and fantastic prizes to be won! There’ll also be a chance to sample upcoming Nintendo 3DS XL titles before they launch, including the latest Pokémon and Mario adventures. The new Nintendo 3DS XL features a 90% bigger screen offering an even more immersive entertainment experience for all the family.