Level 5 Open To Bringing Games To Nintendo NX And Wii U

Level 5, the acclaimed developers behind the Japanese sensation Yo-Kai Watch, have told IGN that the company is opening to bringing Yo-Kai Watch and other franchises to the Nintendo NX or even the Wii U. Level 5 CEO Akihito Hino said that if the NX “brings Level-5 games to as many kids as possible.”then “it wouldn’t be impossible” to see Level 5 developing games for it. So if the audience is there, then so is Level 5.


Here’s The New Gameplay Trailer For Yo-Kai Watch

If you’re still wondering what exactly Yo-Kai Watch is, it might be a good idea to check out its new gameplay trailer. You can also give it a try via the recently-released demo version of the game, in which players are tasked with using their Yo-Kai Watch item to find three trouble-making Yo-Kai creatures to bring peace back to the town of Springdale. The demo is available now on the Nintendo eShop, while the full game will be released in North America on November 6 for Nintendo 3DS.


IGN Video: Is Yo-Kai Watch The Next Big Thing?

Yo-Kai Watch is finally coming to the United States this year and many are wondering whether Level-5 can replicate the success the game has had in Japan in the west. We won’t know for sure until the game launches, but it seems as though there’s plenty of awesome merchandise just waiting to be released this holiday season. IGN went hands on with the game and have been discussing whether Yo-Kai Watch will be the next big thing in video games. Don’t forget there’s a demo coming to the United States on October 22nd!

Yo-Kai Watch Is Getting A Demo

While Yo-Kai Watch has been able to take over Japanese markets, there is still some uncertainty in the West regarding whether the series will stick. In order ease the minds of anxious consumers and tempt gamers to pre-order, it seems Nintendo is planning a Yo-Kai Watch demo. According to the Australian Classification Board, Nintendo of Australia has filed an application for “YO-KAI WATCH DEMO” on Nintendo 3DS. There has been no official announcement regarding the demo or its availability in America or Europe, but Nintendo’s recent marketing push for Yo-Kai Watch suggests that they would not miss that opportunity. Yo-Kai Watch is set to release in America on November 6, 2015 and in Europe in 2016.

Yo-Kai Classification Demo

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Level 5 Deciding On Yo-Kai Watch 2 Release

Japanese hit Yo-Kai Watch is finally arriving stateside next month on the Nintendo 3DS and the company is currently thinking of how they’re going to bring across the sequel. For those of you in the know, there’s actually three versions of the sequel. Level 5 chief operating officer Yukari Hayakawa has said that the company still hasn’t made a decision about how they are going to bring it across and are deciding whether it will be a single version or all three. I suspect it all depends on how well the original performs when it hits store shelves on November 6th.

“One is called Ganzo, Honke, and Shinuchi so there’s actually three titles and we are still kind of, we haven’t made the decision on which one to release in the U.S., whether it’s all three or just one, whether it’s all physical or digital.”


Level 5 Is Developing Five Yo-kai Watch Games Between Now And Summer 2016

Level 5 is taking it to the next level, developing five Yo-kai Watch games before summer 2016 (take that, Pokemon). Yo-kai Watch is, of course, the latest and greatest monster-battle trend blooming in Japan. The news comes from Level 5 today, announcing Yo-kai Watch 3’s Japanese release window being summer 2016. Yo-kai Watch 3 will be the first in the series to take place in the United States, in the fictional town of St. Peanutsburg.

However, before this release Level 5 is certainly busy. Coming this Saturday in Japan, Yo-kai Watch Busters, a multiplayer game coming in two versions (thing any Pokemon game or Fire Emblem Fates) will be released. Meanwhile, in collaboration with Koei Tecmo, Level 5 is helping to produce Yo-kai Watch: Three Kingdoms — presumably a strategy RPG spin-off. Last but not least, Level 5 is taking a very active hand in developing and localizing the original Yo-kai Watch for the West, which will be making its way this fall. Are you excited for the Yo-kai avalanche? Is Level 5 stretching themselves too thin?

Level 5 CEO Explains Why Fantasy Life 2 Is Skipping Nintendo 3DS And Is Mobile Only

We were all a little taken aback during the Level-5 Vision 2015 event on Tuesday when it was announced that Fantasy Life 2 would be skipping the Nintendo 3DS and would be for mobile platforms only. Considering the first game launched exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS we thought it was a given that the sequel would arrive on the platform. This clearly isn’t the case. Here’s what Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino had to say regarding the decision to bring it to mobile platforms.

“I’d say Fantasy Life has elements and mechanisms which adults find soothing. Although children play games on dedicated game systems, recently many adults have been playing on smartphones.”

“The supported hardware for this game was decided based on thinking of an environment where more adults play.”