Fossil Fighters Frontier Launching 29th May For Nintendo 3DS In Europe

Brave explorers – grab your excavation tools and prepare to head out into the wild world to dig up fossils, because on 29th May, Fossil Fighters Frontier is coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

In Fossil Fighters Frontier, play as a young Fossil Warden protecting precious Fossil Parks across the world from a cruel villain, Dr. Baron von Blackraven, who is intent on ruling the world using the power of Vivosaurs – extra powerful and extra colourful dinosaurs! Awaiting you in-game will be a huge 3D world with hidden riches to discover while travelling around in your customisable Bone Buggy vehicle. Track down precious fossils, excavate them, before watching them revive into Vivosaurs. You can then send these Vivosaurs – of which there are over 80 to discover in-game – into turn-based battles to take on your enemies.

To get a powerful line-up of Vivosaurs, excavate precious fossils in the wild using the touch screen of your Nintendo 3DS family system to carefully clean them – the better the excavation work, the stronger your transformed Vivosaur will be when it comes to battle. Fortunately for all explorers, however, various upgradeable tools like drills and hammers can be found in-game and used in the fun and intuitive excavation process. Selected dig sites might even present special challenges, which when completed allow you to get access to valuable and power-enhancing rare fossils.

Finding fossils and collecting revived Vivosaurs is only part of the fun, as you control these prehistoric creatures in epic battles! All Vivosaurs fall into one of five elemental categories – Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Neutral – and possess different attack moves and a special ability that will assist them in battle. There are many different types of battles in the game, including story-based battles that take place in the main campaign, daily tournaments accessed from the Fossil Stadium, or even StreetPass battles that let players train against other Vivosaurs they pick up while using the StreetPass feature.

Whether you prefer exploring with friends, or taking them on in battle, Fossil Fighters Frontier has several multiplayer options to further the prehistoric-themed fun. Using the game’s local multiplayer functionality, up to three friends who each own a Nintendo 3DS family system and the Fossil Fighters Frontier game can team up, take on enemy Vivosaurs side by side, or even visit dig sites. Each player travels in his or her own Bone Buggy and can work together to excavate extra-large fossils more effectively. In addition, the game offers functionality for local multiplayer battles with up to six players, or local team tournaments for up to three friends to battle side by side. For those with broadband Internet access, meanwhile, players can engage in one-on-one online battles, and fight to be top of monthly online leaderboards.

Uncover an exciting prehistoric adventure on 29th May when Fossil Fighters Frontier launches for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. With local and online multiplayer possibilities in addition to the single-player experience, dig up precious fossils, revive powerful Vivosaurs and explore a vast 3D world with hidden riches to discover!

Here’s The First 55 Minutes Of Pokemon Rumble World

Want to see what Pokemon Rumble World is like before laying down your cash on in-app purchases? Well Tilmen from Nintendomination has you covered on this one. The freemium Pokemon title for the Nintendo 3DS launched today and  features all 719 Pokémon, including Primal Reversions and Mega Evolutions. Be sure to check it out on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

New Streetpass Mii Plaza Games Starts International Streetpass Week From 16th – 27th April

It’s about time for owners of a Nintendo 3DS family system to take to the streets, as Nintendo announces International StreetPass Week between 16th and 27th April 2015. This celebration of all things StreetPass coincides with the release of two new games for, and a major new update to, StreetPass Mii Plaza. This week-and-a-bit of activity will bring together players’ Mii characters from across Europe, USA and Canada, as well as gifting Nintendo 3DS owners with a special Mii of Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata, and a free, commemorative HOME Menu theme.

By visiting any Nintendo Zone location during International StreetPass Week, Nintendo 3DS owners can receive up to six international Mii visitors to their system, via StreetPass Relay. From the furthest reaches of south-western USA or northern Canada to the most easterly part of Germany in Europe – and many places in between – exciting and exotic Mii characters will be shared between Nintendo 3DS systems around the western world.

At participating Nintendo Zone locations, visitors can also get a download code for a free Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme exclusively made for International StreetPass Week, as well as encounter the special Mii of Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata. To find a Nintendo Zone location simply visit the Nintendo Zone Finder at

More Mii characters means more puzzle pieces collected, more map locations obtained and more heroes to assist players in the wide variety of StreetPass Mii Plaza games already available, as well as the two exciting new ones releasing on 16th April: StreetPass Fishing and StreetPass Zombies.

In the soothing StreetPass Fishing, players visit islands to try to catch more than 150 types of fish and legendary monsters with bait received from Mii characters via StreetPass. In the action-packed StreetPass Zombies, players receive weapons based on the hobbies of their StreetPass Mii Plaza characters to defeat a horde of zombies. The recently released trailer shows both games in action.

Fans can download an update to StreetPass Mii Plaza, enabling them to customise their greetings, as well as purchase StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium, which adds features such as StreetPass Birthdays and the new VIP room.

StreetPass Communities all over the UK will be holding events during International StreetPass Week, to celebrate StreetPass and the two new games coming to the StreetPass Mii Plaza.

The events across the UK will give Nintendo fans a chance to play the new StreetPass games as well as revisit classic Nintendo 3DS titles including Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Mario Kart 7.

Fans will be able to access information about their local events via This community run website will be updated in the build-up to International StreetPass week, so be sure to keep checking for new updates and events.

Which international Mii will you meet? Go out there and get that little green light on your Nintendo 3DS family system to blink during International StreetPass Week between 16th and 27th April 2015.

StreetPass Fishing and StreetPass Zombies, as well as the StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium update launch on 16th April for Nintendo 3DS.

Participating Nintendo Zone locations for StreetPass Relay activity, the special Mii of Mr. Shibata and a free Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme:
Germany: McDonald’s
Italy: McDonald’s, Gamelife , VideoGamesParty Home
Spain: GAME
Benelux: Game Mania, MANGAKISSA

Participating Nintendo Zone locations for StreetPass Relay activity only:
Germany: McDonald’s
UK: GAME, O2 Wifi
Italy: McDonald’s, Gamelife, VideoGamesParty Home
Spain: GAME
Benelux: Game Mania, MANGAKISSA, KPN

Here’s The English Video Translation Of Fire Emblem If For Nintendo 3DS

Some of you probably caught a glimpse of the new Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo 3DS during the Japanese Nintendo Direct that was broadcast at the same time as the US and European one on April 1st. As you would expect the trailer was mostly in Japanese so it’s great that some dedicated fans have translated it for us all. In Japan there will be two different versions of Fire Emblem If while here in the west we shall get one with the other coming as DLC.

Thanks, Hazael

Garfield Kart For Nintendo 3DS Announced By Amazon Germany


Amazon Germany is fantastic for announcing games before they’ve officially been announced by the publisher. Anyway, they’ve listed Garfield Kart for the Nintendo 3DS which one can only assume is a blatant rip-off of Mario Kart. We’ve yet to see a trailer though so it’s best to reserve judgement, though I have suspicion this is based on a mobile game. Here’s what the Google translated listing on Amazon Germany says.

The verfressene cat put down a hot tire! Big cat on the slopes! In the fast kart racing game Garfield competes against his friends. Clearly, this spectacle of course Jon and Odie do without. Await unbridled fun in three difficulty levels and 4 game modes: quick race, Championship, time trial and daily challenge. But that’s not all: via WiFi you can play you with up to three friends in the local network on sixteen different routes. Who is the most skillful rider or most insidious? Throw objects in the way your competitors and take away the right of way. But eight give, your friends can’t sleep. A Lasagna is a perfect barrier for an obese cat. Collect items such as crazy hats and different spoiler, to your kart to push and rush first through the target. Kart with Garfield for your 3DS even Assembly fun!

New Fire Emblem 3DS Coming To Japan On June 25th And There Will Be Two Different Versions

There will be two different versions of Fire Emblem on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The versions will be based on the two difficulty paths you can take in the game. Those of you in the US and Europe will get one copy and the other will be available as downloadable content. The game launches in Japan on June 25th while we have to wait until 2016 to play it over here in the west. If you’re interested the Fire Emblem 3D site is now live, so go pay it a visit.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6