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Platinum Games Creative Producer Reiterates Why Bayonetta 2 Is Exclusive To Wii U

Platinum Games’ creative producer JP Kellams has reiterated why Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to the Wii U. In past months, Kellams has spoken publicly about his concerns for the “pedantic port-begging” from fans of the game, admitting that he’s simply fed up with it. But in a conference at UCF’s Center for Emerging Media last week, Kellams finally put the matter to rest.

The creative producer highlights Nintendo’s approach to the game, saying that the publisher was the “white knight” of development. He also remarks that Bayonetta 2 only exists because Platinum really wanted to create the game. The presentation, though a little lengthy, can be watched in its entirety above. However, a few snippets of Kellams speech can be found below.

“Without getting into some stuff that is both business and confidential, the simple question I’d like to ask you is, ‘Do you want to play Bayonetta 2?’ Bayonetta 2 would not exist without Nintendo white knighting that project. So while I totally understand that people want to play it on the platforms that they’ve played it on previously, we really wanted to make Bayonetta 2.

“I spend a lot of time on Twitter seeing people get really angry, ‘Why is it not on PS3 and 360?’ Right? So kind of the way it went was, ‘Why do we have to buy a Wii U for one game? Why isn’t it on PS3 or 360?’ And now that the Xbox One and the PS4 are out, it’s ‘Why isn’t it on PS4 or Xbox One?’ So then it’s not about buying a piece of hardware, it’s just that you didn’t want it on the Wii U.

“And that’s cool, I mean maybe that system’s not for you, or maybe that platform isn’t what you want to play games on, but we really want to make Bayonetta 2 and we think it’s going to be a fun game and the people who do play it are going to really enjoy it, and I think that we made the right decision to make sure that game survived. I mean I’d rather be in a world with Bayonetta 2 than without.”


Kamiya Says 2014 Will Be The Year Where A New Project Will Be Set In Motion

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has quizzed a number of Japanese developers and have asked them for some key phrases and resolutions for 2014. The publication quizzed Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya who said that 2014 will be the year where a new project, presumably Bayonetta 2, will fully be set in motion.

“There’s a lot I hold dear in making games, but I think for developers, having fun is most important. The atmosphere of the workplace shows clearly in a game’s quality, so I want to treasure a team atmosphere where each member can have fun developing games. Also, 2014 will be the year where a new project will fully be set in motion. I want to boldly and happily walk that path without fear of failure”


Platinum Games Creative Director Is Fed Up With Bayonetta 2 Port Begging

Platinum Games creative director JP Kellams has revealed on Twitter that he is fed up with Microsoft and Sony gamers requesting that Bayonetta 2 be ported to the Xbox and the PlayStation. Kellams says that anything he posts on the Bayonetta 2 Facebook page turns into requests to port the Wii U exclusive to the Xbox and the PlayStation. Here’s what he had to say on Twitter.

“I hate posting anything Bayonetta 2 on our Facebook. Not because I hate Bayonetta 2, but because I hate the pedantic port-begging.”

“It’s been over a year since we announced. We heard you. We get it. We are just happy that we get to make Bayonetta 2 for the patient fans.”

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Kamiya Is Getting Fed Up With People Asking About Bayonetta 2 Exclusivity


Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya is getting rather ticked off with people asking whether Bayonetta 2 is still exclusive to Wii U. The problem arose when Nintendo released its 2013-2014 software line up in a Youtube video, but neglected to show the long-awaited Bayonetta 2. This has led some people on the internet to question whether the game is still exclusive to Nintendo latest home console, Wii U.


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Check Out The New Trailer For Bloody Fate, The Upcoming Bayonetta Anime Film

Last month we reported that Sega would be making Bayonetta into a new anime film, called Bloody Fate. Now the project is a bit farther along, and a new Japanese trailer has been released. It has come to light that the film will begin playing in several theaters across Japan starting on November 23rd, with several Japanese actors taking on the voice roles. The new movie is sure to drum up anticipation for Bayonetta 2, which is still slated to arrive next year as a Wii U exclusive. No word yet on whether the film will be released in the West with an English translation.

The Wonderful 101 Update Arrives In The West


Nintendo of America has announced that The Wonderful 101 is set to receive an update today in North America and possibly Europe. Platinum Games say they have repaired the bug that disabled users from obtaining the Wonderful Figure No. 24 depending on the progress. The update also adds improvements to overall software usability. The update should automatically pop up on your Wii U system.

The Wonderful 101 Review

the wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101, by Platinum Games and their outspoken, ambitious director Hideki Kamiya, has been both praised and criticized from many different angles, with some calling the superhero action game inaccessible or too difficult, while others refer to it as one of the best games of the year. As usual when it comes to divergently extreme opinions, the truth lies somewhere in between.

If games were judged on presentation alone, The Wonderful 101 would have likely received 10′s across the board. Its cut scenes and dialogue are relevant, engaging, and often humorous, with the opening sequence in which Wonder-Red (otherwise known as schoolteacher Will Wedgewood) must rescue a bus full of people standing out as one of the grandest, campiest, most exhilarating game intros of all time. Impressively, The Wonderful 101 manages to maintain its brand of monumental heroic energy throughout, as the superb voice acting never falters, new characters reveal themselves to be more and more outlandish, and the game’s fantastic symphonic soundtrack matches the epic heights of the action with every step. The entire presentation makes the game feel like it was designed by someone with something to prove, and on all of the above levels, Kamiya has proved it.

Unfortunately, however, The Wonderful 101 must also be played, and while it is genuinely fun at times, exhibiting several original gameplay concepts (like drawing Unite Morphs on the gamepad), the gameplay is significantly hindered by several factors that often make the game more frustrating than wonderful.


Yes, the game is difficult, but in all the complaints leveled against The Wonderful 101 that call it complicated or overly demanding, few seem to have pointed out that complications in the game don’t arise because it presents a well-crafted challenge. Instead they arise because of inherent gameplay problems like the sheer number of things happening on screen that distract the player from his or her objective, controls that are far too loose, the frequent inability to draw Unite Builds as long as they need to be on the gamepad, or a camera that unnecessarily follows the protagonist’s every move, making the player’s viewpoint as frantic as the action….just to name a few.

The ability to buy new power-ups helps sustain interest in the game, and while its boss battles offer methodical challenges that do a good job of blending together the wide variety of controls and moves at the player’s disposal, the gameplay throughout the levels too often gets reduced to button mashing, with the Unite Sword tending to be the go-to weapon for warding off swarms of enemies. Additionally, the unwillingness of Platinum Games to explain techniques or objectives necessary for advancing can often make the accomplishment of those tasks rewarding for the player, but sometimes the lack of information means that large portions of the game can be missed the first time through. And with so many rough areas in the gameplay, the replay value is not high enough to warrant the desire to return to the beginning and bridge those missed gaps.

While The Wonderful 101 picks up points for uniting an original concept with some stellar aesthetic presentation, the game purports to be much more fun than it really is, as a severe lack of clarity in its controls and gameplay prevents this band of superheroes from being truly wonderful.


Bayonetta To Be Made Into An Anime Movie By Sega, Called Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Sega has been making waves this week. After a large-scale purchase of Atlus parent company Index Corporation, they have now announced an official, Sega and Gonzo-produced anime movie version of Bayonetta, called Bayonetta: Bloody Fate. Although the announcement has been rumored for some time and was only officially made late yesterday, the movie already has a fully dedicated Japanese website, as well as its own trailer. The movie will be directed by Fuminori Kizaki and is set for release on November 23rd.

The sequel to Bayonetta was shown at this year’s E3 and will be released as a Wii U exclusive. In addition to the new installment of Bayonetta, Hideki Kamiya, designer at Platinum Games, the company that develops Bayonetta, has said he would like to see the first game released on Wii U as well. No official release date has been set for Bayonetta 2, but fans of the series can expect the game on Wii U in 2014.