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Kid Icarus: Uprising Now Available On European eShop

Nintendo UK has announced over on Twitter that the critically acclaimed 3DS title Kid Icarus: Uprising is now available on the European eShop. The company sincerely apologised for the lengthy wait after the action game released on the North American eShop last November. So if you’re a digital-only 3DS owner, you can download the title straight from the Nintendo eShop for £29.99.


Latest Super Smash Bros Wii U Screenshot Shows Palutena Statue In Unseen Stage

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has teased us with another Wii U screenshot for the upcoming brawler – this time showing a statue of Kid Icarus’ Goddess of Light. The screenshot shows a previously unseen stage with Palutena “watching over” those on the battlefield. Perhaps Sakurai is aware of those leaked 3DS images of Palutena, supposedly representing her as a playable character, or an assist trophy.

The teased image may point to another Kid Icarus stage on the Wii U, which looks dramatically different to those Uprising screenshots from the 3DS version. Here’s what Sakurai posted on Miiverse:

“You can find this statue of the Goddess of Light in one of the stages. She’s watching over the arena.”

Kid Icarus Uprising On Amazon For Wii U


Several readers have pointed out that Amazon France is now listing Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Wii U. The game is available to pre-order for seventy euros and even has an image to accompany the pre-order. Nintendo hasn’t made any mention that it’s bringing the Nintendo 3DS game to Wii U, so this could simply be a mistake on Amazon’s part. Would you want Kid Icarus: Uprising on Wii U?

Thanks to those that sent this in.

Game Of The Year 2012

rhythm_heaven_feverOut of all the great games that were released in 2012, including Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop DistancePokemon Conquest, Crashmo, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Little Inferno, one special title is my personal favorite.

My game of the year 2012 is Wii-exclusive Rhythm Heaven Fever, also known as Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise.

For me, picking game of the year is primarily based based on one factor – fun. To date, with over 87 hours of playtime and counting, Rhythm Heaven Fever is the second most-played game on my Wii.

The music video game, developed by Nintendo and TNX, features over 50 quirky and addicting minigames that are easy-to-learn but challenging to master. From beautiful visuals to catchy music to extremely fun gameplay, Rhythm Heaven Fever has it all.

For more on why Rhythm Heaven Fever is my favorite game of 2012, read our Rhythm Heaven Fever review.

Everyone has his or her own opinions… What is your favorite game of 2012?

Series 2 Of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards Launching This Summer

Nintendo has announced that the second series of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card packs will be distributed at a number of events starting Aug. 3. Building upon the popular first series of cards distributed around the launch of the game, the Series 2 AR Cards feature different characters, enemies, weapons and items that appear in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Also, for the first time, players will find AR Cards representing various locations found within the game.

Consumers in the United States can collect packs of these special AR Cards in the coming weeks at the following events (quantities are limited, available while supplies last):

  • Retail Events: Consumers in the New York area who attend Kid Icarus: Uprising events at the Nintendo World store will be given Series 2 AR Card packs starting on Aug. 3. The events take place every Friday from 6 – 8 p.m. Eastern time. Additionally, consumers will also have the opportunity to get Series 2 AR card packs at game-play sessions at select retail locations later this year. Exact dates and details will be announced at a later time.
  • Consumer Events: At several upcoming consumer events, Nintendo will be handing out packs of Series 2 AR Card packs while supplies last. Penny Arcade Expo (Aug. 31 – Sept. 2, Seattle) and New York Comic-Con (Oct. 11 – 13, New York) attendees are encouraged to stop by the Nintendo booth for Series 2 AR Card packs. Nintendo will announce additional plans for these events at a later time.

No Sequel For Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus: Uprising creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that he has absolutely no plans to create a sequel to the impressive Kid Icarus: Uprising. Sakurai says he managed to fit everything he pretty much wanted into Kid Icarus: Uprising and he believes that the novelty of the franchise would soon wear off. He did say that someone else besides him may make another Kid Icarus game, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

“If by ‘lasting universe’ you mean to ask if there’s a sequel, the answer is no.” Sakurai went on to explain that the reason is “because we pushed a lot into the game in order to let people have this short yet deep experience, but the novelty of that would likely grow thin in the next game. For now, my thought is that perhaps we’ll see someone else besides me make another Kid Icarus in another 25 years.”

Dual Analogue Control In Kid Icarus: Uprising Was “Technically Impossible”

Kid Icarus: Uprising producer Masahiro Sakurai has explained that dual analogue controls in Kid Icarus: Uprising was technically impossible. While the game received generally favourable reviews across the board, one of the main things the game was criticised for was its cumbersome controls.

Considering how close to the limit we pushed the 3DS during development, it’s a miracle that we were even able to provide support for left-handed controls at the point of completion. Providing support for independent analog control was something that was technically impossible.

I do have my doubts over whether it’d be that easy to provide support. I think any game needs to provide new experiences and stimulating things to discover, but if we provided run-of-the-mill controls for it, that cuts down on the game’s potential. If a player used to touchscreen-based aiming played against someone used to right-analog control, the first player would probably dominate. The speed is on a whole different level.

If there are players who say that it makes their hand tired, that’s because you’re applying too much force. Try to relax and work on building a rhythm to your control. Place the pen in the middle of the touchscreen; when you’re flicking it, take the pen off the screen as you’re sweeping with it, and stop right there. That’s the basic idea.

Smash Bros. led to similar misunderstandings when it first came out. Some people, including within the company, commented that they couldn’t imagine a worse game. The project was really saved by the fact that people “got” how to play it after it was released. If we had just listened to the complaints and instituted health gauges or command-based special moves, I don’t think we would have invented a new style of play that way. The controls here really aren’t that difficult, either, so I’m hoping that people will be able to get used to them.

New Kirby Game To Be Announced At Nintendo Direct? Plus New Kid Icarus Info

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has posted a photo of himself posing with a giant Kirby plushy to advertise the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation. Of course this has prompted mass speculation from all corners of the internet that Nintendo is going to use the presentation to reveal a new Kirby related title for either Nintendo 3DS or Wii. Masahiro Sakurai has also urged Kid Icarus Uprising fans to watch the Nintendo Direct presentation.

Kid Icarus Uprising Was Originally Developed On Wii And PC

During the latest Iwata Asks segment Kid Icarus: Uprising producer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that the game was originally developed on the Wii and the PC as Project Sora didn’t have access to a Nintendo 3DS development kit.

“At first we didn’t have the Nintendo 3DS development kit, so we started making it on a PC. Oh, and for a while we were using a Wii to make it!”

Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

It’s been roughly twenty-five years since we last saw Kid Icarus but has the agonizing wait been worth it to see our newly revived angelic hero? Well the simple answer to this question is yes.Basic story:

In Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pit must defend himself against the dark goddess Medusa and her malevolent Underworld Army. With help from Palutena, goddess of light and guardian of the human race, he battles enemies in the air and on the ground as each chapter is divided into Air Battle and Land Battle stages. Players can enhance the action with a nearly unlimited arsenal of collectible weapons, from Bows to Cannons to Claws, each with their own unique characteristics and play style. Players can also fuse weapons together, resulting in a single weapon that takes on some of the characteristics of the original two.


As numerous reviews have previously stated the controls on Kid Icarus: Uprising come across as rather hit or miss. The flying sections work extremely well. You use the Circle Pad to move and the Stylus to aim and shoot. It’s reasonably intuitive, but sadly you’re only in the air for a limited amount of time. It’s when Pit hits the ground that things don’t work quite as well. You use the Circle Pad to move forward and the Stylus to turn. It’s not as bad as other reviews have cited, but I admit that you could find that it feels slightly cumbersome. This problem is probably eradicated if you use the Circle Pad Pro, but it further reinforces the fact that Nintendo should have included a second Circle Pad on the Nintendo 3DS as standard.

Visuals and 3D:

Kid Icarus: Uprising looks magnificent running on the Nintendo 3DS. The level of detail and the environments really take advantage of the system. It may not look quite as impressive as Capcoms visually splendid Resident Evil: Revelations, but it’s certainly close. Where the game falls down is the 3D. The problem is that you’ll have a hard job using the Circle Pad and the Stylus whilst keeping your Nintendo 3DS still. This always poses a problem for 3D games as the Nintendo 3DS needs to be kept perfectly stable. You can use the stand but that only works if you’re sitting at a desk, so it isn’t entirely practical. To be honest I couldn’t play the game with the 3D on, which is a shame as when I did turn it on the game offered unparalleled depth.

Closing comment:

Despite the game’s jarring controls, Kid Icarus: Uprising is definitely one of the best games on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s fast and frantic, the visuals are absolutely gorgeous. It features a wonderfully epic soundtrack, and to top it off it includes an addictive multiplayer mode. It may have taken twenty-five years to see Pit return, but boy has it been worth it. Kid Icarus Uprising proudly stands alongside Super Mario 3D Land, Ocarina of Time 3D and Mario Kart 7 as one of the best games Nintendo’s latest handheld has to offer. An essential purchase if you can just look past the frustrating controls.