Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya Would Love To Work With Capcom Again

UK news publication The Metro has had the opportunity to sit down and speak candidly with Hideki Kamiya, co-founder of Platinum Games. Despite what many people think Kamiya would love the opportunity to work alongside Capcom again as the company holds a special place in his heart. He says that despite the rumours he was never let go, or fired, from the Japanese developer and he left on his own accord. Here’s what he had to say about one of his favourite companies.

“However, I can honestly say that if there’s ever an opportunity, that makes sense for me or the studio, to work with Capcom again I would very much welcome that opportunity. Of all the publishers, not just Japanese publishers or partners, I can say with confidence that Capcom still holds a very, very special place in my heart and I love them dearly. It’s one of my favourite companies.”

“And why I say that is because they really helped shape me to who I am today. I spent a long amount of time with them and they helped me grow into who I am. They are one of the few remaining companies in Japan… you know we’ve seen so many other companies being merged and bought out and acquired but they remain the Capcom that they started out as. So seeing that strength and power that still is Capcom today is very reassuring. And it shows the confidence, it shows the love and passion of what they do. So I really do welcome the opportunity to work with Capcom again. Having said all of that, we are working hard on Scalebound 1. And if it does well, and everyone at Microsoft is excited to work on it, and they come to me and say, “We really want to make Scalebound 2 with you Kamiya-san” then I’m gonna be in a really hard place. Because I don’t know what is gonna help me decide who to work with, with Capcom on the other side.”

“There are people that think I was let go or fired from the team or from the staff at Capcom, but that is not what happened. It was just time for me to work with my partners and friends and colleagues, who I wanted to work with, and start a new venture and create new opportunities for ourselves. So I left of my own will and my own desire, to form Platinum Games with some other colleagues of mine.
So that is the truth, and I actually felt a little bad for leaving. Because Capcom tried to stop me leaving and joining my other partners at Platinum. So there’s a sense that if there’s ever a chance that we can not only work together but help bring new life into maybe a Capcom title, or work on a Capcom partnership, then, again, I would very much welcome the opportunity.”

“Many of us are still very much in touch with some of our old colleagues at Capcom. And in fact, right after I return from Gamescom I am meeting up with Jun Takeuchi [producer of Onimusha 3, Lost Planet, and Resident Evil 5 – GC] at Capcom and we’re gonna talk about what’s been going on. And this is long overdue.And so there are things that we always casually talk about, dreams that we want to realise, and I think it’s not just us. I know that there are fans out there that also want to see… maybe something perhaps happening between Platinum Games and Capcom. So… not alluding to anything or not suggesting anything, but if there is a chance, or if there is an opportunity to work together, that would be something I would proactively lean towards to see what they have in mind.”

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Platinum Games Kenji Saito Would Like To Make Kill La Kill Or Berserk Game

Platinum Games are always inundated with requests to tackle a number of prolific franchises. A Twitter user has asked Kenji Saito a programmer and director at Platinum Games to start to developing a video game based on Gatchaman or Karas. Saito replied by saying that he would rather make a game based on Kill La Kill or Berserk. Both of these would make excellent video games. Platinum Games is currently working on a number of games including Scalebound, Transformers Devastation, and Star Fox Zero.

Platinum Says It Was Nerve-wracking Working With Shigeru Miyamoto On Star Fox Zero

One of the surprise announcements of E3 this year was the announcement that Star Fox Zero is being developed by none other than Platinum Games. Yusuke Hashimoto, who also directed Bayonetta 2, says development of the game was very fun, especially collaborating again with Nintendo. However, Hashimoto also revealed that it was “nerve-wracking” when Shigeru Miyamoto stepped in to show them a new idea, asked them what they thought, and they had to come up with a decent answer about whether it should be implemented or not.

“The three of us are always working together and it’s very fun,” Hayashi says, “but obviously when Mr. Miyamoto shows you something and is like, what do you think of this, and you have to come up with a good answer, it’s very nerve-wracking.”

“I’m struck by how fast this goes,” says Hashimoto. “The turnaround between the exchange of the two parties is very quick. It’s a kind of development speed I haven’t really seen before.”

Star Fox Zero’s Co-Op Mode Was Made Primarily For Little Kids, According To Platinum

According to Polygon’s interview with Platinum Games, Star Fox Zero will have a cooperative mode (that is still very actively a work in progress). However, interestingly enough, Platinum Games’ Lead Director Hashimoto says this mode — which allows for one person to fly the Arwing while another controls the guns — was made specifically for little children, playing with parents.

We wanted to have a co-op mode where basically one person could handle flying the vehicle, while another person handles shooting. So, if you had a situation where a parent was playing with their child and the child was having a tough time with the game, the parent could handle flying the vehicle with a nunchuk and Wii remote and the child could just enjoy targeting and shooting things on the GamePad.

On a cool note, the cooperative play will change depending on the vehicle in use. If the two players are piloting the Gyrowing (the drone-like helicopter) and the Direct -I (deployable mech) is dropped, the cooperative team will split with the two players controlling the two separate ships.

Star Fox Zero is set to release exclusively on the Wii U in Q4 2015. Despite the fact this is being developed with tykes in mind, are you excited for this new mode?

Nintendo And Platinum Explain Their Relationship On Star Fox Zero For Wii U

One of the announcements that pleased a number of fans at this year’s Nintendo E3 Digital Event was the fact that Platinum Game’s were developing the new Star Fox for Wii U, which is titled Star Fox Zero. Polygon managed to catch up with Nintendo EAD’s Yugo Hayashi and Yusuke Hashimoto from Platinum Games to find out just how the exciting collaboration came to be. Hayashi says that the team at Nintendo didn’t have enough resources to make the game, but they were certain that an acclaimed action studio such as Platinum Games would be a perfect fit for the title.

“Internally, we thought we maybe didn’t have enough resources to make it. So we started looking outside for a good fit.

“We already had some relationship with Platinum Games and in thinking about who would be be a good company to make a Star Fox game, obviously Platinum Games are very good at making action games, they’re very good at making games that are visually exciting. So we thought they would be a perfect fit.”

– EAD’s Yugo Hayashi

“When I was getting into the project it kind of started up for me as how do we use this to make stages that will be fun to play. How do we create extravagant, exciting situations. Basically, as the development has gone forward it has been the two teams passing it back and forth and talking about that kind of thing.”

“When you get to the boss and it switches to the target view and you have that kind of extravagant cinematic view, flying around the boss with a first-person view,” he said. “That was the first time I thought we were kind of getting at what I hoped to achieve with this project.”

“I think the reason for that is because it’s a cinematic scene, a cinematic effect, but you’re able to control it and create these kind of action moments while flying around in the way you attack.”

– Platinum Games, Yusuke Hashimoto

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Confirmed: Star Wolf Will Return In Star Fox Zero

It’s been too long since we have seen the members of Star Wolf — at least, that is what Yusuke Hasimoto, Director of Platinum Games thinks. Specifically, in a Tweet earlier today, Hashimoto confirmed that the members of Star Wolf would be making a return to Platinum’s upcoming Wii U exclusive, Star Fox Zero.

However, who exactly is Star Wolf? Fledgling Star Fox fans may recognize Wolf O’Donnell from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, Star Wolf is the team of mercenaries that he leads (comprised of Leon Powalski, Panther Caroso, Andrew Oikonny, Pigma Dengar, and (possibly) Krystal) that has strong associations to the infamous Andross. Besides working as mercenaries, the dabble in other illegal and illicit activities across the solar system. So far they have appeared in four other Star Fox titles: Star Fox 64/3D, Star Fox Assault, and Star Fox Command.

Star Fox Zero will release Holiday 2015.

Nintendo Initially Considered Monolith Soft To Develop Star Fox Zero

One of the surprising announcements to come out of the Nintendo Digital Event was that Star Fox Zero is being developed by the acclaimed Platinum Games. However, Shigeru Miyamoto says that they initially thought about developing the game internally. They considered various studios including Xenoblade Chronicles X studio Monolith Soft, but he says that they decided that Platinum Games would be the best developer for the job, and I’m sure most fans would probably agree.

“We didn’t really look around at that many different places,” Miyamoto explained. “Our first instinct was to try and find an appropriate team within Nintendo. One place we kind of considered was Monolith Soft.”

“But it kind of came down to to there wasn’t really a place we wanted to work with other than Platinum just because they are so committed to creating exciting visuals. We kind of really wanted to improve the visual quality of the game.”