Wii U Vs PC Multiplayer Featured On Nnooo’s Cubemen 2


Joystiq is reporting that the Wii U eShop game, Cubemen 2, will feature online multiplayer as a few eShop games have already. What makes this particular game unique is that it will be the first game to allow Wii U owners to also play against people playing on PC, Mac, and Linux as well. This is an interesting breakthrough, especially for Nintendo, who is notorious for lacking online support a lot of the time. The game has no price yet on the Wii U’s eShop, but on Steam it’s already available for $7.99.

This isn’t the first game to feature cross-platform play as Monster Hunter 3 allowed for 3DS and Wii U owners to battle it out. But it is the first to allow for multiplayer gaming against non-Nintendo systems. Could this be the start of a new trend this generation? Would you like to see more eShop games with this feature? Or better yet, full games with cross-platform multiplayer? Sound off in the comments!

The Wii U Version Of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online Is Still On Hold


There’s no release date set for the Wii U console’s version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online. And, today, the first-person shooter’s publisher, Ubisoft, confirmed that the Wii U version is still on hold, while efforts are being put into the PC version of the game. Last we heard, the game is scheduled to arrive this year on Wii U.

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Shadow Of The Eternals Confirmed For Wii U, PC


A spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness titled “Shadow of the Eternals” was revealed earlier today, via a teaser trailer posted on IGN, and now we know which platforms the new game is headed toward as well as its first details. Shadow of the Eternals is in development for both the Wii U and PC. The game stars a detective named Paul Becker, who is requested to investigate “one of the bloodiest” gang massacres in the history of Louisiana. The following plot description was given by the game’s developer, Precursor Games:

When Detective Paul Becker is called to one of the bloodiest gang massacres in Louisiana state history, only two survivors remain from a brutal conflict between two rival cults. As Becker begins his interrogations of the suspects, their combined recollections will uncover the truth about the ‘Eternals’.

Featuring an ensemble cast of heroes and villains, Shadow of the Eternals will span over 2500 years of history throughout Egypt, England, Hungary, and the United States. Players will question the perception of reality as they try to balance the mechanics of combat, magick, and sanity events to progress through the adventure.

Shadow of the Eternals will take players on a memorable journey throughout time; weaving historical fact with disturbing fiction to create an experience unlike any other.

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Tomorrow Corporation Sells Over 200,000 Copies Of Little Inferno

little_inferno_safety_instructionsDeveloper Tomorrow Corporation has announced that it has, so far, sold around 250,000 copies of Little Inferno, which is available for purchase on iOS, PC and Wii U. Considering the peculiar nature of the game, in that players purchase items, throw them into a fireplace, and burn them, it has sold extremely well. If you’ve played Little Inferno, are you surprised that so many people purchased the game?

Miiverse Arrives On Smartphones And Web Browsers By May

miiverse_smartphoneMiiverse is still scheduled to arrive this year on web browsers and smartphones, and it should be available on those two mediums within the next couple months. During a talk at the Game Developers Conference, Miiverse producer Kiyoshi Mizuki said that Nintendo’s social network should become browsable by May via mobile devices and a web browser application. At first, Miiverse on web browsers and smartphones will provide basic functionality, including posting comments, doodling, viewing posts and participating in communities. Mizuki confirmed that Miiverse is still in development for Nintendo 3DS; however, he didn’t share when that version will be released.

Wii U Pro Controller Now Working With PC And Mac


TeHaxor69 from the GBAtemp forums has managed to get the Wii U Pro Controller working on both Windows and Mac. All you need to do is add your Wii U Pro Controller in the Windows Bluetooth Manager, don’t use a PIN, then start the application. You can download the file to get this working right here. Daku93, who helped get this working, says it doesn’t work using the default Windows bluetooth stack, but these instructions should get you on your way.

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Bungie Says They Would Love Destiny On PC, No Mention At All Of A Wii U Version


Eurogamer recently had the opportunity to talk to Bungie COO Pete Parsons about the company’s forthcoming game Destiny. The publication says that when asked about a PC version Parsons said that he would love the game to come to that platform. However, no mention was made of a Wii U version of the MMO-style sci-fi shooter. Destiny is due to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and next generation platforms.

“We would absolutely love to be on the PC. If you talk to the people upstairs, we play it on all platforms. So, stay tuned.” No mention was made of a Wii U version.