This Handy Chart Shows The Decline Of The Dedicated Handheld Market In The West

        3DS 2014  PSP 2008  NDS 2008
January       97       230       251
February     153       243       587
March        159       297       698
April        106       193       415
May           97       182       452
June         152       337       783
July         108       222       608
August        91       253       518
September    141       238       537
October      138       193       491
November     515       421      1570
December              1020      3040
November     1757     2809      6910

Total                 3829      9950

A NeoGAF member has rather handily created a chart which shows the decline of dedicated handheld gaming in the west. As you can see the Nintendo DS was throwing around big numbers back in 2008 whereas now in 2014 the Nintendo 3DS is struggling to get anywhere near the same numbers. There will always be a place for a dedicated Nintendo handheld, but the statistics are slightly worrying.

Thanks, Kyle

The Verge Declares The PlayStation Vita The Best Handheld Gaming System

The Verge has gone against the grain and declared Sony’s ill-fated PlayStation Vita as the best handheld gaming system money can currently buy. The PlayStation Vita was put against the Nintendo 3DS, Apple’s iPad Mini, and Google’s Nexus 9. There’s a number of reasons why they opted for the PlayStation Vita including Remote Play, Visuals, Cross Buy, Analogue Buttons, and much more. You can see their verdict in the video which is posted above.

UK Handheld Market Is Down By Almost A Third During Black Friday

MCV is reporting that sales of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 went through the roof on Black Friday in the United Kingdom. The publication neglects to mention Wii U which presumably means it didn’t fare anywhere near as well as the other two consoles. What’s interesting is the publication reports that the handheld market is down by almost a third compared to the same stage in 2013.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star For Nintendo 3DS Is Out Now

Today, Nintendo released Paper Mario: Sticker Star in North America. Purchase a physical copy of the game from a retailer near you, or simply purchase the downloadable version for $39.99 from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the very first handheld title in the Paper Mario series.

Nintendo: ‘Wii U GamePad Has All The Functions Of A Handheld’

The Wii U GamePad has “all the functions of a handheld,” according to Nintendo. The new controller boasts several features, including a 6.2 inch touchscreen, traditional button controls, two analog sticks, a front-facing camera, a microphone, stereo speakers, motion control and rumble support. Unlike handhelds, however, the Wii U GamePad is not a portable; people cannot carry and play it wherever or whenever.

iOS Developer: “The iPad Mini Could Be One Of The Final Nails In The Coffin” To The Handheld Market

According to iOS developer Supercell’s general manager, Greg Harper, the growing tablet market poses a serious threat to Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita. Harper believes that the rumored iPad Mini is a clear step toward an inevitable failure of the handheld market.

“That [handheld] market seems in trouble to me. The iPad mini could be one of the final nails in the coffin.”

Cnet: iPhone “Getting Awfully Close” To Trump PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS’ Hardware

According to Cnet Senior Editor Scott Stein, even though it still lacks built-in physical buttons and analog sticks, the recently released iPhone 5 is the best gaming phone. Stein believes the iPhone is “getting awfully close” to trump the hardware of both the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Stein also claims that gamers may hate to admit it, but Apple’s iPhone was always a great gaming handheld.

Back before the iPhone 5 was a known quantity, back before we even knew it was definitely going to have a larger screen, the iPhone was already a great gaming handheld. Millions of people know that. Gamers may hate to admit it, because the iPhone lacks physical buttons. It doesn’t matter.

What the iPhone did to mobile gaming has reverberated across the industry, forcing the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita into catch-up mode, battling for second and third place. Free-to-play and the very concept of redownloadable gaming apps — not to mention the rebirth of indie development — can all be traced to Apple’s App Store and this little handheld device.

How does the iPhone 5 compare as a gaming handheld? It’s the best Apple’s ever had, but it may be the best any phone maker’s ever made, too.That’s not to say the iPhone doesn’t have a few issues. Its lack of physical buttons and that smaller screen began to feel cramped compared with the latest handhelds from Nintendo and Sony. Physical buttons or no, the screen of many iPhone games can become riddled with virtual, cluttered button dashboards. Some elegant games bypass this, but many don’t.