Zelda Twilight Princess HD Supports Miiverse Stamps

A recent image of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD suggests that the GameCube remake will support Miiverse Stamps. Nintendo has yet to confirm this, but as you can see from the screenshot taken from the latest edition of Famitsu it is abundantly clear that there’s a Miiverse Stamp icon on the inventory screen of the game. It should also be noted that listings for the collector’s edition guide have also teased Miiverse functionality.



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Nintendo Reveals Favourite Games On Miiverse For 2015

Nintendo has revealed the most popular games on Miiverse during 2015 and the results aren’t too surprising. The most popular Wii U title was the super-fun Splatoon followed by Super Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles X. The most popular Nintendo 3DS title on Miiverse was The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D followed by The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. What do you make of the choices?

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You Can Now Set A Title For Discussions In Miiverse

Miiverse has seen some radical and not so radical changes since it launched. The latest update to Nintendo’s social network allows users to set a title in Miiverse discussions which kind of makes it more similar to traditional forums we are all used to. Erika from Miiverse says that a new box has been added to the various discussions to allow for a title to be added. This will “make it quicker and easier for other users to find your post. By browsing through these titles, you can also come across Discussions created by other users that you might find interesting!”

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Vote For Your Favourite 3DS Game Of 2015 For A Chance To Win eShop Voucher

Nintendo of America is running a Fan Faves Sweepstakes competition which could get you in with a chance to be one of 30 people to win a $15 eShop voucher.

All you need to do is tell Nintendo via Miiverse which titles you think were the best Nintendo 3DS games of 2015, and include a reason why. Here’s how to enter:

“1) Access Miiverse 2015 Fan Faves Nintendo 3DS community
2) During the Sweepstakes Period, make a post to the Miiverse 2015 Fan Faves Nintendo 3DS community containing a brief description of your top 2015 Nintendo 3DS game. Please format your entry as follows:
(a) include the following hashtag at the beginning of your post: #NintendoSweepstakes
(b) include “##” at the beginning and ending of your post (e.g. ##the best Nintendo 3DS game for 2015 is ____________ ##)
(c) include brackets at the beginning and end of your explanation (e.g. [the reason I chose ____________ is ____________])”

This competition is only eligible for US residents, aged 13 and over.

Good luck!

Miiverse Website Gets A New Look

We know that Miiverse was redesigned this summer on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, but the web version has remained unchanged. Well, that all changed today as the web version has had a lovely redesign to make it more appealing to consumers and bring about some updated features. You can check out the new look Miiverse website, right here.

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Miiverse Gets A New Update

As I’m sure most of you are aware Miiverse recently got a visual refresh along with new additional features. Today, Tom from Nintendo has detailed some small and refined changes to the service which include being able to share screenshots saved to Screenshot Album in the Drawings section. There’s also the option to filter Open Discussions in the New Discussions area. Here’s what he had to say.

Hope you’re enjoying summer Miiverse! It’s Tom at Nintendo. I’m here to bring you a quick Miiverse update. [Wii U, Nintendo 3DS/2DS versions] Until recently, screenshots saved to Screenshot Album could only be posted to Play Journal. Now, you have the option to post them in Drawings. To post from Screenshot Album, simply click on a screenshot and select the option to post in Play Journal or Drawings. [Wii U, Nintendo 3DS/2DS and web versions] In New Discussions, you can now filter Open Discussions. Click this option in the Filter tool to see Discussions that are still open. That’s all for now, thanks!

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Miiverse Gets Its Controversial Redesign Today


Notice something different about Miiverse today? That’s because the free family-friendly service that lets players communicate with other Nintendo players around the world just got a redesign. The makeover is not only visual – the update comes with new features that make sharing tips, drawings and comments about Wii U or Nintendo 3DS games more enjoyable than ever.

The new features included in the redesign include the following:

  • Screen Shot Album – Saving and organizing screen shots that people take in games are made easier with the new Screen Shot Album. The private album can only be viewed by the player and can hold up to 100 screen shots from a variety of games. The images can even be neatly sorted by game name for easy searching.
  • Play Journal – With the Play Journal, players can record their unique game experiences by writing journal entries about games as they play them. Creating a journal entry is as easy as opening Miiverse while playing a compatible game, and each entry will include a screen shot that shows exactly what was happening in the game when the player pressed the HOME button. The new Play Journal feature replaces the ability for users to post directly to their own activity feeds.
  • New Look – In the main community for each Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game, posts will be categorized in three easy-to-browse sections:
    • Play Journal Entries – All Play Journal entries from players about a specific game will be located here. By viewing the displayed screen shots, players can quickly find other players who are in the same section of the game, making it easy to find relevant tips, comments and experiences.
    • Drawings – Miiverse is full of incredible drawings from fans. This community section will display artwork other players have created about the game, in order of popularity.
    • Discussions – If players want to ask questions or start conversations about a game, this is the perfect place to do it. The inclusion of tags in these discussions makes it easier for players to find what they are looking for.

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