Pachter Says Nintendo Should Continue Making Hardware

If anyone divides opinion it is outspoken analyst Michael Pachter. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Patcher discussed Nintendo’s recent financial results for the first quarter of 2015. The results given by the Kyoto based company beat overall market expectations. While Pachter criticised sales of the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS and compared them against Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and smartphones, he said that Nintendo should continue making hardware if it continues to turn a profit, which at the end of the day is the most important thing.

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Pachter Says ‘Nintendo Still In Denial About Failure Of Wii U’

Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter is back again and this time Game informer caught up with him to talk all things video games. Pachter says that the Wii U is trailing far behind the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and is in desperate need of a price cut to remain in the competition. He also doesn’t think that third-party developers will come back to Nintendo in the near future.

“I think that they are not a particularly introspective bunch. I think that they are still in denial about the Wii U failure. You keep seeing this stat so we’re up 82 percent – yeah, 40,000 units went to 70,000 units. Who cares? You’re still trailing the other guys by a mile.”

“They need a new console that’s competitive with Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If Xbox can sell at $349 Nintendo could make it and sell for $249. They won’t because they still live in that old console world where they think they need to make a profit on the hardware. That means if they make a competitive console it would be more expensive.”

“The problem is I think they did a bad job with third parties with the Wii and they’ve done an abysmal job with third parties with the Wii U, so I don’t think third parties would come back for a new console. If they come out with a new console and it is essentially identical programming language with the Xbox so the cost to port a game is zero, I’m still skeptical that third parties would support it. They possibly would, but only if the cost was so low. And that’s the problem. Ubisoft got really burned on the Wii U making dedicated titles like ZombiU. Activision stopped making Call of Duty for the Wii U, and EA hasn’t ever made a game for the Wii U. I don’t think they come back.”

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Pachter Praises Nintendo’s Participation At The Game Awards 2014

In a strange turn of events, the ever critical Michael Pachter has praised Nintendo’s participation at The Game Awards 2014. In fact Pachter said that Nintendo blew away the competition at the event with the re-reveal of Zelda for the Wii U. He also had some kind words for Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. Here’s what the Wedbush analyst had to say about the event.

“Microsoft made a mistake skipping The Game Awards altogether,” said Pachter. “The awards show was an opportunity to steal a little thunder from PSX, and Nintendo and Reggie seized the opportunity. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to compliment Reggie, as I haven’t had many chances to say what a good job he has done in an otherwise dismal year. Nintendo really stood out with that Zelda announcement.” 

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Pachter Believes Nintendo Will Abandon Hardware And Will Go Third Party Next Gen

Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter has told Venture Beat that he believes Nintendo will abandon the hardware market in the next generation of video game consoles. Pachter doesn’t believe that there’s a market for Nintendo hardware any more, but there’s still lots of interest in the innovative software that they put out.

“They are more than a decade behind the curve, and they are so insular that there is no desire internally to learn from others. Nintendo hardware goes away. There is a place for their content. There is no place for Nintendo hardware. Nobody cares. They will have to abandon hardware.”

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Pachter Believes Nintendo May Announce $50 Wii U Price Cut At E3, Will Be A Subdued Event

Famed Wedbush Morgan industry analyst Michael Pachter has sent out his monthly note and E3 preview to a select few. In the notes Pachter comments on what he expects from Nintendo at this year’s E3 event. Pachter says that he believes Nintendo will have a more subdued E3 than Microsoft and Sony with a lack of compelling third-party content for its systems. Interestingly he thinks that Nintendo may introduce a $50 price cut for the Wii U in an effort to boost sales of the console.

“We expect Nintendo to have a more subdued E3 than its peers.
We expect a number of high-profile game announcements for the Wii U, which continues to struggle despite a September 2013 price cut. We believe Super Smash Bros. will be the most high-profile Wii U release on display, with a broadcasted invitational tournament on Tuesday. We do not expect a lot of compelling third-party content for Nintendo hardware. In addition to games, Nintendo may also announce a Wii U hardware price cut of up to $50 to further jumpstart sales, with a Wii hardware price cut to $99 a possibility as well.”

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Pachter Believes Nintendo Will Have The Most Announcements At E3 This Year

Online gaming publication Gamingbolt has conducted a lengthy interview with famed analyst Michael Pachter which covers a number of topics. Interestingly, Pachter believes that Nintendo will have the most new announcements at E3 this year out of the big three. Pachter also mentioned in the interview that despite Nintendo’s struggles with the Wii U and declining Nintendo 3DS sales he very much doubts they will ever go third-party. Here’s some extracts from the interview.

Right. So, basically, you said that Nintendo will have the biggest content based announcements at E3 this year, especially compared to Sony or Microsoft.

Michael Pachter: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I think we are so overdue for some Smash Bros. and/or Mario Kart, I think we’ll see them, I think they’ll be playable, and I think they have to have them out by this holiday. I mean, if they don’t get these games ready soon, then you can just forget the Wii U. It’s like, come on: how many years does it take after launch to have one of your core, highest selling franchises out?

Personally I do think Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will ignite some interest in the console.

Michael Pachter: Yeah, I do too, and I mean, 5 or 10 million units, yes, but not 30 million units, not 50 million, they’re not going to catch up. But they won’t go third party, so the answer to your question is, no, I don’t think they’ll go third party. I think they’ve convinced themselves, I mean, I think they’d rather pursue their health and fitness initiative.

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Pachter Says Nintendo 3DS Will Survive In Crowded Mobile Space, Vita Won’t

Wedbush Morgan video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has told Game Informer that the Nintendo 3DS will continue to thrive despite smartphones and tablets, but the PlayStation Vita will “die a slow, painful death”. Pachter reiterated that Nintendo owns the dedicated handheld space and Sony misjudged the size of the market.

On the state of the PlayStation Vita:

The sales are horrible. My model says the Vita sold 4.2 million last year. It’s a pretty small number and I don’t think they are going to build a business selling 4 million a year — and that number could go down. Vita is a little bit too elegant and a little too expensive. I always feel like I’m going to break it. But then it has relatively few games because they are complicated to make and the market is so small. Very few publishers are spending money to make them. You had Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, that cost Ubisoft a lot. It’s a whole new adventure. Sony will spend the money with their internal studios, but you’re just going to see [Vita] die a slow, painful death.

It’s super high-end in the market; it’s too expensive for a casual gamer. I know that phones are subsidized, but you can get a smartphone for free when you renew your contract. You can get an HTC free, or spend $200 on a Vita. It’s too [hard] to pass up the free phone. They are never going to get the casual end of the market.

On whether connectivity with PlayStation 4 could boost Vita sales:

I don’t quite get it. First they were selling it as a controller, which was lame. I would rather just spend $50 on a controller. They were selling it as a controller because…I have to turn off the game on my TV because American Idol is on and I have to continue my session on my Vita? That’s what a DVR is for, you can watch American Idol later. I think most people who have competing concerns about use of the console versus watching TV have their console on a different TV from where their wife is. I agree those are cool features, but it’s limited.

On the future of Vita and Sony in the handheld market:

There is no future and they couldn’t do any better [than Vita]. The market is what it is because of Nintendo. Nintendo built the market and Nintendo has the best name in handhelds. I just think [Sony] misjudged the size of the market and launched it into this s—storm of mobile destroying the casual end of dedicated handhelds. And Nintendo’s not giving up much share on the hardcore side, because they have three games to every one Sony game, and they are good games.