John Romero Reveals PC Version Of Super Mario Bros 3

If you didn’t already know then you might be surprised to learn that Doom creators ID Software created their very own Super Mario Bros 3 demo on the PC. The demo was created to entice Nintendo to bring the game to the PC. Obviously this never happened and instead the project turned into Commander Keen. This is the very first time we’ve seen footage of the PC build of the game created by John Carmack and John Romero and you can check it out, below

This is a demo of IFD’s (soon to be id Software) Super Mario 3 demo created for Nintendo on the PC. The demo was completed on September 28, 1990.


Nintendo Can Transfer Your Nintendo Network Account To Another Wii U Console

Although you cannot sign into your Nintendo Network account on someone else’s Wii U, Nintendo, of course, has the ability to transfer your account and Nintendo Network ID to another console. A North American consumer had to send in a bricked Wii U system to Nintendo, and Nintendo then sent back a brand-new console that allowed the owner to sign into his or her previously made Nintendo Network account.

Nintendo Network ID For Wii U Registration Process Revealed

To make a Nintendo Network ID on Wii U, you must accept a User Agreement and provide information, including your birthday, gender, state, time zone, username, password and e-mail address. After that, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail; confirm it to activate your Nintendo Network ID.

Your username can be between six and 16 characters. You can use numbers, letters, periods, dashes and underscores. You cannot, however, use punctuation as the first or last character of your Nintendo Network ID.

If you have a Wii U, update the system as soon as possible to gain access toward a variety of features, including the Nintendo eShop, Miiverse and Wii U Chat.

Nintendo Wii U: ID Software Talk Wii U Development

ID Software studio president Todd Hollenshead has told IGN that the company currently has no plans to develop for Wii U, but they are impressed by the machine. Hollenshead said he would have to talk to ID co-founder John Carmack about it. Do you think that games such as Doom and Rage would be a good fit for the Wii U?

“I haven’t really had a chance to sit down with [John] Carmack about it, because it’s his opinion that matters. From what Nintendo is saying, [the Wii U] looks interesting, but it still remains to be seen how it fits within how id Tech 5 would run on it, is the audience right for us to develop games on that platform.”