Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean? Has Been Recreated Using Nintendo 64 Instruments

If you were ever wondering how Justin Bieber‘s songs would sound using Nintendo 64 instruments, you’re in for a real treat. That One Show FUN did just that and recreated the Canadian singer’s What Do You Mean?. Interestingly, the actual track’s chorus sounds like it uses at least one music piece from Super Mario 64. If you’re itching for more Bieber you can check out his Where Are Ü Now music video, which includes a drawing of Pikachu.


Golden Sun Was Initially A N64 Game Before Heading To Game Boy Advance

The folks over at Did You Know Gaming? have looked at the history behind the critically acclaimed Golden Sun franchise. The series was initially meant to be a Nintendo 64 game before it was moved across to the Game Boy Advance. The fans have also uncovered a a Zelda reference in the game’s code! You can check out the investigative video, above. Enjoy!

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Teens React To GoldenEye 007

If you’ve ever wondered how teens would react to GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 nowadays then you are in luck. The React YouTube channel has gathered together a bunch of fresh-faced teens and has challenged them to participate in the ultra-fun local multiplayer mode. You can check out what the teens think to the iconic Nintendo 64 shooter in the video, above.

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GoldenEye 64: Miyamoto Suggested At End Of Game You Shake Enemies Hands In The Hospital

GoldenEye game director Martin Hollis has revealed in a talk at GameCity festival in Nottingham that Shigeru Miyamoto wasn’t entirely happy with all the killing in GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64. Hollis said that Miyamoto even made a suggestion to the team that at the end of the game you meet up with all the enemies you’ve shot numerous times and shake hands with them in the hospital. Obviously these changes were never implemented.

“One point was that there was too much close-up killing – he found it a bit too horrible. I don’t think I did anything with that input. The second point was, he felt the game was too tragic, with all the killing. He suggested that it might be nice if, at the end of the game, you got to shake hands with all your enemies in the hospital.”

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Video: A Rare Look at Twelve Tales: Conker 64

Rare has recently been releasing batches of unseen footage from a variety of projects that they have had in development to celebrate Rare Replay on Xbox One. The latest one is Twelve Tales: Conker 64 which was a less controversial game than Conker’s Bad fur Day. You can view some unreleased footage of charming 3D platformer below along with details of its interesting history.

Here’s The Ten Best-Selling Nintendo 64 Games

The Nintendo 64, which was 14th best-selling platform of all time and the 9th best-selling home console, had some fantastic games. Titles such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie are fondly remembered today as being the pinnacle of 3D platformers. VG Chartz has obtained sales data for the platform and has put together a list of the best-selling video games on the Nintendo 64. One thing you will notice is that four of the top-ten titles are from UK development studio Rare which just goes to show how important their output was during the period.

  1. Super Mario 64 – 11.89 Million
  2. Mario Kart 64 – 9.87 Million
  3. GoldenEye 007 – 8.09 Million
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – 7.60 Million
  5. Super Smash Bros. – 5.55 Million
  6. Pokémon Stadium – 5.45 Million
  7. Donkey Kong 64 – 5.27 Million
  8. Diddy Kong Racing – 4.88 Million
  9. Star Fox 64 – 4.03 Million
  10. Banjo-Kazooie – 3.63 Million


Mario Golf 64 Drives Into Japan’s Virtual Console Thursday

Fore! Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 is scheduled to be released Thursday on the Japan Wii U Virtual Console. This was the first direct release of a Mario golfing game, one of the first sports-themed Mario titles, and was published in 1999. The game features eight courses and several Mushroom Kingdom and original characters. After selling more than a million copies worldwide, the game spawned four sequels on consoles and handhelds.