GameStop: ‘We Are Excited About Wii U & Its Graphics Are Fantastic’

GameStop CEO Paul Raines was recently interviewed by GameSpot. During the interview, Raines shared his thoughts on Wii U, which will be released this holiday. With the launch of Wii U, Raines is confident that GameStop’s business will improve. Raines spent time playing with Nintendo’s upcoming console during last month’s E3 and, from what he played, thinks that it’s pretty cool. Raines likes the Wii U GamePad’s rendering capabilities and claims that Wii U’s “graphics are fantastic.”

“We’re excited about Wii U. We think Wii U is going to be a very significant part of the holiday period. If you played the games at [the Electronic Entertainment Expo], it’s pretty cool. I went upstairs and played Pikmin for like an hour with the tablet and the controller, and it’s pretty cool. I mean, the rendering, the graphics are fantastic. So I think Wii U is exciting; we’re eager to get started on the launch and we’re doing a lot to plan for that.”