New Kamiya Survey Asks Gamers What Sequel Or Spin-off They Would Like

Famed Platinum Games developer Hideki Kamiya has once again quizzed fans on Twitter and has asked them what sequel or spin-off they would hypothetically like to see him and the team work on next. There’s plenty of options including Okami, The Wonderful 101, Devil May Cry and many more. Be sure to cast your vote on Twitter!

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Kamiya From Platinum Games Asks Fans What Sequels They Want Him To Work On

Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya has been quizzing fans on Twitter to find out which sequel they would like him to tackle hypothetically. He has given fans plenty of options in the Twitter polls he has put together such as a Okami sequel, a new Devil May Cry game, or Viewtiful Joe. Judging from the responses on Twitter it would seem as though a lot of people are after a new Okami title.

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Platinum Talks Star Fox Zero And How They Got It Running 60fps On GamePad And Wii U

Platinum Games Yusuke Hashimoto has confirmed to GameSpot that they have managed to get Star Fox Zero running at 60fps on both the GamePad and the Wii U console. The team over at Platinum Games and Nintendo decided to delay the game to give it additional polish and ultimately give it that Platinum feel.

“Those two screens, you can’t find that anywhere else. When we were doing Bayonetta 2, we just used that screen as a touch pad. With Star Fox, Miyamoto originally had the idea that he wanted to create a shooting game that used both of these screens, and then we said, okay, how can we combine this with Star Fox? Just having to use those two screens makes things interesting.

“We’ve got them both moving at 60 fps, which is big for a lot of people, I think,” he continued. “But I think that it’s kind of a milestone in gaming, in a way. It’s not something that we have done ourselves before at Platinum, and it’s just not even something that has been done in gaming before. So it’s a lot of new challenges.”

“We’ve been working with action games long enough. We understand how the players play an action game, how they respond to an action game, how they’ll move, what they’ll do in the situational stuff. What we’re making here now, it’s totally a new learning experience for us, which is kind of fun to find out.”

“We want to make it feel as great as possible. It’s easy to say [it was delayed] to increase its quality, or whatever, but that entails a lot, whether it be visuals, or controls.”


Platinum Games Scalebound Was Originally Destined for Wii

Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya has revealed in an interview with GameSpot that the promising Xbox One exclusive Scalebound was originally in development for the Wii. The game has apparently had a long development and was put on the back burner twice due to the company’s diverse range of games.

“If you look at the long span of it, the first idea [for Scalebound] was when we started the company and were thinking of ideas and games that we want to make,” said Kamiya. “The idea popped up there, but then we made Bayonetta. Then after Bayonetta, we revived the idea and made a prototype but that prototype failed and the game got cancelled. It was put on a backburner for a variety of reasons and we moved on to The Wonderful 101.”

“When they first started, the idea was for a Wii game and we wanted to use a Wii remote to do the orders for the dinosaurs,” said Kamiya. “You were in control of the dinosaurs, you were ordering the dinosaurs around, and they’d do cool things. Then after we made Bayonetta, we started the prototype. The first thing that I made a change to was making it a dragon game.”

“We changed the dinosaurs to dragons, but at that point the lead character was even weaker than [current protagonist] Drew is in the context of Scalebound. She was actually a little girl who was with these dragons. As we were making this prototype, I realized that I didn’t want to just be watching the fight, I wanted to be more participatory in the fight. And I started talking with the staff about how maybe we should change this to be a swordsman or someone a little bit older. This was when the prototype got put on the backburner, so to speak, and the project was halted. Then we made The Wonderful 101.”

“The most fun for me is building out the dragon and then building the enemies of the dragon that’s going to fight and you see them start fighting on the screen and seeing those battles play out,” he added. “That’s really what we wanted to do with the game from a core play perspective and being able to execute on that has been a lot of fun for me.”

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Nintendo Talks Star Fox Zero Visuals

Star Fox Zero is the upcoming Wii U title that is being developed by respected development studio, Platinum Games. If you’ve been on various forums and social networks you will have noticed a number of people discussing the game’s basic visual style. However, Nintendo director Yugo Hayashi has told EDGE that it is because it’s “the first time players will be using two screens like this on the Wii U, that led us to decide to base the graphical design on Lylat Wars.” He also mentioned that he feels that “seeing the Arwing, which everyone is so familiar with, transform naturally into a land-based Walker will be a fun and exciting new experience.” Star Fox Zero launches on November 20th.


Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya Would Love To Work With Capcom Again

UK news publication The Metro has had the opportunity to sit down and speak candidly with Hideki Kamiya, co-founder of Platinum Games. Despite what many people think Kamiya would love the opportunity to work alongside Capcom again as the company holds a special place in his heart. He says that despite the rumours he was never let go, or fired, from the Japanese developer and he left on his own accord. Here’s what he had to say about one of his favourite companies.

“However, I can honestly say that if there’s ever an opportunity, that makes sense for me or the studio, to work with Capcom again I would very much welcome that opportunity. Of all the publishers, not just Japanese publishers or partners, I can say with confidence that Capcom still holds a very, very special place in my heart and I love them dearly. It’s one of my favourite companies.”

“And why I say that is because they really helped shape me to who I am today. I spent a long amount of time with them and they helped me grow into who I am. They are one of the few remaining companies in Japan… you know we’ve seen so many other companies being merged and bought out and acquired but they remain the Capcom that they started out as. So seeing that strength and power that still is Capcom today is very reassuring. And it shows the confidence, it shows the love and passion of what they do. So I really do welcome the opportunity to work with Capcom again. Having said all of that, we are working hard on Scalebound 1. And if it does well, and everyone at Microsoft is excited to work on it, and they come to me and say, “We really want to make Scalebound 2 with you Kamiya-san” then I’m gonna be in a really hard place. Because I don’t know what is gonna help me decide who to work with, with Capcom on the other side.”

“There are people that think I was let go or fired from the team or from the staff at Capcom, but that is not what happened. It was just time for me to work with my partners and friends and colleagues, who I wanted to work with, and start a new venture and create new opportunities for ourselves. So I left of my own will and my own desire, to form Platinum Games with some other colleagues of mine.
So that is the truth, and I actually felt a little bad for leaving. Because Capcom tried to stop me leaving and joining my other partners at Platinum. So there’s a sense that if there’s ever a chance that we can not only work together but help bring new life into maybe a Capcom title, or work on a Capcom partnership, then, again, I would very much welcome the opportunity.”

“Many of us are still very much in touch with some of our old colleagues at Capcom. And in fact, right after I return from Gamescom I am meeting up with Jun Takeuchi [producer of Onimusha 3, Lost Planet, and Resident Evil 5 – GC] at Capcom and we’re gonna talk about what’s been going on. And this is long overdue.And so there are things that we always casually talk about, dreams that we want to realise, and I think it’s not just us. I know that there are fans out there that also want to see… maybe something perhaps happening between Platinum Games and Capcom. So… not alluding to anything or not suggesting anything, but if there is a chance, or if there is an opportunity to work together, that would be something I would proactively lean towards to see what they have in mind.”

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Platinum Games Kenji Saito Would Like To Make Kill La Kill Or Berserk Game

Platinum Games are always inundated with requests to tackle a number of prolific franchises. A Twitter user has asked Kenji Saito a programmer and director at Platinum Games to start to developing a video game based on Gatchaman or Karas. Saito replied by saying that he would rather make a game based on Kill La Kill or Berserk. Both of these would make excellent video games. Platinum Games is currently working on a number of games including Scalebound, Transformers Devastation, and Star Fox Zero.