Mario Sneaks Onto The Luigi-Themed Nintendo 3DS LL


The Luigi-themed Nintendo 3DS LL, which was revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct, launches in Japan alongside Mario & Luigi: Dream Team on July 18th. On the special edition Nintendo 3DS LL are multiple green silhouettes of Luigi, and his shorter brother, Mario, somehow made his way onto the back of the system. There’s no word on whether the new design will be released outside Japan, but let’s hope it does.

Japanese Club Nintendo Gets Five New Nintendo 3DS LL Charging Cradle Colors

nintendo_3ds_LL_charging_cradle_colorsNew, colorful rewards have appeared on Club Nintendo Japan. For 200 points, members of the loyalty program can choose from five new Nintendo 3DS LL Charging Cradle colors. As seen in the photo above, red, green, blue, white and yellow Nintendo 3DS LL Charging Cradles have been added to Club Nintendo Japan’s rewards catalog.

Japan Gets A Minty-Fresh Nintendo 3DS LL Color

Nintendo_3ds_LL_mintNintendo has revealed a new Nintendo 3DS LL color for Japan. The mint-colored Nintendo 3DS LL, shown in the picture above, will go on sale in Japan on April 18th. There’s no word yet on whether the new color will be released in the West. Later this month, on March 20th, Japan is getting two new Nintendo 3DS colors – Light Blue and Gloss Pink – both of which haven’t been confirmed for a Western release.

Animal Crossing And New Super Mario Bros. 2 Themed Nintendo 3DS XLs Revealed

Nintendo today revealed an Animal Crossing themed Nintendo 3DS XL, which includes the downloadable version of Animal Crossing: Jump Out and launches November 11th in Japan for 22,800 yen.

Nintendo also showcased the New Super Mario Bros. 2 themed Nintendo 3DS XL, which includes the full game on an SD card that’s packed with the system and releases November 15th in Japan for 22,800 yen.

Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow Edition Announced

Nintendo has revealed the Pikachu Yellow Nintendo 3DS XL. The system is announced for Japan, will cost ¥18,900, and will be available for pick-up on September 15th exclusively for those who pre-order it at a Pokemon Center from August 25th to September 14th.