NES Designer Talks About The Birth Of Nintendo’s First Famicom

In an interview with USGamer, Masayuki Uemura, the man who designed the NES console, talks about the birth of the console and the challenges faced at launch. The console was first released in Japan on July 15th 1985, so has celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

In the article, Uemura talks about the NES development and the challenges you face when developing a console:

“To tell you the truth, development is a bit boring, actually, because if the thing that you’re making doesn’t sell well, you’re in trouble… and if it sells too well, you’re also in trouble.” He chuckled. “You’ll get praise if you create something that sells really well, but it’s never going to please 100 percent of the people, and all those claims or complaints that people have end up coming back to the developer at some point.”

He also talks about the consoles controller design:

“There were, as you can probably imagine, a lot of difficulties we faced in doing things for the first time in building this hardware, but one of the most difficult was, ‘What shape and layout will the controller have?’ This has a touch of coincidence about it, too, but some of those people who had gone to work with Gunpei Yokoi’s team eventually found their way back to our team. So one of the ideas that came up because of that was, ‘Well, we’ve got this Game & Watch multi-screen Donkey Kong that uses the controller format of a plus control pad and buttons.’ So we hooked that up and got it working.”

“At the time, we were prototyping various ideas for the Famicom hardware, as well as controllers. When we took this idea that had been used for controls with the Donkey Kong Game & Watch and got it working on the Famicom prototype with that same style of controls, we immediately knew, ‘OK, this feels right; there’s something good about this.’ That means that there are actually a few people who can claim that they invented the controller for the Famicom!”

There’s much more to this interesting article with Masayuki Uemura on all things NES, you can check out the full feature here.

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GameTrailers Top 10 NES Games Part 2

Popular video site GameTrailers have put together their list of definitive games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You will be familiar with a number of the titles included in the list and if you haven’t already played them then now’s the perfect time to catch up. The top five is certainly very solid. You can catch the first part of the series, here.

10. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
9. Ninja Gaiden
8. Mega Man 3
7. River City Ransom
6. Castlevania
5. Dragon Warrior IV
4. Super Mario Bros.
3. Mega Man 2
2. The Legend of Zelda
1. Super Mario Bros. 3

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Here’s A 30 Minute Documentary On The Power Glove

Interested in the history of the Power Glove? Well you may find this video by YouTuber the Gaming Historian rather interesting. For those not in the know the Power Glove was a controller accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System and was released back in 1989. The device was actually developed by Mattel and was licensed by Nintendo and not created by them as some people believe. Anyway, be sure to check out the video if it piques your interest.

Check Out This ‘Teens React Gaming’ Video With Contra (NES)

The REACT guys have posted a video of ‘Teens React Gaming’, specifically retro gaming, and the game they have to team up to play is Contra from the Nintendo Entertainment System. These group of teens are teamed up to play through the game, and we get to watch their reactions. Take a look at the funny video above, watching teens trying to navigate the game. It’s bizarre how much games have changed in such a short amount of time!

Pirate Bay Co-founder Can’t Play The Nintendo Entertainment System In Prison

News has emerged that Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij has been denied access to glorious 8-bit video games in prison. Neij requested a NES to keep him occupied while he serves his time, but authorities have denied him this privilege. Apparently the authorities say that they can’t decide whether or not the console has anything illicit hidden inside it and they can’t be bothered to purchase a screwdriver to open up the sealed system to see what is inside.

“The console is sealed in such a way that it can not be opened without the machine being destroyed,” Swedish probation authorities wrote in their final decision. “In light of this, not the institution implementing the necessary control of the game console and it is therefore impossible to ensure that this does not contain prohibited items.”

“That the institution lacks a screwdriver [to open the console] which costs 100 kroner can not be considered reasonable,” Neij wrote

“One has to wonder how many other victims there are when all video-game units of the brand Nintendo have the same screwdriver,”

Nintendo Reacquires NES Controller Design Trademark

In some surprising news, Nintendo has grabbed the trademark for the NES controller design. Who knows why they’ve reacquired it after all this time, but there’s got to be some method behind the madness. It’s mainly the the B, A, Select, Start button layout that they wanted to acquire. Whether they will use this in their next project the NX remains to be seen. We shall keep you posted.

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Netflix Managed To Get ‘House of Cards’ Running On A NES

Netflix has achieved the impossible and have got the service up and running on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The idea came about during the Netflix “hack day” where the developers are given free reign to do what they like with the streaming service. The company managed to get a slightly pixelated version of the popular House of Cards, which you can view in the video above.