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Kotaku Now Says The Wii U Is Worth A Purchase

Kotaku has been informing its readers which current generation consoles are worth purchasing right now and which aren’t. Well, twenty months later Kotaku now says that Nintendo’s latest home console Wii U is well worth a purchase. The publication says that the change came about due to the wealth of quality software now on the platform. Kotaku also lists updated functionality such as the recent firmware updates that have sped up the previously sluggish OS. You can read their opinions, right here.

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Results Are In For Miyamoto’s Question Regarding ‘Which Game Would You Like Nintendo To Make For Wii U?’

You may remember that Mr Miyamoto asked Kotaku readers to tell them which game they would like Nintendo to make for the Wii U. As expected there were quite a few interesting submissions. However, it seems like a new entry in the stellar Metroid series was the readerships top choice. Here’s the results.

Top Five Submissions:

  • Metroid (2D or 3D, with many calling for Metroid Prime 4)
  • A new Pokémon Snap
  • A new F-Zero.
  • A new 3D Mario game (Galaxy 3 or Sunshine 2).
  • An original Dungeons-and-Dragons-style game with the GamePad player serving the role as dungeon master.

Runner Ups:

  • Mega Man Legends 3
  • Buy Capcom
  • Earthbound
  • Star tropics
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask remake

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Miyamoto Asks What Games Would You Like Nintendo To Make For Wii U

Kotaku recently had the opportunity to interview Mr Miyamoto during E3 last week. What’s interesting is Miyamoto asked Kotaku to ask their readers what games they would like to see Nintendo create for the Wii U. He said to Kotaku writer Stephen Totilo that if they get a really good answer then to give him a call. What game would you like to see on Nintendo’s latest home console?

“So certainly, for Kotaku readers, they know there are a lot of different hardware platforms, and I hope that they look at those as necessarily a competition between all the platforms but really that each platform has its own uniqueness.”

“One of the uniquenesses of Wii U [is that] this is a device that’s really suited to being connected to the TV in your living room, and it has a lot of very convenient applications that you can use there. We’re going to continue to design our games in a way that are suited to play in the living room—whether it’s one person playing and everyone enjoying that by watching—but we’re also working on a number of additional games that we’re designing and releasing next year as well.”

“We hope that everybody is looking forward to that and that we’re designing experiences that you can only do on the Wii U GamePad so I hope everyone will support us and look forward to our products.”

“Maybe you can do a poll for Kotaku readers to see which game you want us to make for Wii U, and, if you get a good answer, you can give us a call.”

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Kotaku Lists Wii U As One Of The Biggest Disappointments Of 2013

Popular online gaming site Kotaku has listed what it calls the biggest disappointments of 2013.  The publication says that Nintendo failed to deliver the must have titles in the first year to dissuade people from purchasing the more powerful Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Even after a year Kotaku says that it still doesn’t think Wii U is a must have console for gamers. Here’s what they had to say.

Nintendo has always had a tricky challenge on its hands with the Wii U. They had a one-year head-start on Sony and Microsoft, one year to come out with some amazing, must-have exclusive games that would make people choose to get a Wii U over the looming PS4 and Xbox One duo. Suffice to say, Nintendo didn’t really manage to do that. While there are more good games for the system than ever, even after a year we don’t really think the Wii U is a must-own. And now, with the more-powerful PS4 and Xbox One dominating the next-gen discussion, Nintendo will have an even tougher time breaking through.

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Era’s Adventures Developers Give Yoshi Look-alike A New Makeover

blue yoshiRemember the Android game that sparked some controversy over at Nintendo Headquarters when a female Yoshi cropped up as its main protagonist? Well, she’s had a makeover that’s left the game’s developers feeling a little less green. Era’s Adventures – a title that sees the player have to escape from a series of trapped worlds –  now features a blue coloured dinosaur with diamond-shaped eyes, wearing a backwards red cap and orange boots.

The game’s developer Botond Kopacz recently contacted Kotaku to say he is currently working out the kinks with Nintendo after they got in touch with him about the game.
He said: “Yes, and they did with rightly since the original Era was Yoshi’s character. The new Era is also similar to Yoshi but we are cooperating with Nintendo about the changes required by them but till that time the only thing that we could do is to re-color it, remove the carapace and some other parts and make some changes in “Eras” head shape.”

You can still play the game for free over in the Google Play shop.

Kotaku Says “The Nintendo 3DS Has Become The Best Gaming Machine Out There”


Despite the slow start and overly expensive price tag, Kotaku believes that the Nintendo 3DS has become the best gaming machine on the market. The publication points out that we’ve had one of the best Mario games out there, we’ve also had the incredible Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the best Resident Evil in a long time. The future is looking bright for the console which was slated shortly after launch by analysts who were convinced the handheld wasn’t relevant due to smartphones and tablets. Sales for the Nintendo 3DS now stand at 30 million worldwide and are sure to be boosted by the games that were announced at today’s Nintendo Direct presentation. Here’s some choice excerpts from the article.

“That’s a lot of name-dropping, but the point is this: the 3DS is impressive, and continues to get more and more impressive as Nintendo does more and more to support it. While it’s always fun to debate over console power and technical specs, the best video game systems are, quite simply, the systems that have the best games. In 2013, that’s the 3DS.”

“The 3DS has followed the same path, and now it’s booming. Sales are great—Nintendo says they’ve moved 30 million of the little buggers worldwide—and the machine has exceeded our expectations by a great deal.”

“Maybe it was the near-death experience that did it.”


Wii U Virtual Console Games Will Be Playable On The Wii U GamePad

wii_u_gamepad_whiteYesterday, a Nintendo of America representative told Kotaku that a Virtual Console for Wii U is in the works. Although Wii Virtual Console games are not playable on the Wii U GamePad, the representative said Nintendo plans to make Wii U Virtual Console games playable solely on the new controller, which features a 6.2-inch touchscreen.

So far, we don’t know for sure whether Nintendo GameCube games will be purchasable from Wii U’s Virtual Console, but remember that Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime previously said he’d love to see them on the new console.

“We do not have any specifics to share at this time. However, we are moving ahead with development of Virtual Console for Wii U, and we plan to make it so you can play it on the Wii U GamePad alone.”