Club Nintendo Set To Discontinue, New Rewards Programme To Launch Later This Year

Nintendo has announced its worldwide rewards programme Club Nintendo will be shut down later this year. In a bid to soften the blow to its loyalty members, the company will be replacing Club Nintendo with another rewards programme, which is set to launch during 2015. Both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe Club Nintendo divisions say they will add a number of physical reward items for members in February and the coming months.

Club Nintendo members in the US and Canada will be able to earn additional coins until March 31 and can redeem those coins until June 30 on downloadable games and physical software. All products released after January 20 in the region will not be eligible for registration with Club Nintendo. Those members still looking to earn elite status must earn 300 coins for Gold or 600 coins for Platinum between July 1, 2014, and March 31, 2015. Elite status gifts will be available between April 1 and April 30, 2015.

For those on the other side of the pond in Europe, though, members must redeem their stars on products before they expire on September 30, 2015. Nintendo of Europe will discontinue pin codes from any new packaged software from April 1, and will terminate all digital software registration from April 20.

Please remember that all coins or stars not redeemed by June 30 for US and Canadian members and September 30 for European members will be deleted or expire. You must use them before this date as they cannot be transferred to the new rewards programme.

“We thank all Club Nintendo members for their dedication to Nintendo games and their ongoing love for our systems and characters,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “We want to make this time of transition as easy as possible for our loyal Club Nintendo members, so we are going to add dozens of new rewards and downloadable games to help members clear out their Coin balances.”


Nintendo of America Rep Says Amiibo First Wave Figures Won’t Be Discontinued, More Stock Arriving Soon

A Nintendo of America representative has reportedly debunked rumours after reports came filtering in that select Nintendo Amiibo models – such as Marth, Wii Fit Trainer and Villager – would be discontinued. In a bid to quash those statements, NoA’s assistant PR manager David Young has sent notification to fans saying that Nintendo will not be discontinuing these figures and that more are on the way.

Amiibo are fast becoming popular in the US and UK gaming markets with GAME UK hiking up the price and Amazon saying they are currently in short supply. Whether or not this is the case of Nintendo underestimating demand during the Christmas season, or if it’s the case of retailers pulling stock back for select models is not yet known. Though not official confirmation from Nintendo of America itself, David Young’s email has been passed around social media, which you can see below.

“David from Nintendo jumping in here. We have not discontinued any of the amiibo figures. Naturally some are more popular than others, and stores will need to reorder these once they sell through. That said, I don’t know how long resupply will take, so I encourage people to pick up their favourite characters when they see them in this busy Holiday season.”

Reggie Will Be Taking Over Twitter Tomorrow To Answer Fans Questions About Upcoming Games

Got a question you are dying to get answered by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime? Well you’re in luck as Reggie will be taking over the Nintendo of America Twitter account to answer fans questions about upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games. Hopefully we will learn something new, rather than the standard PR responses. Be sure to check Twitter at around 5:30 PM ET.

Thanks, Kallum

Amiibo Wave 3 Models Will Release February 2015 For North America & Europe, Plus Trailer

Nintendo of America and Europe has now confirmed the third wave of amiibo figures. Announced earlier today for Japan, the 11 new NFC models will be available from February 2015 in North America. On the other hand, Europe will release Rosalina & Luma, Sheik, Toon Link, Bowser, Lucario and Ike on January 23, while King Dedede, Meta Knight, Shulk, Sonic and Mega Man will see retail release on February 20.

According to Nintendo of America’s amiibo trailer above, some of the figures will also be retailer exclusive. While Nintendo has yet to clarify which partners will get certain models, the company announced yesterday it had teamed up with Loot Crate to offer 10 pre-selected figures, including five from the original amiibo line-up.

Nintendo America Announces NES-Styled 3DS XL Edition, Launches October 10

nes_3ds_xlNintendo together with GameStop have announced a new NES-Styled 3DS XL Edition today. The special edition will be sold exclusively at GameStop and will launch across North American stores on October 10. The hardware is modeled after Nintendo’s iconic NES controller and the box looks like an NES system – it will retail at a suggested price of $199.99.

The NES 3DS XL Edition marks the second team-up with GameStop retail stores, as earlier today a new Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 3DS XL Edition was revealed at this year’s GameStop Expo, which will launch alongside the game on November 25.

Nintendo Wins Court Case Against Patent Troll Involving Wii Console

Nintendo has claimed another court case victory against patent infringement relating to Nintendo’s last-generation home system, Nintendo Wii. The company issued the following press release today:

A federal appeals court on June 13 confirmed that a patent asserted against Nintendo by Triton Tech of Texas, LLC is invalid. In a lawsuit filed in 2010, Triton alleged that Nintendo’s Wii Remote controller infringed one of Triton’s patents: U.S. Patent No. 5,181,181. Judge Richard A. Jones of the Seattle district court previously dismissed the lawsuit after finding that the patent did not adequately describe a complete invention, and was therefore invalid. The June 13 federal appeals court ruling upheld that previous dismissal. Nintendo of America’s deputy general counsel Richard Medway said the following:

“We are very pleased with this result. Nintendo has a long tradition of developing unique and innovative products, while respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Nintendo continues to aggressively defend itself against patent trolls. After many years of litigation, the decision today reflects an appropriate resolution of this case.”

Shigeru Miyamoto Will Show Off New Projects On Nintendo Treehouse Tomorrow

Nintendo of America has revealed on Twitter that legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto will be showing off some of his new projects on Nintendo Treehouse at E3 tomorrow. Presumably this means we’ll get some information on the new IP he’s working on, as well as other little surprises.

Nintendo Treehouse will begin live-streaming tomorrow from 11.35am PT and will continue throughout the event, excluding when the Smash Bros. Invitational Tournament is in play.