IGN Gives Us A Closer Look At The New Nintendo 3DS (Video)

IGN has had some hands-on time at this week’s Tokyo Game Show with the new Nintendo 3DS and has captured some lovely footage showcasing Nintendo’s latest handheld. You’ll also notice that the new Nintendo 3DS shown also has some of the new faceplates that will become available once the system launches next month in Japan. The system is coming to the west some early next year.


IGN Lists Their Top 25 Nintendo 3DS Games

Online gaming publication IGN has decided to list what they deem to be the best Nintendo 3DS games available right now. The top five are rather unsurprising, but there’s some extremely solid games featured within the list. Here’s their top 25 games on Nintendo 3DS.

25. StreetPass Games
24. Professor Layton: Miracle Mask
23. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
22. Cave Story 3D
21. Virtue’s Last Reward
20. Kid Icarus Uprising
19. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
18. Shin Megami Tensei 4
17. Resident Evil Revelations
16. Star Fox 64
15. Pushmo
14. SteamWorld Dig
13. Etrian Odyssey 4
12. New Super Mario Bros 2
11. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon
10. Bravely Default
9. Mario Golf
8. Mario Kart 7
7. Shovel Knight
6. Zelda OoT 3D
5. Pokemon X & Y
4. Animal Crossing
3. Fire Emblem
2. Super Mario 3D Land
1. Zelda Link Between Worlds

IGN Readers Say Nintendo Had The Best E3 Showing This Year

IGN asked its readers who they thought won last month’s E3 event in Los Angeles. The results are now in and they state that Nintendo had the best games, the best conference, and also won overall. IGN has awarded the company with their Peoples Choice Award. You can check out the amount of votes and participation in the video, above.

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New Wii U Exclusive Devil’s Third Shown At IGN

IGN has revealed the mystery Wii U game and it turns out to be Devil’s Third. The game is developed by Ninja Gaiden director Tomonobu Itagaki. IGN says that the game action game marries melee combat, and cover- and first-person shooting. It also features objective-based, attack/defend competitive multiplayer modes, a level editor, and character customization.

Nintendo “really understood my vision,” Itagaki told IGN, “so I felt I really had to work with them.”

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Update: New video posted

Nintendo Will Showcase An Exclusive Wii U Game On IGN After Nintendo Digital Event

Jose Otero, Associate Editor at IGN, has revealed that the site will showcase a brand new Wii U title after the Nintendo E3 2014 Digital Event ends. Otero wouldn’t give any hints regarding what to expect but it’s probably worth keeping an eye on IGN after the conference.


Here’s IGN’s Games Of The Generation As Well As The Readers

IGN has published its games of the generation and also given users the ability to vote for theirs. As we already reported Super Mario Galaxy was the publications Game of the Generation. Now they’ve published their readers games. IGN says that over the last couple of weeks, over 65,000 votes have been cast by readers. Here’s their results as well as IGN’s for comparison.

Top 10 (Reader choices)
10.) Batman Arkham City
9.) Bioshock Infinite
8.) Mass Effect 2
7.) Assassin’s Creed II
6.) Bioshock
5.) Red Dead Redemption
4.) Fallout 3
3.) Grand Theft Auto V
2.) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
1.) The Last of Us

Top 10 (IGN Picks)
10.) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
9.) Journey
8.) Grand Theft Auto V
7.) Red Dead Redemption
6.) Minecraft
5.) Fallout 3
4.) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
3.) The Last of Us
2.) Portal 2
1.) Super Mario Galaxy