Here’s Some New Fire Emblem For Nintendo 3DS Details

We have finally got some juicy new details for the forthcoming Fire Emblem title for the Nintendo 3DS. We have yet to find out when it will be coming over here to the west, but hopefully all will be revealed during E3 in June. Anyway, here’s the latest dose of information taken from Japanese publication 4Gamer

  • Hoshido has a world map.
  • Nohr has more complex maps. Besides the usual “defeat all of the enemies”/”defeat the general” maps, there will also be suppression, breakthroughs, defending bases, turn restrictions, amongst others. There are lots of map gimmicks. (We’ve already seen dragon’s vein.)
  • Both versions of the game contain the same characters. You’ll be shown different aspects of their personalities in accordance to the route you select.
  • The downloadable version does not contain both sides. It does not lock the other route when you select one. You pay to receive everything up until chapter five, and once you make a decision, you will have to download everything from chapters six, onward, for the respectful route. The second download is free because you have already paid. If you want to try the alternative version, you have to buy DLC in the same way those with physical copies will.
  • You can also save directly to your 3DS system (versus the cartridge).
  • If you decide to buy the DLC, you can load your chapter 5 data and continue from that
  • instead of starting from the beginning. Of course, you can restart if you’d like to.
  • You’ll be able to experience an entire story by only playing one route. The other is a completely different story.
  • The third path is in the middle of Hoshido and Nohr in terms of difficulty. People who began with Hoshido should still be able to complete the third path.
  • You’ll be able to lower the difficulty in the middle of the game if you find Nohr too hard.
  • You’ll still be able to connect with people who play the alternative version. (Probably means you can streetpass someone with Nohr despite playing Hoshido, and vice versa.)
  • There will be various perks for connecting with other players.

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Zen Studios Says It Has Wii U News On The Way, Says It’s A Difficult Platform To Support Technically

Zen Studios forum administrator CrackerVizzo says that the company have some big Wii U news to share in the near future. CrackerVizzo says that while the platform is a difficult one to support from a technical standpoint, they are fully committed to developing for the console. Here’s what he had to say.

“Actually, we will have some very big Wii U news very soon. This is a difficult platform to support from a technology standpoint. Simple patches are not simple. New content additions are not easy due to the way the system is set up. We are committed to supporting Wii U. Again, please look for an announcement in the coming weeks. Thanks for supporting Zen Studios.”

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Mario Kart 8 News Coming Tomorrow From Nintendo World Store

The Nintendo World Store has tweeted that it has some exclusive Mario Kart 8 information to share with fans sometime tomorrow. The tweet says that the announcement will “flip your world upside down” so it should hopefully be interesting.

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Two Tribes Announces Its Closure, Will Reboot With Smaller Team

Two Tribes has announced its closure in the wake of poor sales from its recently released titles. In a blog post on the official website, the Toki Tori developer regretfully announced the departure of their game development and design staff and said that, although they were proud of their achievements as an indie developer, Toki Tori 2’s delay and its lack of sales led to the company’s downfall.

The indie company’s founders Martijn Reuvers and Collin van Ginkel will remain to handle parent company Two Tribes Publishing, which will continue to publish all previous games such as Toki Tori, Edge, and Rush, as well as any future games. Both Reuvers and Ginkel will reboot game development under a new daughter company with a smaller team, focusing on readily available technology.

“We’ve got a ton of hindsight to work with and we’re going to be applying the lessons we learned to the new Two Tribes. Behind the scenes things will change quite a bit. We’ve decided to move away from creating custom technology and focus on what’s readily available. As a result we’ll be working with a much smaller team on our next game, a 2D side scrolling shooter, which will be re-using the existing Toki Tori 2+ engine.

“Our focus will be on the design of our games, which we plan on making more of in less time than before.”

Turns Out Super Smash Bros Spring 2014 Release Date Was A Mistake

Nintendo Online is reporting that the supposed spring 2014 release date for Super Smash Bros, was as expected, a mistake. The publication says that no actual date has been set for game other than a vague 2014 release. However, it should be noted that Mario Kart 8 is still on track for a spring 2014 release. Hopefully we should hear more about Super Smash Bros early next year.

As we were told today, the statement about the spring release for Super Smash. Bros. was a mistake. Therefore no actual date has been set except for the year 2014. Mario Kart 8 will still be released in spring 2014.

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Luigi Actor Danny Wells Has Passed Away, Aged 72

danny_wells_luigiCanadian-born actor Danny Wells, who played Luigi in the live-action The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, has sadly passed away. Aged 72, the actor – whose real name was Jack Westelman – died last Thursday, November 28 in Toronto, Ontario, according to his obituary in The Montreal Gazette.

Best known, perhaps, as playing Charlie the Bartender in American sitcom The Jeffersons – which ran through the mid ’70s to ’80s – Danny Wells starred in numerous TV shows throughout his career. His stint as Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show opposite Lou Albano as Mario, however, is no doubt the one gamers will remember him by.

Japanese Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Kill Nintendo Execs And Bomb HQ

nintendo_kyoto_hqA 25-year-old Japanese man has been arrested on suspicion for targeting two Nintendo executives and threatening to take their lives. According to Sankei News, the man had allegedly sent death threats via Nintendo’s online inquiry form on his home computer, naming both executives – whose identities have remained anonymous – saying he was going to kill them “sooner or later”.

This morning, the man was arrested by Kyoto police and has since admitted to his actions. It has also been reported that the man allegedly wrote other death threats on the Nintendo site, which have now been tracked from the IP address on the suspect’s home computer. One of the threats stated:

I’d planted bombs at Nintendo headquarters, tomorrow afternoon they’re going to blow up, Nintendo go bankrupt.

Kyoto police are currently investigating other such incidents from September which could be connected.