Monster Hunter Tri Wii Servers Shutting Down Today

monster hunter triCapcom confirmed it would be shutting down its Wii servers for the popular series Monster Hunter Tri earlier this month. Today, the online servers will cease to exist after launching in 2010.  Though many fans may have updated to the 3DS and Wii U versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it will be the last day to wave goodbye to the online predecessor.

Monster Hunter Tri Online Servers To Be Disabled In April

monster_hunter_classic_controller_wiiCapcom’s Monster Hunter Tri, which is exclusive to Nintendo’s Wii, launched in the West in April of 2010. Capcom has confirmed that the online servers for the action role-playing game will be disabled on April 30th, which is approximately six weeks after the release date of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in North America, which is Tuesday, March 19th. Are you still playing Monster Hunter Tri online?