Pokemon Black And White 2 New Trailer

This video is taken recently from the Nintendo Channel in Japan. It shows new footage from the upcoming Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. In Pokemon Black and White 2, players can create their own shops and visit shops created by their friends – this new feature is called Join Avenue. Missions are back from Pokemon Black and White but are now called Fez Missions.There is some sort of medal system within the game, which is also a new addition from Pokemon Black and White.

Fix Your Zelda Save File With The Zelda Data Restoration Channel

Nintendo has released a full Wii channel in order to fix the game-breaking bug that can be found in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. All you need to do is download the Zelda Data Restoration Channel from the Wii Channel section of the Wii Shopping Channel, boot the channel up, and follow the instructions.

Nintendo Wii: Surprise For Those Wii’s Hooked Up To The Internet


Nintendo’s vice president of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Denise Kaigler, informed online gaming publication IGN that Nintendo have a surprise in store for those Wii owners who have their consoles connected to the Internet.

“We’re working on a little surprise for those who connect their Wii to the Internet, so keep your eye on the Nintendo Channel for that announcement to come in the near future.”

– Denise Kaigler


Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Channel Launches In Europe

Finally it appears as though the Nintendo Channel is going to be available to Europe and Australia tomorrow.

The channel which encompasses everything Nintendo allows users to access downloadable game demo’s, watch gaming videos and also review their most loved or most hated games.