The Gold Mega Man Amiibo Won’t Be Coming To Europe

Capcom, whilst replying to a fan on Twitter, has confirmed that the recently announced Gold Mega Man amiibo won’t be coming to Europe.

The amiibo will have the same functionality as the previous Mega Man amiibo, so Europe won’t miss out on additional content, however, I’m sure amiibo collectors won’t be too pleased about the news.

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Mega Man Legacy Collection Is eShop-only In Europe And Pricing Confirmed

Those of you hoping for a retail release of Mega Man Legacy Collection in Europe will come away disappointed as Capcom has officially confirmed today that it is a Nintendo 3DS digital only title. If you are interested in the collection of classic titles then they will set you back €14.99/£13.49 on the Nintendo eShop. This is a lot cheaper than a retail release for the game would have been. You can check out the North America pack shots, below.

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Mega Man May Star In His Own Movie

It looks like Mega Man may be heading to the big screen after a go-ahead from 20th Century Fox, according to Tracking Board. They will be partnering up with Chernin Entertainment to create a fan film based on the franchise that originally began in 1987.

Of course it’s still early days so details are minimal and there’s still a chance it could fall through, however, with Mega Man’s fan base there certainly shouldn’t be any problems in gaining appeal for an upcoming film based on him. We will keep you updated with any further details that come to light in the coming months – and let’s hope we see a Mega Man film in the near future!


Inafune: Mighty No. 9 Is My Child And Mega Man Is My Foster Child

Mighty No.9 developer Keiji Inafune is best known for creating the Mega Man franchise and has seen plenty of success with the series. But it’s the Mighty No.9 franchise that Inafune describes as his child as its his own personal pet project away from interference from Capcom. He goes on to describe Mega Man as his much-loved foster child.

“One difference between Mighty No. 9 and other games, Rockman, for example, is they’re both my children. But if you’re making it in a company, it’s kind of a foster child. You want to raise it in a certain way, but you’re going to have interference from other people, from the true parent, which is the company. It’s complicated. Mighty No. 9 is my child. I can raise it any way I want. I don’t have any restrictions. So it feels different.”

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Mega Man Replica Helmet Available For Preorder


If you have dreamed of having your own official Mega Man replica helmet then you are in luck. The helmet is available to pre-order on the Capcom store and if you want it, it will set you back $150. There’s a ton of interesting features adorning the helmet including working LED lights. You can either wear the helmet, display it in your home or office, or alternatively use it as a role play accessory. The Mega Man replica helmet ships this Christmas.

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You Can Buy An Official Capcom Mega Man Helmet… Soon

This is, hands down, the coolest piece of memorabilia that Capcom has pushed — possibly ever. Over at San Diego Comic Con and Capcom Unity (Capcom’s official blog), Capcom has been showcasing their first official Mega Man helmet. Made of high quality ABS plastic with a high polish finish, accurate proportions from the creators themselves and working LED lights, this helmet will undoubtedly earn you the geek cred you rightfully deserve. Along with the helmet, there will be a decorative box to display the headpiece. Most importantly, this will compliment last year’s official Mega Man Buster sold through Think Geek.


Here comes the good and bad news: this item isn’t limited to those attending SDCC — in fact, it will merely be displayed there with no means of obtaining it. However, there is a limited supply, so those wanting to get a piece of the Blue Bomber will have to keep a watchful eye on Capcom’s shop for pre-orders to open. Will you be grabbing this fantastic helmet?

Mega Man Legacy Collection Details Emerge Plus The Comic Book Series “On Hiatus”

One thing Mega Man fans can look forward to this year is the recently announced Mega Man Legacy Collection. The HD collection contains six legendary Mega Man adventures and is coming to a number of platforms this summer on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. The Nintendo 3DS version of the game isn’t expected to be released until the fall. Sadly there is no Wii U version, if you’re wondering why it’s missing from the list of platforms. Anyway, here’s all the details that have emerged so far about the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

  • Rapid fire is in and totally optional
  • No shoulder button weapon switching
  • Menus use Japanese artwork; U.S/EU packaging in the museum
  • Complete Works arranged music on menus, not in-game
  • All six games retain the one frame button lag from NES
  • Menu colors are based on the original Mega Man color coordinates from Capom’s old licensing manual
  • Replays limited to 100 individual replays
  • One save slot per game
  • Considering a hot key for save/load state
  • There’s a platinum trophy for PlayStation 4 (YAY!!!!!)
  • No Navi Mode (i.e in-game hints)
  • The intent of this collection is to present MM1-6 on modern consoles in the highest quality possible. *If* sales are good, they will consider collecting other Mega Man games.
  • No 3DS details until much later
  • They did not specify why the Wii U is being left out, just one of those “not right now” answers
  • The final issue of Mega Man will be #55. We are planning on making it a commemorative special, though we are still hammering out the details. The issues before will set the stage for some important moments connected to the game Mega Man 4.