Super Smash Bros Pic Of The Day Series Comes To A Close

Pic of the day for Super Smash Bros. has officially come to a close. The Miiverse series, which was carried out by Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai, concluded toward the end of last week to coincide with the Japanese launch of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Pic of the day saw a total of 384 posts from Sakurai on Miiverse, and about 500 screenshots from the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. have been posted. Now that Sakurai no longer has to worry about pic of the day, he says he will focus on creating Mewtwo as a playable character.

“The origins of pic of the day was sharing one picture a day of the game in development inside the company,” Sakurai said on Miiverse. “It started out just as a small bonus for the staff.

“However, once we started sharing pictures with the public, it was a much tougher process. We had to be more careful to choose appropriate pictures to post while keeping a consistant schedule regardless of how busy we got, all while some people only wanted new information from my posts.

“It’s nice to finally be able to get one weight off of my shoulders. But, we promised to create Mewtwo as a playable character, so I can’t relax too much yet. I hope you’ll look forward to Mewtwo joining the battle!”

Masahiro Sakurai Acknowledges European Launch Of Smash Bros Wii U

wrecking_crew_stage_super_smash_bros_for_wii_uIn his latest Miiverse post, Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai acknowledges the European launch of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which is now available in the region in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Sakurai also talks about the Wii U-exclusive Wrecking Crew stage, where walls are destroyed when bombs explode. Additionally, when there are only two panels or less holding up a floor, the floor will crash down, making the stage change constantly. Sakurai warns that you might get stuck inside a metal barrel that falls from above, after which other players can attack you until you get yourself out.

Sakurai Says Master Bosses Will Be Tougher In Two-Player Classic Mode In Latest Smash Bros Screenshot

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai is still working hard behind-the-scenes in order to bring fans daily screenshots on Miiverse. Today, the franchise’s creator shares a new Wii U screenshot detailing Classic Mode with two players. When battling Master-type opponents, players fighting alongside their friend in co-op mode may find battles are still as difficult. Given it’s two against one, it’s only fair that Master bosses would be granted a power-up. You’ll see Master Boss pictured below, with Link and Zelda poised to fight this eerie creature.

The director also continued to share details on the Wii U version-exclusive Master Fortress in single-player mode. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse, along with the screenshots. Super Smash Bros on Wii U is due to release November 21 for North America, and November 28 for Europe.


“Playing Classic mode with two players means you can battle the Master-type opponents together…but your opponents will also be powered up. The foe in this picture is Master Beast.”



“The Wii U version-exclusive Master Fortress is only available in single-player mode. You’ll need to attack its heartlike cores.”

Masahiro Sakurai Explains Super Smash Bros For Wii U And 3DS Subtitles

Masahiro Sakurai has explained why Nintendo assigned straightforward titles to the fourth installment of Super Smash Bros. According to the fighting game series’ director, the publisher’s primary purpose of selecting the subtitles “for Nintendo 3DS” and “for Wii U” was to avoid confusion among consumers. Although both are essentially the same game, each one contains exclusive features. For example, the new Smash Run mode can only be experienced through the 3DS version.

“This time the name of the system was used as a subtitle in order to avoid confusion among consumers,” Sakurai said. “However, for both systems ‘Smash Bros. for’ is included in the title, so isn’t that nice?”

3DS Hardware Limitations Meant Sheik And Zelda Were Developed As Separate Characters

zelda_sheik_smash_brosSuper Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has given fans an explanation as to why Zelda and Sheik, as well as Samus and Zero Suit Samus are separate characters rather than alt-characters as seen in previous versions of the franchise. According to new translations from Sakurai’s Famitsu column, hardware limitations on the 3DS meant the team needed to develop those aforementioned characters entirely separate.

“It’s basically due to the 3DS’ limitations. It was impossible to have both characters exist together [as one] on 3DS. However, reaching that limit can sometimes lead in good directions. Transforming characters had the drawback of ambiguous tactics and such, and I believe that they have become more fresh now.”

Alongside such limitations, Sakurai also explained those same limitations were the reason behind a development dismissal of support for the Circle Pad Pro. Unfortunately, due to the 5 per cent CPU processing load the peripheral device demands, the team was unable to utilise the additional control on the 3DS without hindering gameplay. Do you agree that the alt-characters will bring new tactics to the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sakurai Teases Smash Bros Demo For Western Audiences, Plus Demo Footage

A Super Smash Bros. demo for the Nintendo 3DS hit the Japanese eShop earlier today, but the game’s director has since teased fans that the demo may yet come to the west. In his daily Miiverse post, Masahiro Sakurai shared details on the upcoming brawler’s demo, including the fixed rules on the Battlefield stage.

Further down his post, the director mentions that those “outside of Japan” should “stay tuned for more news about the demo”. Given the October 3 release date for Europe and North America, there’s still plenty of time to squeeze in a demo for fans. Plus, if you wish to view the demo in all its glory, you can check out Tilmen from Nintendomination’s footage in the video embedded above. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

Users in Japan, you can now download the demo for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS! You can pick among 5 fighters with which to play. The stage is Battlefield, and the rules are fixed. There will be a few items and assist trophies available too. You can battle via local wireless, so have fun battling with your friends. For users outside of Japan, stay tuned for more news about the demo for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.


The only mode available on the demo version is Smash, but I also left open a feature called Tips. Just remember to tap that button. You’ll figure the rest out once you do.

Sakurai Teases Meta Knight’s Return With A Mii Fighter Outfit In New Smash Bros Screenshot

The eponymous trickster Masahiro Sakurai has been teasing fans once more in a new Super Smash Bros. screenshot. This time, the director has taken to Miiverse to show off some rather fetching outfits for the Mii warriors. As you can see from the image above, a Samus outfit is joined by a Meta Knight costume, hailing from the Kirby universe.

Many fans have speculated that this gentle tease from Sakurai could hint at the veteran fighter’s inclusion in the character roster. But with the 3DS version releasing October 3, time is steadily slipping away. Is there still room for Meta Knight in the huge character roster? We’d certainly assume so, but let us know if you think Sakurai’s placed a hefty hint with the screenshot in the comments below. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

“Pic of the day. ‘Hello! I’m Samus, the intergalactic bounty hunter!’ ‘And I am Meta Knight, joining the battle!!'”