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Bayonetta 2 Averages 91 On Metacritic

Reviews for Platinum Games latest title Bayonetta 2 have begun pouring onto online review aggregation site, Metacritic. The game has received an impressive Metascore of 91. IGN were particularly impressed with the game and gave it a stunning 9.5. The publication said that Bayonetta 2 builds on everything that made the original great, and delivers one of the best action games of the year.

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Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Averages 88 On Metacritic

Reviews for the long-awaited Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS have come rolling in on review aggregator, Metacritc. The game currently has a Metascore of 88 based on twenty-four reviews. Joystiq and Games Radar had the following to say about Nintendo’s latest brawler.

“While there are definite areas where Nintendo could improve on Super Smash Bros. in an inevitable sequel, this is the most feature-complete, compelling Super Smash Bros. entry to date”

- Joystiq

“A highly polished iteration of Smash Bros. that plays great on its own. But when you’re afflicted by latency problems in local multiplayer, you’ll suddenly become painfully aware of the 3DS version’s critical shortcomings.”

- Games Radar

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Hyrule Warriors Averages 74 On Metacritic

Reviews for Hyrule Warriors have poured onto popular review site, Metacritic. The Zelda and Dynasty Warriors fusion is currently sitting on a 74 on the review aggregation site. Video gaming site Polygon gave the game a 5.5 stating that “Team Ninja and Omega Force have forced Zelda’s universe into the confines of a beat-em-up, but much of the charm and appeal was strained out in the process.” However, Eurogamer give the game an 8 stating that “The marriage of Zelda and Musou is an unexpected success, then – a game that recounts the Zelda myth not just in a new way, but in a whole new language.”


Mario Kart 8 Scores 89 On Metacritic

The reviews for Nintendo’s long-awaited Mario Kart 8 have already come pouring in. Mario’s latest karting adventure has received an average review score of 89 on Metacritic, based on 34 reviews. Now Gamer says that Mario Kart 8 does everything that fans would be clamouring for from a sequel, and it is very well designed. But it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. However, Polygon loved the game and said that Mario Kart 8 kept them smiling even when they lost.


Kirby: Triple Deluxe Scores 79 On Metacritic

Reviews have begun to appear for the pink puffball’s latest adventure on the Nintendo 3DS, Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Currently, the title’s aggregated score on Metacritic arrives at a solid 79. Many of the reviews serve up a mixed bag score for Kirby, varying between IGN’s 6 out of 10 to Game Informer’s 8.5 out of 10.

Many publications note its easy difficulty level, while saying the game can be enjoyed by all ages. Eurogamer says that Kirby’s platform levels are incredibly varied and are visually interesting, with a vivid colour palette. Kirby: Triple Deluxe will arrive in North America on May 2, while European fans can pick up the title on May 16.


Mario Golf World Tour Scores 77 On Metacritic

Reviews for the forthcoming Mario Golf: World Tour have come streaming in and the average review score for Mario’s latest golfing adventure on Metacritic is a respectable 77. At the time of writing there’s been 20 reviews with IGN Italia stating that Mario Golf: World Tour is a great golf game that gets even better with its online modes. It’s very good looking and extremely fun to play. A demo for Mario Golf: World Tour is available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


Yoshi’s New Island Sits At 62 On Metacritic

The reviews for Yoshi’s New Island have begun to come in. The game has already amassed 23 critic reviews and has averaged a mediocre 62% on Metacritic. A number of highly regarded publications have given the game a low score with online gaming publication Eurogamer only awarding Yoshi’s latest adventure, four out of ten.

It might look a little like Yoshi’s Island, then, but it’s a worse game in every regard. 19 years on from the original, its design has been denuded of almost everything that made it great: a series once fecund with ideas is now coasting on past glories. Yoshi, one of Nintendo’s most selfless heroes, deserves far better – and may get it later this year, if Good-Feel can spin yarn into gold on Wii U. But on a console that has recently hosted more than one unlikely comeback, Yoshi’s New Island is the slightest return so far. If it were a toy, you’d make sure you kept the receipt