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Sakurai Shows Off Super Smash Bros Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL Console

Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has shown off what everyone wants which is a Super Smash Bros themed New Nintendo 3DS XL console. Sakurai shared the box of the Smash Bros XL console on Twitter. Hopefully it will be available when the console launches over here next year. Would you opt for this specific bundle?

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Here’s Ten Minutes Of Captain Toad Wii U Footage

It’s not long now till Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker launches in the United States and Japan. To help promote the game, Nintendo has uploaded ten minutes of delightful footage from the gorgeous Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on the Wii U. The video embedded above shows off plenty of gameplay footage as a Japanese woman and child plays through the puzzle based platformer.

These Four Fantastic Super Smash Bros 3DS Themes Will Be Available In Japan On November 8

Nintendo of Japan are set to release four fantastic new Super Smash Bros 3DS themes for fans of the franchise. All four will be available on the Japanese eShop on November 8 for 200 Yen (tax included) – so that’s only a couple of days away. With four trailers to feast your eyes on, Japanese gamers may just be spoiled for choice. You can take a look at a playlist of all themes in the trailer above, however details on all themes and their respective trailers can be found below. Hopefully we’ll hear confirmation of a western release for these themes soon.

Super Smash Bros 3DS Themes

  • Type 1 – Will feature the main box art for the 3DS version and comes with the 3DS / Wii U main menu background music. View the trailer, here.
  • Type 2 – Includes a panoramic view of the main box art for the 3DS version but as a simple lined drawing. Featured background music is the match result from both versions of the game. View the trailer, here.
  • Type 3 – Features a panoramic view of the main art from the Red and Silver 3DS special edition, with background music of the main menu from 3DS / Wii U. View the trailer, here.
  • Type 4 – A panoramic view of all characters in their menu illustrations are featured in this theme, with the match result background music. View the trailer, here.

Link & Zelda Hyrule Warriors Costumes Revealed For Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3

samurai_warriors_cross_hyrule_warriorsKoei Tecmo has announced during a livestream event that Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 for the Nintendo 3DS will feature a special collaboration with Hyrule Warriors. Due for release on December 4 in Japan, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 incorporates more than 50 military characters, along with new events and character edit slots. Though it’s a spin-off from the game’s main hack-and-slash series, the 3DS version will support a Link and Zelda costume – which can be seen above – from the recently released Hyrule Warriors.

Aside from the two new costumes, fans of the franchise will be able to take the demo out for a spin when it hits the Japanese 3DS eShop tomorrow, November 6. The game is yet to be confirmed for a western release, however, there’s still a slim possibility given the success of the Samurai Warriors franchise overseas.

Iwata Explains Why The US And Europe Have To Wait For The New Nintendo 3DS

Japan has already gotten its hands on the New Nintendo 3DS, but those of us in the west will have to wait until 2015. Speaking to investors today Nintendo president Satoru Iwata attempted to explain why the Japanese get the device this year, while the west has to wait until some unknown time in 2015. Here’s his explanation.

“Based on these observations, some might wonder if, apart from the domestic market, the sales of Nintendo 3DS will really be able to gain momentum in the overseas markets,” Iwata said.

“Iwata then noted that the 3DS is at a different “stage of popularization” in Japan than in the US and Europe. The handheld is nearing lifetime sales of 17 million in Japan, or about equal with the lifetime sales of the GameBoy Advance. As a result, Iwata said the 3DS’ addressable market has nearly been reached, and the launch of the New 3DS was necessary to grow sales once again.”

“To the contrary, neither of the cumulative sales figures of Nintendo 3DS in the U.S. nor Europe is more than that in Japan despite, based on the historical performance, bigger sales potential,” Iwata said. “In short, Nintendo 3DS is still at an earlier stage of popularization in these two markets. Also, the difference in market characteristics shows up in the software sales pace. In the Japanese market, both hardware and software tend to sell during a short period along with a quick spread of information on them. In the U.S. and Europe, on the other hand, highly acclaimed games are likely to be longtime sellers.”

Nintendo Says New Nintendo 3DS Is Its Best Selling Revision To Date Since The Nintendo DSi


In a surprising announcement, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that the New Nintendo 3DS is the company’s best-selling revision to date in Japan since the DSi. The remodelled handheld has surpassed sales of the Nintendo 3DS XL, the Nintendo DSi and the DSi XL during the first three weeks of the console going on sale. They’ve handily provided the chart above courtesy of Media Create. Here’s what Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had to say.

We feel that the new “super-stable 3D” function, new “C” stick, and accelerated CPU of the new models have been well-received by our consumers. With the new models in addition to the consecutive release of games which could be double-million sellers, we are confident that Nintendo 3DS will establish a presence in the market in the year-end sales season in Japan.

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