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IGN Lists Eight Reasons Why They’re Excited For Mario Kart 8 On Wii U

Online gaming publication IGN has listed eight reason why they’re eagerly awaiting the release of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U. One of the main reasons they are excited for the game, amongst others, is the sumptuous visuals. To be fair it looks as though they’re excited for everything about the latest entry in the Mario Kart franchise.

  • The graphics
  • The power ups
  • The characters
  • The retro tracks
  • The level design
  • The local multiplayer
  • Sharing (Miiverse replays, Mario Kart TV)
  • The competition

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IGN Game Of The Year Nominees Announced

Popular online gaming site IGN has posted their own personal Game of the Year nominees for 2013.  Unsurprisingly, there’s a couple of Nintendo games on the list which include Super Mario 3D World for Wii U and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS. Grand Theft Auto V seems to be scooping up a few Game of the Year awards, so it will certainly be interesting to see how IGN vote.

  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • DOTA 2
  • Tearaway
  • The Last of Us
  • Device 6
  • Tomb Raider
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • Gone Home
  • Bioshock Infinite

IGN Scores Mario Party: Island Tour With A 5.5

IGN has reviewed Mario Party: Island Tour and has given the game a score of a 5.5/10. While the review praises the ambitious download play and gameboard designs, it trashes the minigames and the new single player mode. Aggregate site Metacritic has the game at a score of 64 with eight reviews having come in. Have you played Mario Party: Island Tour for the Nintendo 3DS yet? What are your impressions of the game?

Mario Party: Island Tour’s single-player campaign is laughably bad, and the ambitious, content-rich multiplayer options and unique game boards are ultimately dragged down by mostly boring minigames and unfortunate system-jerking motion control. A group of friends might only have fleeting good times with this collection.

Only 4% Of IGN Readers Surveyed Plan To Own Only A Wii U By The End Of The Year (Infographic)


Popular gaming site IGN has quizzed its readers to find out which next generation consoles and games they’re most looking forward to in the coming months. Unsurprisingly, Sony’s recently released PlayStation 4 console came out on top. The reader said it shows the most potential and is also the system most of them plan to own by the end of the year. However, the Wii U didn’t do very well in the survey, which was conducted by 26,000 IGN readers. Only four percent said that the system showed potential over the next five years and only four percent said it will be the one console they will own at the end of the year.

IGN Video Reviews Super Mario 3D World Early And Gives It A 9.6, Video Now Removed


Online gaming publication IGN provided a video review of the long-awaited Super Mario 3D Land and promptly took it down. However, those that watched the video say that the publication awarded Mario’s latest adventure a 9.6/10 and cited everything as positives, except for the four player camera (screen real estate) on multiplayer. The Super Mario 3D World review embargo should end on Tuesday, November 19th.

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IGN Awards Zelda Link Between Worlds 9.4


Online gaming publication IGN has awarded Link’s latest adventure an impressive 9.4, stating that it’s one of the best Zelda games ever created and up there with the classics. The reviewer says that The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds recaptures the spirit of adventure that gave the early games Zelda their potency, but it’s not a total revolution.

What could have been an easy sequel that traded on past glories is instead a compelling argument for digging up the foundations of Zelda and seeing what happens – rather like Wind Waker did 10 years ago. A Link Between Words is not a total revolution, but it may very well be the start of one. I haven’t been so challenged by a Zelda since Ocarina of Time, and rarely have I been so consistently surprised by one.

Between Worlds recaptures the spirit of adventure that gave the early games Zelda their potency, and lays out a vision for Zelda games still to come. It invites them – and us, the long-term fans – to let go of conventions that may have been comforting, but were ultimately holding us back. It’s at once intensely nostalgic and powerfully novel, unpatronising and cerebral. As a Zelda fan, I couldn’t wish for much more.

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Infinite Lives Already Achieved In Super Mario 3D World

Anyone who has ever played a Mario game knows the old repetitive Koopa pounce trick in which Mario finds a wall, a Koopa shell, and goes to town. IGN has proved that a new dog can learn old tricks, as they have already managed to employ the technique in the yet-to-be-released Super Mario 3D World.

The game has been in the news frequently as of late, as Nintendo fans are gearing up for the game’s impending release on November 22nd in the US, and November 29th in Europe. Yesterday, an alternate mode was revealed for the game, called The Adventures of Captain Toad, which features Captain Toad from the Galaxy series attempting to collect stars while traversing rotating 3D terrain. As review copies continue to ship out, Mario fans can be sure that more and more of the game’s secrets will continue to be revealed.

Here’s A Captain Toad Level From Super Mario 3D World Shown For The First Time

Back in October we covered a story in which IGN revealed the existence of a new alternate mode in Super Mario 3D World, called The Adventures of Captain Toad. Now a level from this new mode has been revealed for the first time. The new level features Captain Toad, who featured prominently in the Galaxy series, attempting to climb some terrain that’s infested with enemies, all while lacking the ability to jump. Players have to shift the camera in 360 degrees around the world in order to uncover all the secrets and paths necessary for Toad to traverse. These levels are very puzzle-like in nature, and the object is to collect all of the stars in each level. What do you think of the new Captain Toad levels? Let us know in the comments.

Two New Modes Revealed For Super Mario 3D World, Including One Where You Can’t Jump


Apparently IGN posted an article about two new modes coming to Super Mario 3D World and have since removed the article. However, while the piece was up, it revealed that one of the modes will be called “The Adventures of Captain Toad,” which finds players guiding Toad using the gyrosensor of the Wii U gamepad. Toad is unable to jump in this mode. The second alternative mode, “Mystery House,” is based on the green bonus boxes from Super Mario 3D Land, and involves collecting green stars while fighting against the clock.

Not much else is known about these exciting new additions to Super Mario 3D World. It seems Nintendo may not have wanted IGN pulling the trigger so quickly on the reveal of these new aspects of the game. Perhaps Nintendo were planning on showcasing these modes at an upcoming gaming event? Here is Kenta Motokura speaking on Toad’s inability to jump in his new adventure mode:

“We first thought about new kinds of gameplay that we could achieve using the GamePad. One question we thought about is, Mario can usually jump. What if we had some feature where you weren’t allowed to jump? One of the things you can experience here is, removing the jump really changes the way you interact with the world and the enemies you encounter.”

IGN Awards Sonic Lost World On Wii U, 5.8/10


Popular online gaming publication IGN has slammed the latest Sonic game which is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The publication awarded Sonic Lost World a mediocre 5.8/10 and claims that Sonic Lost World lacks speed, precision and fluidity making it a big step back for the franchise. The publication cites poor level design, lack of speed and awkward controls as its downfall. Sonic Lost World is averaging 61 on online review aggregation site, Metacritic.

After the success of Sonic 4, Colors, and Generations, this is a big disappointment for Sega’s speeding blue bullet. Sonic Lost World clumsily tears all the wrong pages out of the Super Mario Galaxy playbook, and in so doing, loses the breathless speed and fluidity that makes a Sonic game a Sonic game. Graphically it may talk the talk, but the controls and level design just can’t walk the walk, much less run it.

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