EA Spokesperson Confirms There Are No New Modes Or Features In FIFA 13 for Wii

According to findings by Nintendo Gamer, Wii’s version of FIFA 13, which is developed and published by EA, is practically identical to last year’s FIFA 12. This year’s iteration features the same exact gameplay modes, graphics, menu screens, dialogue and character models.

An EA spokesperson confirmed to Wired that FIFA 13 for Wii has no new modes or features, compared to FIFA 12. Note that in a recent interview, EA COO Peter Moore said, “Year on year, Wii has just dropped, and clearly we don’t make games for it anymore.”

Thanks, Magi.

Mario Would Look Like This If He Were Part Link And Part Samus

Talented artist Wil Overton worked on the final Nintendo Gamer covers, and subscribers to the British magazine are getting a special cover that features Nintendo mascot Mario dressed in parts of Samus’ suit and Link’s outfit. Apparently, Link’s boots are no good for stomping Goombas – so, instead, Mario’s only option is to squash the living daylights out of them. Poor, unfortunate Goomba.

Nintendo Gamer Subscriptions Will Be Changed To Official Nintendo Magazine

We heard a couple of weeks back that UK publication Nintendo Gamer will be closing its doors primarily due to diminishing sales within the print sector. Well, those that have a subscription with Nintendo Gamer magazine will now have their subscription automatically moved over to the Official Nintendo Magazine. Those of you that have subscribed to Nintendo Gamer should be receiving a letter in the mail informing you of the change over.

Future Publishing Closes Nintendo Gamer Magazine

Future Publishing has announced that it’s closing Nintendo Gamer magazine, but says that the established brand will still exist online. The magazine’s staff have been moved to other Future Publishing projects. This move draws the curtain on 20 years of independent Nintendo publications from Future Publishing. Former Rare employee Wil Overton has produced a special cover for the final edition of Nintendo Gamer.