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Best Buy: Buy One Get One Free On First Party Nintendo 3DS Games, Plus Wii U Pro Controller For $30, Starts Next Sunday

Best Buy will be running an extremely good promotion starting from next Sunday. You’ll be able to participate in a buy one get one free deal on first party Nintendo 3DS software. The games include The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Yoshi’s New Island. You can also get the brilliant Wii U Pro Controller for $29.99.


Final Fantasy Explorers Coming To Japan This Winter, Plus First Gameplay Footage

Square Enix announced during today’s Japanese third-party Nintendo 3DS Direct that Final Fantasy Explorers will be arriving this winter in Japan. There’s no word as of yet whether the game will be localised, but we could be in for a long wait. Anyway, enjoy the first gameplay footage of the latest Final Fantasy title for Nintendo 3DS.


Sega 3D Classics: 3D Fantasy Zone II Coming July 16th In Japan

Sega has revealed that it’s adding another title to its acclaimed Sega 3D Classics range in Japan. The latest game added to the list is Fantasy Zone II. The game is described as a side scrolling shooter which sees the player controls a sentient spaceship named Opa-opa who fights surreal invader enemies. The Master System and NES title will come to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on July 16th.



Here’s The First 42 Minutes Of Yokai Watch 2 For Nintendo 3DS

The ever reliable NintenDaan has managed to get his hands on a copy of Yokai Watch 2 which has just launched in Japan. The original game, which is developed by renowned studio Level 5, has been a massive success in Japan along with the anime. Level 5 previously asked fans in February whether they would like to see an English release, but nothing more has been said about the subject.


Japanese Nintendo 3DS Direct Coming Tomorrow, Focusses On Third Party Games

Nintendo Japan has confirmed today that it will be holding a Nintendo Direct tomorrow to showcase third-party games on the system. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe haven’t announced a Nintendo Direct as of yet, so it’s likely to be a Japanese only event. It begins at 8PM JST on Friday, July 11th.

  • Europe : 1PM
  • UK : 12PM
  • USA (East Coast) : 7AM
  • USA (West Coast) : 4AM
  • Japan : 8PM

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Smash Bros 3DS Tournament Coming To San Diego Comic-Con, Will Be Streamed On Twitch

Nintendo will be hosting its first-ever tournament for the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS game at San Diego Comic-Con on July 25. Fans are invited to come to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at the Marriott Marquis & Marina located at 333 W. Harbor Drive (adjacent to the San Diego Convention Center) for a chance to participate.

Starting at noon, there will be a preliminary round in which groups of four competitors battle it out, with the winner advancing. During the finals, players will duke it out one-on-one to determine the top smasher. Tournament slots are limited, and fans will be able to sign up the day of the event on a first-come, first-served basis.

For fans not able to attend San Diego Comic-Con, tournament action will be streamed live on Nintendo’s Twitch channel. Additional Nintendo Gaming Lounge activities will be announced in the future.


New Pokemon Nintendo 3DS XL Announced For Japan


Nintendo has revealed a lovely new Pokemon themed Nintendo 3DS XL that lucky gamers in Japan will be able to get their hands on. The special Nintendo 3DS XL will be awarded to ten lucky raffle winners who spend over ¥1,000 at Denny’s & Famil family restaurants from July 15th through to August 25th. Those who spend the specified amount will receive a raffle code printed on their receipt. Nintendo also says that an additional five units will be made available via an email campaign with the Japanese company, Apaman. The design is based on the Pokemon movie, Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.


Miyamoto Says He Has Some Ideas For The Next Zelda Game On Nintendo 3DS

Revered video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto has told investors in Japan that he has a number of ideas for the next Zelda title for the Nintendo 3DS. Miyamoto wouldn’t divulge any information, but hinted that the next title will follow in the footsteps of a The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Zelda Wii U in being non linear.

“This term [open world] means that there is a large world in which players can do numerous things daily. In the traditional “The Legend of Zelda” series, the player would play one dungeon at a time. For example, if there are eight dungeons, at the fourth dungeon, some players may think, “I’m already halfway through the game,” while other players may think, “I still have half of the game to play.” We are trying to gradually break down such mechanism and develop a game style in which you can enjoy “The Legend of Zelda” freely in a vast world, whenever you find the time to do so.”

“We created the games in the traditional “The Legend of Zelda” series in steps that players could easily understand and follow; the player would obtain a new item in each dungeon, use the item to clear that dungeon and be able to enjoy applying the items in different ways after acquiring about eight items. However, in “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds,” we broke that down and let the player rent different items from the beginning, so the player could use different combinations of items. [...] In addition to that, we have ideas for Nintendo 3DS which we have not announced yet, so I hope you will look forward to them.”

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