Nintendo DS Virtual Console Coming To Wii U

Nintendo has announced that Nintendo DS software will be added to the future Virtual Console lineup for Wii U. Because the DS has a “very strong” library of games, Nintendo says it wants to make the dual-screen handheld’s titles playable on Wii U via the Wii U GamePad controller. The reveal was made during a corporate briefing today in Japan, where the firm also confirmed that Mario Kart 8 is scheduled to launch globally in May.

Mother On Trial For Suffocating Son Who Told Her He’d Rather Play Nintendo DS Than Breathe


More news about a senseless death over a Nintendo console has emerged this week, as a mother of four children named Shizu Shigeta is now being tried in Tokyo for killing her five-year-old over his Nintendo DS. While on trial, Shigeta admitted responsibility for the death of her son, who she sealed inside two garbage bags after arguing with him about the handheld console and the mess he had left in their living room.

On September 1st, 2012, stressed from work and lack of sleep, Shigeta became angered by the mess her children had made in the house. She tossed her son’s DS into a garbage bag with several toys, then consumed several sleeping pills and a glass of shochu whiskey, only to awake the next morning to her five-year-old, Koshi, inquiring about his missing DS. Furious over her son’s attitude, and still reeling from her night of intoxication, the mother of four lashed out at the boy, asking him “Would you rather breathe or play DS?”

Koshi responded by saying “I’d rather play DS,” at which point the mother became enraged, binding the boy’s hands and feet with twine, and covering his eyes and mouth with tape. She then sealed him inside two garbage bags and passed out. By the time she awoke from the boy’s father arriving home, Koshi was unconscious. He died three days later from hypoxic encephalopathy, or brain damage caused by lack of oxygen.

Having been forced to listen to recounts of the incident in court, Shigeta claims to only recall “fragments” of the event. Amazingly, on account of the circumstances and her apparent devastation over her son’s death, the prosecution is only asking for a sentence of four years in prison.

Devil Survivor 2 Reaches Target And Is Coming To Europe


Ghostlight has announced that Devil Survivor 2 will be coming to Europe after all. The company previously said that they needed 1,800 pre-orders for the boxed copy to even make its late September release. Thankfully, they have achieved this target. Those gamers that preordered Devil Survivor 2 will see their names included in the game’s manual. The company says that they will be providing a confirmed release date as soon as they complete the manual and put the game into manufacture.

Video: Nintendo To Launch 2DS: The 3DS Experience In 2 Dimensions

Today Nintendo announced the release of Nintendo 2DS, an entry-level portable system that plays all 3DS and Nintendo DS games in 2D. The handheld will be priced at only 129.99 and will hit the market on October 12th of this year, in white + red or black + blue colors. The 2DS maintains all of the same hardware features of the 3DS such as gameplay controls and backwards compatibility with Nintendo’s vast library of games. Nintendo fans who don’t feel the 3D visuals are a necessity for them will now have the 2DS to turn to instead.

Optional carrying cases will be available at launch and will also come in red and blue, for a suggested retail price of 12.99 each. At the beginning of October, gamers will be able to try out the new 2DS system at Simon Malls, as Nintendo will be embarking on a demo tour for 2DS at select Simon Mall retail locations until November.

Here’s The Disney Planes Trailer Soaring Towards A Summer Release

Disney Interactive announced back in April that a new title named Planes would be soaring exclusively on Nintendo platforms this summer, and now it’s time to take in the dizzying heights of the new trailer. The trailer, which you can see above, shows off some of those death-defying moves – or maybe not – as you take to the skies with Dusty and friends from the Cars spin-off.

The Wii and Wii U versions feature ten characters and four game modes, from balloon popping to Air Rallies. The Nintendo 3DS and DS versions only feature six playable characters with six different areas to explore, as well as three different games modes with over 40 different missions. Planes is set for a summer release and will be available August 16.

Orion’s Odyssey Coming To Nintendo eShop After Kickstarter Success

Here’s another title that’s getting ready to hit the Nintendo 3DS eShop after it succeeded in reaching its Kickstarter goal of $4,092. Orion’s Odyssey: A Patterns Block Adventure – made exclusively for Nintendo DS and DSiWare – is a comedy-puzzle adventure where you play as an alien robot named Orion, who can construct objects of any shape and size. And with Orion’s seven-year-old sidekick Ryan, you can travel the globe discovering ten unique levels filled with tempting puzzles and wacky characters.

Created by games developer Island Officials, Orion’s Odyssey features three different modes to test players’ skills: free-play mode where you can unlock bonuses, challenge mode provides certain restrictions in puzzles, and sandbox mode where players can create their own patterns. Orion’s Odyssey will be available for download in the future, after the developers raised $4,607 in total over Kickstarter. Check out the trailer above to see if the game interests you.

Nintendo DS’ Pokémon Conquest May Be Getting Sequel


Developer Tecmo Koei has hinted that Pokémon Conquest may be getting a sequel. The game, which is a crossover between the Pokémon and Nobunaga’s Ambition video game series, was released in 2012 for the Nintendo DS, though it was apparently in development even before Nintendo’s latest hand-held console – the Nintendo 3DS – existed.

When asked whether a sequel to the game is coming, Tecmo Koei’s executive vice president, Hisashi Koinuma, hinted that “there was a lot of unfinished material for Pokémon Conquest. …” Do you want a sequel to Pokémon Conquest? Did you enjoy the original game? Let us know in the comments below.