Nintendo Wii: Monster Hunter Graphics Are Putting Pressure On New Zelda

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has commended Capcom for its lavish graphical style on Monster Hunter 3.

Iwata claims that Monster Hunter Tri has put an immense amount of pressure on the Zelda team to create a new Zelda title that looks equally as good, or better, utilizing the Wii’s graphical capability’s.

“Nintendo’s staff have been galvanised by Capcom. I can tell they feel like you did what they hadn’t yet,” he said to Tri’s director, Kaname Fujioka, and producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto.

“Looking at the graphics objectively, I feel like the game’s visuals are one of the representative examples of what can ultimately be done with Wii. I think it has placed the Zelda team under a considerable amount of pressure,” he added, speaking in the latest edition of the Iwata Asks interview series.

“What did you think when you first tried out Wii? For example, I imagine the first thing you thought with regard to visuals was that you might not be able to do much,” Iwata asked.

“Yes. To be honest,” Fujioka responded. “Graphics aren’t really Wii’s best point…” Nevertheless, the game makers stressed the importance of visuals, and said that it was always Capcom’s aim to make the title stand out.

“I think good graphics are an incredibly attractive aspect of games,” Fujioka said. “Even before people play a game, they are aware of its general appearance.”

Tsujimoto added: “The first project planning document that we wrote said, ‘Let’s make the best graphics ever seen on the Wii console.’”


Nintendo: Nintendo Media Summit Reveals A Host Of Integral Release Dates And Trailers

Nintendo have just held their Media Summit in North America and have revealed a whole host of release dates.

This summer is set to be jam packed with Nintendo goodness as the company have revealed that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will launch May 23rd and Metroid: Other M will launch the following month, June 27th.

Key North American release dates for first half of 2010:


March 14th – Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

March 28th – Nintendo DSi XL – $189.99

March 28th -Wario Ware D.I.Y.

May 3rd – Picross 3D


March 1st – Mega Man 10

March 22nd – Cave Story


April 20th – Monster Hunter 3

May 18th – Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

May 23rd – Super Mario Galaxy 2

June 7th – Sin and Punishment 2

June 27th – Metroid: Other M

– Nintendo of America

Nintendo have also stated that they’re releasing new footage of the games previewed at the event later today.

New Trailers:

New: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer

New: Sin And Punishment: Star Successor Trailer

New: Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Trailer


Nintendo Wii: Monster Hunter 3 And Classic Controller Pro For April

Capcom has just announced that its highly anticipated Monster Hunter 3 is coming bundled with the Classic Controller Pro this April in the United States.

The standalone game will cost you US$ 49.99, while the bundle will come at US$ 59.99. Only the black controller will be bundled with the game, but both black and white variations will be sold separately for US$ 19.99.


Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Will Distribute Monster Hunter 3

It’s been revealed that Nintendo themselves are set to distribute the eagerly awaited Monster Hunter Tri in the West. The critically acclaimed game is due for a Western release, April 2010.

“Nintendo has identified Monster Hunter Tri as a key title for the Wii platform in 2010,” said Michael Pattison, Senior Director Marketing, for Capcom Europe. “We are really excited about partnering with Nintendo to further develop this franchise.”

– Michael Pattison, Senior Director Marketing, for Capcom Europe.



Nintendo Wii: Monster Surprise Coming From Capcom On Monday


Capcom are promising a “monster surprise” for gamers this coming Monday.

Monday will see Capcom revealing what it describes as a “monster surpriseon their European forums and the Capcom Unity blog. Obvious indications lean towards a surprise announcement regarding the highly anticipated Monster Hunter 3 heading to the West. We will certainly have to wait and see…


Nintendo Wii: Capcom Teams Up With Nintendo


Capcom have announced that they’re teaming up with Nintendo to promote the immensely popular Monster Hunter 3 overseas.

According to Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun financial newspaper Capcom will be doubling its strength by teaming up with Nintendo to promote Monster Hunter 3. The developer, which sold over 500,000 units of the game in its first two days, will be making use of Nintendo’s expertise in promoting the Pokemon franchise to help further increase sales.


Nintendo Wii: Monster Hunter 3 Quadruples Nintendo Wii Sales


Capcom’s recently released Monster Hunter 3 has quadrupled Nintendo Wii sales throughout Japan.

The critically acclaimed Monster Hunter 3 has shifted a monstrous amount of Wii units in Japan. Sales for the Nintendo Wii were 95,357, up from about 24,000 units the week prior. Looks as though Nintendo are thoroughly reaping the benefits of the franchise appearing on their console.