Devil’s Third Online Has Officially Been Announced For PC

One of the more impressive things about Devil’s Third was its online multiplayer and today Devil’s Third developer Valhalla Game Studios and Nexon have officially confirmed that it is coming to PC. As you would expect it should be a straight port of the Wii U online multiplayer mode. Valhalla Game Studios and Nexon are also holding a special Live stream on November 12th which is titled “Nexon X Valhalla Game Studio New Title Announcement Event” so we are bound to hear about what they’re working on next.

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Former Wii U Exclusive Sonic Lost World Launches On Steam November 2nd

The former Wii U exclusive Sonic title from SEGA Sonic Lost World is launching on Steam. The game has some notable features including running at 60fps and full PC game pad support. Sonic Lost World for PC will also come with a free copy of Sonic Racing Transformed. The game launches on Steam on November 2nd and will be available for £20.


Nintendo 64 Classics Turok 1 & 2 Coming To PC

If you had a Nintendo 64 as a kid you will probably remember the acclaimed Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter series from Activision. Well, it seems as though they are getting the HD remaster treatment, but only on PC for the time being. Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil are being re-released digitally by Night Dive Studios.

“Both games will be re-mastered for today’s modern computers with enhanced graphics and other improvements. Night Dive Studios believes that classic video games should never be abandoned or forgotten. They should be available to play at any time, run out of the box without the hassle of installing outdated drivers, or using obsolete hardware. Movies are restored, books are digitized, and art is preserved to be appreciated for all time. Why should games be any different?”

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Itagaki: No Cross-play Between PC And Wii U Versions Of Devil’s Third Online


If you’re thinking of teaming up with PC players or Wii U players with Devil’s Third online multiplayer mode then you are not in luck. The game’s producer Tomonobu Itagaki has confirmed via Facebook that the action title will not support cross-platform play between Wii U and PC for the online component.

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Curve Is Bringing RageSquid’s Action Henk To The Wii U eShop

Curve Digital has revealed that it is bringing RageSquid’s PC title Action Henk to consoles this Summer.

Henk is a bizarre action figure who loves to race across various environments as fast as possible. You’ll be able to run, jump, and butt-slide across 70 different levels, with the objective of shaving as much time as possible off your personal best time. Earning medals across the stages unlocks more characters and courses. You’ll also be able to take part in boss levels which grant access to additional bonuses.

Here’s what RageSquid co-founder Roel Ezendam had to say about the news:

We’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction to Action Henk on PC, but it’s always a game we wanted to see in the hands of console players, so the decision to work with Curve Digital – with their reputation and experience – was a simple one. We’ve got some big plans for the console versions and can’t wait to see PlayStation, Xbox One and Wii U players racing up the leaderboards.

Tantalus Is Also Porting A Wii U Game To Xbox One, PlayStation 4 And PC

We’ve just heard that Tantalus, the developer tasked with porting over Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex, to the Wii U is bringing another AAA title to the Wii U, but we’ve also learned that they are porting across a Wii U title to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s anyones guess as to what that title could be, but a safe bet would possibly be ZombiU. This is pure speculation and it could be another title entirely, though I’m not sure which one.

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Check Out This Watch Dogs Wii U Vs PC Comparison Video

Wonder how the Wii U version of Watch Dogs stacks up against the PC version? Well Tilmen from Nintendomination has you covered. The video embedded above gives a side by side comparison of the two versions and from an initial glance there isn’t too much in it. Be sure to give it a watch and leave your thoughts in the comments.