n-Space No Longer Developing For Nintendo


n-Space, a developer whose games have been published by both Activision and Disney on Nintendo systems, says that they are no longer developing for Nintendo systems due to a “low demand” for publishing on Nintendo systems. n-Space produced several popular titles for the Nintendo DS system, including Goldeneye and five Call of Duty games. On the 3DS, they are responsible for Skylanders: Giants as well as Heroes of Ruin, a title published by Square Enix that did not sell as expected. n-Space, who once had a very close relationship with Nintendo, hopes that they will once again see games greenlighted for Nintendo consoles, but for the time being, they are not working on any projects. Dan O’Leary of n-Space had the following to say:

“It’s kind of a sad thing to say, because for a long time n-Space has been known as a Nintendo-friendly developer. We certainly have loved all our time working with them.

“We think their hardware’s great. We think more often than not they have the right mindset in the difficult game world we live in. There’s just very low demand right now for their work through the publisher side. Which is ironic, I think that’ll probably swing back.

“The news was just talking about how Nintendo was beating everybody with hardware sales. The DS and 3DS sales curves have been slower than publishers would have liked. That may change, but I can tell you right now we’re not working on anything.”


Activision Announces Skylanders SWAP Force

Publisher Activision has revealed the next entry in the popular Skylanders series, also known as the sequel to Skylanders Giants, which was released in Fall 2012. Skylanders SWAP Force features new characters, 250 new character combinations, and it is scheduled to launch in the Fall on multiple video game platforms. The HD versions – for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U – are being developed by Vicarious Visions, whereas developer Beenox is working on the Wii version, and n-Space is developing the Nintendo 3DS version.

Heroes Of Ruin Sales Were Very Disappointing

N-Space studio co-founder, Dan O’Leary, has admitted that sales for Heroes of Ruin for the Nintendo 3DS were nothing short of disappointing. O’Leary said that there’s very little chance that we will ever see a sequel to the game, which received an average Metacritic score of 69%. Here’s what he had to say about the game, and the Nintendo 3DS.

“We’re not satisfied with the sales. The 3DS attach rate is… challenging at best and it seems that, for all its promise, Heroes of Ruin did not appeal to enough of the installed base.”

“I am super pleased with what we made and would love to return to the genre one day, but I fear that Heroes did not have enough commercial impact to justify a sequel.”


RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D Review

Developed by n-Space and published by Atari, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D is out now in North America and releases October 26th in Europe and Australia.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D is the first portable game in the RollerCoaster Tycoon series. There are three modes in the game, which include Coaster Story, Coaster Creator and Park Sandbox.

Coaster Story is the “story mode.” In it, you must complete a sequence of challenges, starting from the most basic tasks (that teach you the game’s fundamentals) to more difficult ones. All the challenges are related to running a successful park. Throughout most challenges, you need be aware of your budget and the time. Many challenges dragged; in order to payoff a loan, for example, I annoyingly waited in a park for a long time just to make money via the facilities I scattered around the park.

At the start of Coaster Story, you select either a girl or boy to represent you. Regardless of which sex you choose, the dialogue remains the same throughout the game; the boy and girl have the same exact speech – word for word.

Coaster Creator allows you to build a rollercoaster with no cash limitations, save it, and then bring it into a park in Park Sandbox or Coaster Story. You can also share your creation with other Nintendo 3DS players via StreetPass. Unfortunately, the game does not feature SpotPass, which means you can’t show-off your creations online.

You need an SD Card to save progress in Park Sandbox, in which you can freely build a theme park without having to worry about a budget or the time. You can only create one park per SD Card, and you cannot share your theme park with others. If you want to make a new theme park, you’ll have to obliterate your existing one.

The controls have you using the Nintendo 3DS’ physical buttons, Circle Pad and touchscreen. You use the Circle Pad to move a cursor, the Control Pad to zoom and rotate the camera, and the touchscreen to construct your park. The controls were very frustrating at first, but felt fine once I completed the basic challenges in Coaster Story.

The game’s music and soundeffects are charming at first, but get quickly repetitive. In parks, you hear the same amount of annoying chatter throughout, regardless of how many (or how few) peeps are in your park.

The game’s visuals could have been better; some could easily mistaken it for a Nintendo DS game – minus the mediocre 3D effect. The peeps in your park walk around aimlessly and disappear right in front of your eyes when you move the cursor a tad bit away. Oftentimes, rides appear to function without riders.

If you’re a fan of the series, you may be disappointed with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D. Newcomers can be introduced to RollerCoaster Tycoon by this title, but they’ll most likely think it’s dull and will not understand the popularity that surrounded previous games in the long-running series.


N-Space Says Winter For Wii Still On The To Do List

N-Space has revealed in a recent interview that their survival horror title Winter hasn’t been completely forgotten by the development studio. N-Space says they still believe that there is market out there for survival horror titles which have an emphasis on survival.

“Frankly, I don’t think the office has ever stopped rumbling about Winter. There’s an intense amount of love among the team for the game. And the more we’ve seen the survival horror genre switch its focus from surviving to reloading, the more we feel the market is hungry for a game like Winter,” the developer said.

“So what’s the bottom line? The bad news is that we haven’t yet found the right opportunity. The good news is that Winter is just like any good horror movie monster. It’s not dead.”

N-Space Teases New Announcement

Heroes of Ruin developer n-Space promises that it has a new announcement in the wings which will be shared with everyone on Facebook. The development team wouldn’t give any hints regarding what the announcement could be, but seeing as Heroes of Ruin is now available in stores, it could well be a new game.

“Just keep your eyes on the official n-Space Facebook page and you’re sure to see a surprise sooner rather than later.”

Heroes Of Ruin Launch Trailer

Heroes of Ruin for Nintendo 3DS released today in Europe. The game, developed by n-Space and published by Square Enix, will feature daily challenges that can be downloaded to it via SpotPass. Throughout the game, you can connect with up to four players from around the world and fight alongside each other. Heroes of Ruin will be released in North America on July 17th.