Nintendo: “Never Say Never” When It Comes To Giving Yooka-Laylee Additional Support

One of the biggest indie titles hitting the Wii U eShop in the future is Playtonic’s gorgeous 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee. The game seems like the perfect title for Nintendo to help promote as it fits in with Nintendo’s family friendly image. The Executive VP of Sales at Nintendo of America, Scott Moffitt, was asked whether the company would give the game additional support by The Examiner and Moffitt basically said never say never.

We’ve really been embracing the independent development community and there is a lot of really great indie content coming to our platform, more so than [before] on Wii or predecessor systems. Our eShop is stocked with great indie games, so we try to rotate them through and promote them from time to time with developer support.

We’ve show a much more open stance to indie developers, so never say never.

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Nintendo Explains Why They Use “New” So Much

Nintendo has a blatant habit of naming things as “new”. We’ve had New Super Mario Bros, New Nintendo 3DS, Yoshi’s New Island and many more. Speaking in a recent interview, Chris Pranger, a localization writer for Nintendo, explained exactly why they used the word so much. Pranger says that in Japanese the word “new” is both exotic and cool. So there you have it, that’s the reason.

“In Japanese, “new” is exotic and sounds cool. That is the exact reason why “new” is on so many titles.”

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Retro Studios Designed The Mechs In Metroid Prime Federation Force

Kensuke Tanabe, the producer behind Metroid Prime: Federation Force, has recently sat down with online gaming publication US Gamer to discuss the game. It is a lengthy interview, but it is certainly an interesting one. During the interview Tenabe reveals that the acclaimed Retro Studios were the company responsible for the design of the mechs in the game. He also mentioned how you will go about playing the co-op title in single player.

USG: You mentioned it’s a co-op game, is it possible to play it solo or do you have to play it with other people?

KT: So you can play as a solo player and up to four people. When you play as a single player, you have the choice to get the drones to help you and support you throughout the mission. Of course, you can always play by yourself too, if you don’t want that extra help. If you don’t need any drones, then that’s perfectly fine as well. However, if you do so, you’re basically raising that bar and making the mission quite difficult for yourself. But I do know that Metroid fans like that extra challenge, so I can totally see players making things difficult for themselves.

USG: Is Retro involved in this project at all?

KT: The whole development has been done by Next Level Games. There was just one part — for the design for the mechs, Retro had the supervisory role for this game.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Hopes To Focus More On Story In His Next Game

Tetsuya Takahashi, the executive director of Xenoblade Chronicles X, has responded to criticism levied against the newly released Wii U title (in Japan). Critics have targeted the game for not having enough story to keep the game interested for an extended period of time — so much so, Kotaku went out of its way to call it “boredom.” Within a Japanese guidebook for the game, Takahashi addressed fans saying he, for the most parts, agree with them.

Being several years behind others in the development of an HD title and taking into account Monolith Soft’s company size, there are just some thing that we could not achieve, which couldn’t be helped, but in order to move on towards the next step, there was no avoiding this. And that is the truth.

Takahashi pinpoints a few select features he hopes to apply to his next title, specifically a broader story, an improved interface, more intricate online connectivity, and even the option of going to space. Xenoblade Chronicles X is a Wii U exclusive, and will be coming to the west December 4th, 2015.

Nintendo And Platinum Explain Their Relationship On Star Fox Zero For Wii U

One of the announcements that pleased a number of fans at this year’s Nintendo E3 Digital Event was the fact that Platinum Game’s were developing the new Star Fox for Wii U, which is titled Star Fox Zero. Polygon managed to catch up with Nintendo EAD’s Yugo Hayashi and Yusuke Hashimoto from Platinum Games to find out just how the exciting collaboration came to be. Hayashi says that the team at Nintendo didn’t have enough resources to make the game, but they were certain that an acclaimed action studio such as Platinum Games would be a perfect fit for the title.

“Internally, we thought we maybe didn’t have enough resources to make it. So we started looking outside for a good fit.

“We already had some relationship with Platinum Games and in thinking about who would be be a good company to make a Star Fox game, obviously Platinum Games are very good at making action games, they’re very good at making games that are visually exciting. So we thought they would be a perfect fit.”

– EAD’s Yugo Hayashi

“When I was getting into the project it kind of started up for me as how do we use this to make stages that will be fun to play. How do we create extravagant, exciting situations. Basically, as the development has gone forward it has been the two teams passing it back and forth and talking about that kind of thing.”

“When you get to the boss and it switches to the target view and you have that kind of extravagant cinematic view, flying around the boss with a first-person view,” he said. “That was the first time I thought we were kind of getting at what I hoped to achieve with this project.”

“I think the reason for that is because it’s a cinematic scene, a cinematic effect, but you’re able to control it and create these kind of action moments while flying around in the way you attack.”

– Platinum Games, Yusuke Hashimoto

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Scott Moffitt: We Hear The Fans Complaints About Metroid Prime: Federation Force

One thing that fans didn’t appreciate at E3 was the announcement of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Nintendo of America executive VP of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt says that the company is aware of the vocal fan feedback for the game. As has previously been reported, there is currently a petition to cancel the game which has received 20,000 signatures to date. Here’s what Moffitt had to say about the reaction to the game and the feedback they are taking on board.

“We love our fans. They’re the most passionate, vocal group of fans I’ve ever seen, and we listen carefully to their opinions,” Moffitt said. “We respect their opinions and their right to share those opinions with us. We try to make the best decisions we can with them in mind, but also with our content in mind, with our franchises in mind. A lot goes into the decision of which games to produce and which games not to produce. I don’t pretend to know how all those decisions are made, but we certainly appreciate our fans’ enthusiasm for the Metroid franchise. It’s a franchise I love as well, and I hope they will find other games in the 14 we’ve announced at this E3 that they can play in the meantime while we all wait for the game we’d like to come out in the Metroid franchise.”

Sanzaru Says Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Is Aiming To Play More Like Classic Sonic

If you are a Sonic fan then you will be relieved to know that the upcoming Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is set to play more like classic Sonic games than its predecessor. There were a lot of surprised people when we found out just before E3 that Sanzaru were developing a new entry in the Sonic Boom series. However, we’ve been assured at this year’s E3 event that Sanzaru is listening to fan criticism and are trying to make this feel like the classic Sonic games we have had in the past.

  • Developer Sanzaru is listening to fan criticism.
  • Studied the map layouts of past 2D sonic titles especially Sonic Rush and the Genesis games.
  • Controls have also been revamped to feel like Classic Sonic.
  • Not necessary to gain collectibles to move forward through the game
  • 5 playable characters (Amy now playable)
  • Folks at Sanzaru would love to make another Sly Cooper.

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