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Renegade Kid Teases “Stellar News” For Friday

Renegade Kid director Jools Watsham has teased that his company will share “some stellar news” this Friday, May 9. Whether the upcoming announcement pertains to Nintendo 3DS or Wii U has yet to be confirmed, though a tweet by Watsham suggests that it will be related to the forthcoming 3DS exclusive Moon Chronicles. Earlier this week, the developer revealed that it has a new 2D game in the works for 3DS.


Nintendo Minute With Jools Watsham Discussing Moon Chronicles And Treasurenauts

The latest Nintendo Minute video features Renegade Kid founder Jools Watsham discussing both Moon Chronicles and Treasurenauts for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Watsham aims to prove that first person shooters can work on the Nintendo 3DS with his latest title, Moon Chronicles. You can watch the nine minute video, above.

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Mutant Mudds Creator Thinks The Wii U Will Be The Gamecube Of This Hardware Generation


Jools Watsham, the creator of Mutant Mudds Deluxe for Wii U, has said on Twitter that he believes that Nintendo’s struggling Wii U console will be the Gamecube of this hardware generation. The console which had some absolutely tremendous games, but simply failed to entice consumers away from the competition.

“The Wii U will be the GameCube of this hardware generation. The platform that had some truly great games, but somehow lost the console war.”

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Your Chance To Win A Copy Of Mutant Mudds Deluxe For Wii U

mutant mudds deluxe.jpg-largeMutant Mudds Deluxe developer Renegade Kid are hosting a competition to get your hands on a copy of the Wii U game. Starting today until midnight June 12 CT, Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham will be giving away three free copies of the title – due for release on June 13 – to the person who produces the best image of and or relating to Mutant Mudds.

Announced on both his Twitter and Blogger accounts, Watsham says that anyone can enter, but the copies will only work on North American Wii U consoles – so if you’re a North American resident, why not get those creative juices flowing? You can find the full details here, and remember that you can submit an original drawing, a digital, or use existing images on the web to create an interesting collage.

Mutant Mudds Deluxe Supports Multiple Control Methods


The Wii U version of Mutant Mudds, titled Mutant Mudds Deluxe, supports a number of control options. On the Wii U, players be able to control the game’s main protagonist, Max, with one of six methods: Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller Wii Remote, Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuk combination and Wii Classic Controller.

Mutant Mudds developer Renegade Kid has revealed via Twitter that Mutant Mudds Deluxe will cost $9.99. For comparison’s sake, the original version of the game is priced at $8.99 in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Mutant Mudds Deluxe launches on June 13th in the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

Renegade Kid Thinks Wii U Will Have An Excellent Future


Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham has supported both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U and he’s confident of the laters future. Watsham went on to praise the Wii U stating that it’s got some great games coming out in the future. He acknowledged that the first quater of 2013 has had some issues with software, but he’s confident that the 2013 holiday season will be huge for the Wii U.

“I am certain the Wii U will have an excellent future. The writing is on the wall. It is an excellent console. Nintendo has some amazing titles lined up for future releases. Even though Q1 2013 may have had some issues, I predict that the 2013 holiday season will be huge for the Wii U. Nintendo’s campaign for the Wii U has only just begun.”

ATV Wild Ride 3D Nintendo eShop Price Revealed

ATV_Wild_Ride_3D_artRenegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham has revealed the price of its upcoming Nintendo eShop title. ATV Wild Ride 3D will cost $7.99 when it hits Nintendo 3DS’ online marketplace. The developer has decided that there will not be a demo of the racing game, because, according to Watsham, it “takes a lot of extra time and resources to make a separate demo.” While there’s currently no firm release date for the upcoming title, Watsham said he hopes ATV Wild Ride 3D will be released in March.

ATV Wild Ride 3D Trailer

ATV Wild Ride 3D is an upcoming racing game from Mutant Mudds developer Renegade Kid. The game supports local and online multiplayer for up to four people. Featured in the game is an online ranking to show who’s the best “Wild Rider” in the world. ATV Wild Ride 3D will probably launch in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS this March, according to Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham.

ATV Wild Ride 3D To Be The First Racing Game For Nintendo eShop On 3DS

Mutant Mudds developer Renegade Kid’s upcoming racing game, ATV Wild Ride 3D, features online multiplayer, online ranking and 3D visuals.

Although it will be a download-only title, Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham says ATV Wild Ride 3D is a “retail-quality” game.

The game will be released in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

What’s new in ATV Wild Ride 3D? What can you do on the 3DS that you couldn’t on the Nintendo DS with the previous ATV Wild Ride game?

One of the big new additions to ATV Wild Ride 3D is online multiplayer and on-line ranking; to determine who is the best Wild Rider in the world. Online racing without ranking seems a little empty, so we’re hoping the worldwide ranking provides a sense of competition that brings players back to the game.

On the cosmetic side, we have spent a lot of time and effort overhauling, well, pretty much everything really including, higher resolution textures, real-time lighting and shadows, specular highlights, mip-mapping, suspension physics, new engine sounds and higher quality audio across the board.

And, it is in 3D of course, which looks fantastic!

Mutant Mudds 2 Confirmed, Might Be Available In Physical Form On Nintendo 3DS

mutant_muddsDeveloper Renegade Kidd’s co-founder, Jools Watsham, has confirmed, via Twitter, that there will be a sequel to Mutant Mudds.

The original Mutant Mudds hit the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS in 2012, and a Wii U version of the platformer, titled Mutant Mudds Deluxe, will launch in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U later this year.

There is a chance that the forthcoming Mutant Mudds 2 will be available in physical form, as Watsham sent out a tweet that read, “RT if you would buy a Mutant Mudds 1 & 2 combo pack on cartridge for 3DS! :),” which has so far received over 60 retweets on the social networking service.