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Here’s A Better Look At Those Super Mario Toys From McDonald’s UK, Promotion Begins March 19

Nintendo UK and McDonald’s announced last month that a new Super Mario Happy Meal promotion would be hitting the country later this year. Now, Nintendo UK has confirmed via press release that McDonald’s will be running the Super Mario collectible toys from March 19 until April 29.

Hidden within the Happy Meals, you’ll find Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi or Donkey Kong, plus four of the collectible toys will be interactive, including Mario’s Hovering Coin, Donkey Kong Barrel Projector, a Super Sound Mushroom and Mario’s Warp Pipe Embosser.

The promotion is running in conjunction with healthy ties, featuring the slogan “Run, Jump and Power-Up,” which aims to get children active outdoors. With the promotion running for just over a month, kids and adults will have plenty time to collect the figurines. Will you try for a full set? Check out the gallery below to get a better look.


Nintendo UK Launches “Nintendo Girls Club” As New YouTube Channel

Nintendo UK has launched a new YouTube channel focusing on content specifically for girls. Hosted by Hollyoaks actress and Dancing On Ice star Jorgie Porter, Nintendo Girls Club will feature original videos, news and gossip from the world of Nintendo.

The channel already has a number of videos including an Animal Crossing: New Leaf introduction video starring Jorgie Porter and a Nintendo 3DS unboxing with newcomer Mandy Hynes. Nintendo Girls Club will also feature other guest presenters sharing their love for Nintendo products.


UK Wii U Mario Mega Bundle Advert

Nintendo has released a Mario mega bundle in the UK for the Wii U, including the Wii U premium system, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, a Mario hat, and a Mario Wii Remote Plus for the mere sum of £299.99. The bundle is available exclusively at the online Nintendo UK Store. Do you think something of the sort should be the standard as far as Wii U bundles go worldwide? Would it help drive sales? Let us know in the comments.


Nintendo UK Store Selling Mega Mario Wii U Bundle With Super Mario 3D World


The official Nintendo UK online store has started taking pre-orders for a Mega Mario Bundle. The bundle includes the Wii U 32GB Premium pack, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, a Mario hat and a Mario Wii Remote Plus. The bundle will be available to purchase on November 29th and will set you back £299.99.

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UK: Register 3DS And One Of Fifteen Selected Games And Get Super Mario 3D Land Free


Fans of 3D adventures set in the Mushroom Kingdom are in for a treat, with Nintendo today announcing details of its new Super Mario 3D Land Welcome Promotion for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

To participate in this promotion, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL owners need to register their console and just one of 15 selected games with Club Nintendo between 27th November 2013 (15:01 GMT) and 13th January 2014 (22:59 GMT) to be eligible to request a free download code for Super Mario 3D Land by 13th February 2014 (22:59 GMT). Participants can then redeem their code and download the game from Nintendo eShop to any Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS system before 13th March 2014 (22:59 GMT).

The 15 selected games included in this promotion are:

  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2
  • LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins
  • Sonic Lost World (Nintendo 3DS version)
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS version)
  • Pokémon X
  • Pokémon Y
  • Bravely Default (including Bravely Default: Deluxe Collector’s Edition)
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Applicable hardware and software which has been purchased before 27th November but hasn’t been registered with Club Nintendo is also eligible for the Super Mario 3D Land Welcome Promotion, therefore for all Zelda fans looking to pick up the The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS XL console when it launches on 22nd November, they too can participate in this promotion when it kicks off the following week. To find out more about how to take part in this promotion as well as more information on how to claim your download from Nintendo eShop, check out: www.nintendo.co.uk/SM3DLwelcomepromotion

Nintendo UK Launches Me And #My3DS Competition, Your Chance To Win A Luigi 3DS XL

luigi 3ds xlThe Year of Luigi is nearly over, but Nintendo UK are still celebrating it in style by launching a new competition which will bag one lucky Nintendo fan a special edition Luigi 3DS XL. Starting today, Nintendo UK are asking avid 3DS fans to create their own video explaining why they love their Nintendo 3DS, what games they own and which ones are their favourite. Plus, to get your creative juices flowing, Nintendo UK has uploaded a few sample videos – one of which includes SteamWorld Dig creators Image and Form – detailing what they expect. Videos should be no longer than 60 seconds and should include “Me and #My3DS” in the title. The competition will run until December 9, 2013, and is open to UK citizens aged 18 and over. For more information or to enter the competition, make sure you check out the official page, here.

Nintendo UK Remains Very Optimistic About Wii U Sales This Holiday Season


Nintendo UK marketing boss Shelly Pearce has explained that the company is determined to turn things around for the struggling Wii U console this holiday season. Pearce admits that Nintendo haven’t had the software for the beginning part of this year, but promises that now is the time that consumers will begin caring about Wii U. Pearce said they are aiming to get mothers to invest in the console and points towards the fact that it’s backwards compatible with Wii games and peripherals as a major selling point for the system.

“There was a big misconception at launch about what Wii U is and one of the big messages is to explain to mum that this is a new console and a new controller. In terms of the marketing work we’ve done against dads, there is now a pretty good understanding there. But many mums don’t know what this is. They’re buying what they’re advised to and going into shops, so we are relying a lot on retail to explain that this is a new piece of hardware.”

“This peak, Wii U will be at a slightly lower price than last year and comparatively it will look a little cheaper because of all the other consoles coming out that are more expensive. But value is the important message. Backwards compatibility, the fact that you don’t have to buy more controllers – that for a mum is a very important thing.”

Nintendo Opens Online UK Store, Offers Free Delivery And Animal Crossing 3DS Console


Nintendo has opened a new web store for residents of the UK, at which customers can pay Nintendo directly for items like a Wii U Bundle or a 3DS and games. The new online store is currently offering free delivery on all shipments, with orders over £200 even receiving free next day delivery, and it just so happens that the coveted Animal Crossing: New Leaf-themed 3DS console also happens to be in stock at the store. Although Nintendo’s savvy online store has just launched to UK residents, gamers in Japan have been enjoying a similar experience for quite some time now.

Rufus Hound Talks Nintendo eShop In Latest Wii U Difference Video

Nintendo UK has enlisted the help of British comedian Rufus Hound – best known for his comedy stints on Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice game show panel – to explain how the Wii U works. If you missed his first video explaining how the GamePad works (well, we’d possibly consider you lucky) but you can access it here, and find out just why Rufus Hound compares the GamePad to a triple-decker cheeseburger with bacon.

Today, Nintendo UK has published the second video in the series focussing on the Nintendo eShop and its wide breadth of glorious indie games. But just in case you’ve missed Nintendo’s indie spotlight video, and other such announcements, Rufus Hound is back – and he brings a nice cheesy sandwich to sink your teeth into. He’s even thrown a great reference in there to Dreamy Luigi from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros., but let’s just say it’s a little less dreamy and a little more psychedelic, with a big dollop of trippy goodness factored in. What do you think of the video, did it need serving with a side salad or fries with all that extra cheese? Let us know in the comments below.

Pikmin 3 Introduces New Battle Modes And The KopPad

With the European launch just two days away, Nintendo UK has published another video to its official YouTube page. This time, Pikmin 3 introduces the KopPad to fans of the title, where it acts as the game’s version of the Wii U GamePad.  Use it as a map and divide and conquer by tactically sending the three explorers to waypoints in the area, or study your actions at the end of each day in the replay to improve your strategy.

You can also use the KopPad to snap some snazzy pictures of the beautiful Pikmin world, plus you can upload these straight onto Miiverse. So whether you’re traversing the hard terrain in search of food, fighting a boss, or just watching your Pikmin chill by the water, you can get creative and post your findings to the community. Check out the press release below for details on the new mission and battle modes:

Pikmin 3 stars the original Red, Yellow and Blue Pikmin who each have special abilities, but also introduces two new types of Pikmin that allow for new gameplay strategies. Meet the Rock Pikmin who are the sturdiest of all Pikmin and can be used to smash through glass walls or enemies’ exoskeletons! Also making their debut are the Winged Pikmin, whose ability to fly lets them carry things above ground and lift blockades, forging new paths.

In Story Mode, take control of three new characters Alph, Brittany and Charlie, who are tasked with saving their home planet Koppai from starvation and searching the peculiar planet of PNF-404 for nutritious fruit. With PNF-404 full of hostile inhabitants, the intrepid trio are not alone – but thankfully they are aided by a diminutive army of plant-like Pikmin who obey their every command.

Your loyal Pikmin put their unique talents to use to seek out items, solve puzzles and fight enemies; through your actions the Pikmin can grow in numbers and overcome all – or be sent forth to be chomped! The challenge is to work through each day to most strategically seek out fruit and take down creatures – but fear not when the situation turns sour, as Pikmin 3 introduces a new feature that allows you to jump back in time and tighten your tactics.

In Mission Mode, you are given tasks to complete within a time limit, such as defeat a fiendish boss or collect as much fruit as possible. Play alone or co-operatively and aim for the highest score on the online leaderboard, where you can see how you compare to other Pikmin 3 players around the world!

Bingo Battle is a competitive multiplayer mode which pits you and a friend against each other, on a variety of different maps, to complete a line in a special Pikmin-themed bingo card. The Pikmin twist is that each square on the bingo card is an enemy to take down and collect, or an item or fruit to bring home. With numerous ways to play the maps and rules that can be customised, novices and veterans alike can enjoy employing different tactics to outwit their opponents! Pikmin 3 launches this Friday for Europe and August 4 for North America.