Video: Here’s Three Whole Minutes Of Shovel Knight: Plague Of Shadows

One of the games that a lot of you enjoyed last year was the 2D side scrolling platformer, Shovel Knight. The game launched to excellent reviews and now we’ve got some free downloadable content coming our way titled Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows which promises to give us some more platforming excellence. IGN managed to capture three minutes of the game in action and you can check that out in the video embedded below.

Here’s Some New FAST Racing NEO Footage

Nintendo and Shin’en have released a brand new FAST Racing NEO video to celebrate Nindies@Night PAX. As you can see the futuristic racing title runs at a blazing 60fps and looks set to be a good substitute for F-Zero which has long been forgotten by Nintendo. Fast Racing NEO is expected to arrive in December.

Producer Of Castlevania Teasing New Project At PAX?

Koji Igarashi, the former producer of the Castlevania video game series, has been teasing what appears to be a new project at this week’s PAX event. The flyers shown in the image above were handed out to attendees during the Mighty No. 9 panel at PAX leading some to believe that it’s Igarashi’s next game.

Nintendo Is Apparently Holding A Closed Media Event At PAX For Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS

One of the members of GameXplain has revealed that Nintendo of America is planning a closed media event for Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s expected to be the latest and possibly the final build for the game which launches on October 3rd.

Headed to PAX! I don’t know when exactly it is, but I can confirm that Nintendo is holding a closed media event for Smash 3DS with a new (final?) build of the game, and both Andre and I will be attending for GameXplain. I’ll bring you all the news and impressions I’m legally allowed to here (depending on NDAs) and we’ll of course be recording discussions if we’re allowed, so stay tuned!

Thanks, Gombakid

Sonic Boom 3DS Shadow Trailer Leaked From PAX

New footage of Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal has found its way onto the internet ahead of PAX. The footage of the Nintendo 3DS title includes a mix of CGI and some fast paced gameplay footage which fans have come to expect from the series. The footage isn’t the best quality, but it’s to be expected as it’s a pre-release trailer.

Thanks, AMGZant

Brand New Mega Man Game Is Coming


Capcom announced today at its World of Capcom panel at PAX East that the company is developing a brand new Mega Man game. Capcom community manager Brett Elston announced that the game is coming, but says that it’s too early to share details yet. Capcom also said that two more classic Mega Man games are coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Mega Man 4 will be arriving April 25th and Mega Man 5 on May 16th.

Kirby Teaches You How To Blow A Chewing Gum Bubble

Nintendo of America Tweeted an infographic that gives step-by-step instructions on how to blow a bubble; all you have to do is act like Kirby. This, of course, is related to Nintendo’s celebration of the round, pink hero’s 20th anniversary, in which the company plans to break a Guinness World Record by trying to make hundreds of PAX Prime attendees simultaneously blow chewing gum bubbles on September 1st.