Hyrule Warriors Legends Japanese File Size Revealed

Those of you who have a Japanese Nintendo 3DS system will be pleased to note that you can now pre-load Hyrule Warriors Legends on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop. If you are wondering, Hyrule Warriors Legends takes up 16,109 blocks of storage on your device which is roughly 1.6 GB. The action packed title is due to be released in Japan on January 21st but those of us here in the west will have to wait until March 25th.

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People’s Choice Awards 2016: Super Smash Bros Wins Favourite Video Game Award

Good news for both Nintendo and Super Smash Bros fans as Super Smash Bros for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U won the award for Favourite Video Game at the 42nd People’s Choice Awards. There were obviously a lot of strong contenders, but Super Smash Bros came away as the winner.

Favourite Mobile Game: Candy Crush Saga

Favourite Video Game: Super Smash Bros


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New Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Konami has today confirmed that they are busy developing three Yu-Gi-Oh! games which will be released by the end of the year. One of the titles is for the Nintendo 3DS, the second is for iOS and Android devices and the third is an online game for consoles and PC. The games are part of a celebration for the hit franchise’s 20th anniversary. Konami has confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS game will arrive this summer.


Windows 95 Has Been Ported To Nintendo 3DS

This is something you probably never thought would happen, but Windows 95 has successfully been ported to the Nintendo 3DS. Yes, there’s also video footage available to back up the claim which first started on the GBA Temp forums. It is by no means complete and it is nowhere near as speedy as your desktop OS, but it is a start!

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Story of Seasons Is Out Now In Europe

The farm simulation game, Story of Seasons, is now available to purchase in Europe. The title was released in 2014 in Japan, and was welcomed with a great reception when it arrived to North America in March this year.

It’s available to purchase on both the Nintendo UK store and GAME, or if you prefer a downloadable version you can purchase it via the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Here’s the trailer below:


Japan: Nintendo 3DS Hits 20 Million Units Sold

As of last week the Nintendo 3DS has shifted an impressive 20 million units since its launch back in 2011 in Japan. It had a slow start, but it gradually caught on with gamers due to its impressive library of games. Below you can see the top five best-sellers in Japan and as expected it is the Nintendo DS that came out on top closely followed by the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour.

  1. Nintendo DS: 32.86M
  2. Game Boy / Game Boy Colour: 32.47M
  3. PlayStation 2: 21.98M
  4. Nintendo 3DS: 20.03M
  5. PlayStation Portable: 19.69M