Rumour: It Appears As Though Pikmin 3 Could Be Temporarily Discontinued In US And UK

Hoping to get hold of a retail copy of Pikmin 3 for Christmas? Well it looks as though you’re going to have a hard job finding it new if you are in the United States or the United Kingdom. The game is fetching a pretty penny on eBay and is only available from sellers on Amazon US and UK at an inflated price. It looks as though Nintendo may have temporarily stopped retail production, though this is unconfirmed. Still, you can always purchase Pikmin 3 on the Wii U eShop.

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Pikmin 3 Demo Now Available To Download In North America & EU Wii U eShop

Nintendo has revealed that a free demo for Pikmin 3 will be available to download for European and North American fans straight after tonight’s Direct concludes. If you’ve yet to play the adorable title – which released in July 2013 -and are wondering if it’s the game for you, make sure you check out the demo on the Wii U eShop. You can also take a look at Miyamoto’s short Pikmin films on the eShop, which was announced earlier today.

Here’s A Video That Shows Off The New Pikmin 3 Update

NintenDaan has created a video which shows off the new GamePad touchscreen controls in the recently updated Pikmin 3. The latest update allows you to throw those adorable Pikmin with the Wii U GamePad touchscreen and the stylus. The update is already available for the game so go on and download it now, that is if you’re not too busy with Mario Kart 8.

Pikmin 3 Now Includes Stylus Control Option In Recent Update

You can now use stylus based controls in Pikmin 3 following a recent update to the adorable title. The new control scheme enables you to throw those ultra cute Pikmin using the GamePad touchscreen with the stylus. Users that wish to use the new control option can do so in the main menu. You can go and update your copy now.

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Nintendo Releases DLC Trailer For Pikmin 3

Nintendo has released a DLC trailer for Pikmin 3. Players can extend the game’s Mission Mode with several downloadable map packs. The first map pack – priced at $1.99 – adds four remixed stages to the Collect Treasure! mission type. The second map pack is also priced at $1.99 and adds four remixed stages to the Battle Enemies! mission type. The third map pack can be purchased for $4.99, and it adds eight all-new stages with settings like a beach, a house party and a construction zone. Pikmin 3 is available at retail and the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

TIME Names Top 10 Video Games Of 2013

TIME has named their top 10 video games of 2013 and have included three Nintendo titles, along with two additional titles which appear on multiple platforms. Skylanders: Swap Force swooped in at number 10, Pikmin 3 placed at number seven, Animal Crossing: New Leaf at number five, Pokemon X & Y at number three, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag rounded it out at number two. What do you think of Nintendo’s showing? Should Super Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds have made the list? What is on the list that has no business being there? See below for the full list.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  3. Pokemon X & Y
  4. Gone Home
  5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  6. The Last of Us
  7. Pikmin 3
  8. BioShock Infinite
  9. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
  10. Skylanders: Swap Force

Battle Hordes Of Enemies Today In New Action-Packed DLC For Pikmin 3


Fantastic new challenges in the world of Pikmin 3 are only a download away. Starting today, new challenges in the “Battle Enemies!” mission type in Pikmin 3 can be purchased as downloadable content in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U for only $1.99. One stage is free, and is available via an automatic software update.

The pack of four stages is based on locations from the game’s Story Mode and is crawling with tons of hostile creatures. Like all the other stages in Mission Mode, these new challenges can be played solo or cooperatively with a friend. High scores earned in this mode will be displayed on a global rankings leaderboard, encouraging friendly competition with other players all around the world.

To purchase the new downloadable content, Wii U users with broadband Internet access need to select “downloadable content” from the Pikmin 3 page in the Nintendo eShop and follow the instructions to confirm their purchase. Once purchased and downloaded, players can access the new stages from the Mission Mode menu in Pikmin 3 after the game has been restarted.

Pikmin 3 is the latest installment in the fan-favorite Pikmin series. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the game finds three space explorers leading an army of adorable Pikmin on a quest to find supplies for their home planet. The new stages in “Battle Enemies!” mark the second set of downloadable content in Pikmin 3. Additional downloadable content for Mission Mode launched earlier this year in the Nintendo eShop.