Amazon Is Looking To Buy Twitch After Google Deal Falls Through

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon is in talks to purchase the immensely popular video game streaming service, Twitch. Many expected Google to finalise the deal, but it looks as though that venture has fallen through. The deal is thought to be worth one billion US dollars.

Update: Amazon has confirmed it has acquired Twitch 

Here’s What Google Mailed Its ‘Pokemon Masters’


You might remember that back on April 1st Google Maps had been completely taken over by Pokemon. Google asked the world to sort through Google Maps and discover all 151 Pokemon in an effort to be crowned Pokemon Master by Google. Now the internet giant has begun mailing those that discovered all the Pokemon this lovely letter and personal business card.

Greetings, Pokémon Master

On behalf of the entire Google Maps team, we’d like to celebrate you for catching ’em all. Not 10, not 50, but all the Pokémon hidden throughout our maps. While we don’t currently have a Pokémon Master role, we hope you enjoyed our April Fools’ Day prank. Wynaut have a little fun once a year?

We’d like to say thanks with these cards – reserved for Trainers who completed the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge and let us know of their success.

Congratulations and thanks again for playing!

Keep Exploring,

Tatsuo on behalf of the Google Maps Team

iOS and Google Play Games Spending Was 3 Times The Amount Of Dedicated Handhelds Q3 Of 2013

Apple’s iOS App Store and Google Play experienced huge game sales growth during the third quarter of 2013. This surge in App spending has vaulted these platforms above the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita for the first time ever. Analytic firm App Annie reports that the App Store and Google Play spending on games combined was three times the amount of that on dedicated handhelds in the third quarter of 2013.

“Smartphones’ ease of use, low price point (due to subsidies), and multi-functional use as gaming and primary communications device have given them a ubiquity across a broad demographic that portable consoles will never have.”

“Add apps that are fun and engaging, and that deeper penetration can equate to big dollars for game app developers.”

–  Marcos Sanchez, VP of corporate communications at App Annie

Wii Street U Coming Next Month To Japan, Plus New Trailer

Nintendo revealed that it has changed the name of the Google Street View application for Wii U, which was first announced in December 2012. The application will still be powered by Google, and its official name – in Japan, at least – is Wii Street U. The application allows users to tour the world from the comfort of their own homes. Wii Street U was initially scheduled to launch in Japan this month, but Nintendo confirmed that it will instead be released in the country in mid-February.

Thanks, Tilmen.

Nintendo’s Handheld Division Is ‘Falling Apart’

Ngmoco, the company that makes free-to-play mobile games for iOS and Android has said that Nintendo’s handheld division is at the brink of falling apart due to increased competition from both Apple and Google. Ngmoco CEO Neil Young says that consumers can’t justify spending $30 on anything other than a Mario, Zelda or a Pokemon title.

“I think that Apple has done a number on Sony, and Apple and Android are now doing a number on Nintendo. What they’re really doing is defeating the Nintendo hardware machine.

“The ecosystem that they’ve created, it’s just really difficult to justify spending $30 on a game that is anything other than a Mario, a Zelda, a Pokemon. I think that ultimately their ecosystem starts to fall apart.”

April Fools! Google Creates Google Maps For The NES

As is customary Google has once again delivered a brilliant April Fools joke this year. The firm has heard your cries for help and has create Google Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Maps 8 bit is a cartridge for your ageing NES console, and once inserted, allows you to view the world in 8 bit glory. You can read more about Google’s fabulous new project at the official blog here.

Call Of Duty Black Ops Is The Most Searched For Video Game On Google In 2011

Google has released its annual report for the most popular video game search terms for 2011 and Call of Duty: Black Ops came out top. Black Ops was closely followed by Call of Duty, Halo Reach and Super Mario. Surprisingly Modern Warfare 3 didn’t even make the list. Here’s the full top ten game searches of 2011:

1. Black Ops
2. Call of Duty
3. Halo Reach
4. Super Mario
5. Mortal Kombat
6. Skyrim
7. Battlefield 3
8. Dragon Age 2
9. Diablo 3
10. Mass Effect 3