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More Exclusive Titles Are Being Planned For New Nintendo 3DS System

Nintendo Japan has confirmed that the company has more titles in the works for the recently announced new Nintendo 3DS console. The first of these games is a Wii port of Xenoblade Chronicles, but more titles will follow. The new exclusives will take full advantage of the new CPU and visuals and will utilise the second circle pad. However, older Nintendo 3DS titles won’t get a visual boost.

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Custom Menu And Background Themes Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Europe has confirmed that you’ll be able to get custom themes for your Nintendo 3DS starting in October. The changes bring backgrounds, icons, folders, music and new sound effects. These will be available for the current Nintendo 3DS models. The new themes will be available via the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


Here’s A Look At Some Of The Fancy Covers For New Nintendo 3DS Model


With the introduction of the new Nintendo 3DS model you’ll now be able to change the covers to one of your liking. Judging from the images that Nintendo Japan has provided there will be plenty of different designs enabling you to customise the Nintendo 3DS as your own. Here’s just a sample of the designs.




Nintendo Japan Reveals New Nintendo 3DS Model And New Nintendo 3DS XL


During today’s Japan only Nintendo Direct the company revealed that they have two new models for the Nintendo 3DS. They include enhanced 3D viewing, a second circle pad, and better battery life. Here’s the details about the new and improved models.


  • Better 3D
  • Second stick
  • NFC built-in
  • Coloured buttons
  • More buttons
  • Better battery (up to 7h)
  • Now compatible with microSDCard
  • You can back up data on your PC via wireless.
  • Browser improved, now works with HTML5
  • CPU improved, makes browsing Miiverse / eShop much faster.
  • Can switch designs now (covers)

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Ubisoft Is Bringing Poptropica: Forgotten Islands To Nintendo 3DS

Today, Ubisoft announced that Poptropica: Forgotten Islands, the brand-new adventure based on the massively popular virtual world for kids, is coming to Nintendo 3DS system. The game hits the shelves on October 14, just in time for the holiday season.

Poptropica fans will embark on exciting quests in the ultimate on-the-go Poptropica 3D experience. In Poptropica: Forgotten Islands, players explore the vast, uncharted Island chains of Poptropica, discovering the secrets of their past one artifact at a time. They must uncover the truth to prevent a shadowy force from destroying the Forgotten Islands’ history forever.

On the adventure through the Islands, players will find items that unlock new areas, gameplay challenges and mini-games. They will encounter different types of challenges focused on literacy and building problem-solving skills, so kids learn while having fun! Players can also customize the look of their avatars with new clothes and accessories to create their own Poptropica style icon.

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Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow For Japan, Focussing On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Japan has confirmed that it will be holding a Nintendo Direct tomorrow which is focussed on Nintendo 3DS software. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe have yet to mention whether they will also be broadcasting a Nintendo Direct. Here’s the times for the Japanese Nintendo 3DS Direct.

  • Japan: 8PM
  • Europe: 1PM
  • UK: 12PM
  • USA (East Coast): 7AM
  • USA (West Coast): 4AM

Rumour: Nintendo Has Apparently Found The Smash Bros Leaker

YouTuber BalrogTheMaster claims that Nintendo has found the person who leaked the Super Smash Bros 3DS footage earlier today revealing unannounced characters and many other things. He claims that the leaker was an employee of Nintendo of America who was in the process of sending content to the ESRB for rating. Of course this isn’t confirmation, but if it’s true, then the Nintendo Ninjas caught him or her rather quickly.

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