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Platinum Games Were Pleased With The Way Nintendo Structured E3 2014

Akiko Kuroda, the producer for Bayonetta 2 and the Wii U port of Bayonetta, has commended Nintendo for the way they structured their E3 plans. Kuroda says that the Treehouse live segment, which was streamed on Twitch, was a massive highlight. There’s plenty more interesting content that you can read on the Platinum blog.

“Believe it or not, you don’t really get the chance to convey what you want about the game, or show it to your fans in such a direct way so often, so it felt great to be able to take part in Treehouse Live, and I hope to be able to do more events like it in the future. Also, as a game fan myself, it was pretty cool to see Miyamoto-san and Tezuka-san (Yoshi’s Woolly World) up so close! I heard 60,000 people tuned in to hear about Bayonetta 2. Normal numbers for attendees at a conference stop around the 100s, so it’s hard for me to even imagine that large of a crowd.”

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Platinum Says They ‘Learned A Lot from Nintendo, If Possible We Would Love To Do It Again’

Bayonetta 2 new director Yusuke Hashimoto has said that it has been a pleasure working alongside Nintendo. Hashimoto says that the development team learned an awful lot collaborating with Nintendo and if possible they would love to do it again. Platinum is currently working on Bayonetta 2 for Wii U, Scalebound for Xbox One and the recently announced The Legend of Korra for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

You touched on the future of the Bayonetta series earlier… what role does Nintendo have in the next Bayonetta games? Have the two become intertwined?

“In terms of nurturing the content of this game, there’s a lot that we learned from Nintendo and if possible we would love to do it again and keep nurturing our child.”


Platinum And Activision Announce The Legend of Korra, 3DS Being Developed By Webfoot, Wii U Not Mentioned

Activision together with Webfoot Technologies have announced that The Legend of Korra – a game based on the popular Nickelodeon TV show – will head to the Nintendo 3DS this year. The launch of the turn-based strategy game for the handheld will arrive alongside the console version this Autumn.

The console version developed by Bayonetta 2 studio Platinum Games, however, will be a third-person combat title written by Tim Hendrick, with the story taking place somewhere between The Legend of Korra’s second and third seasons. But while The Legend of Korra will be released on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3, there’s no mention of a Wii U version. Given that the aforementioned 3DS title is in the works, albeit with another studio, it’s an odd choice for Platinum Games and Activision. Hopefully we’ll hear more on the game in the coming weeks.

A Webfoot Technologies-developed turn-based strategy version of The Legend of Korra will also hit Nintendo 3DS this year. Where Platinum’s action game is all about fast-paced martial-art combat, the 3DS game will “focus on tactically maneuvering Korra and her allies on the battlefield.”


You Can Now Get The Original Bayonetta With Digital Copies Of Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 Director Yusuke Hashimoto and Producer Akiko Kuroda have clarified on Facebook that those of you looking to purchase Bayonetta 2 digitally will now be able to get a free copy of the Bayonetta remastered for Wii U. The same applies for those who purchase Bayonetta 2 at retail.

The original version of Bayonetta will be available via a digital download on eShop when you purchase Bayonetta 2 (either a box version or digital copy of the game).


Platinum Says Original Bayonetta Wii U Took Year And Half To Make, Were Helped Out By Bee Tribe

Bayonetta director Yusuke Hashimoto has revealed that the original Bayonetta, which comes bundled with Bayonetta 2, took around a year and a half to develop. Hashimoto said “We thought it would be awesome to let fans play both on the same console.”Hashimoto also mentioned that they ending up outscoring some of the project to Bee Tribe, but this was carefully overseen by Hideki Kamiya.


Original Bayonetta For Wii U Is 60fps, Dual Audio, And Features Off-TV Play

The official site for Bayonetta has opened and within it contains some interesting information. The original Bayonetta will run at 60 frames per second, features dual audio, and also has off-TV play. A Japanese language option is also available. Here’s the key points.

“Bayonetta, originally released in 2010, introduced an explosive blend of dynamic action and saucy style.Now all the action comes to the Wii U at 60 fps—and it’ll leave you breathless.”

New features, only on Wii U

  • Wii U GamePad features
  • You can use the Wii U GamePad controller’s touchscreen and a stylus to control the action in both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2.
  • You can play using just the GamePad screen, without having to use your TV.
  • Japanese-language option
  • Choose between English and Japanese audio tracks, and select either English or Japanese subtitles to accompany the voiceovers.

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Kamiya Hates The Logo Of The Bayonetta 2 Box Art

Platinum Game’s outspoken designer Hideki Kamiya has revealed on Twitter that he strongly dislikes the logo on the Bayonetta 2 boxart. When questioned about it he said that he didn’t have any control over it and wishes that he had.

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Platinum’s Next Game Is Exclusive To Xbox One

Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya revealed that their next game is exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One. The new game is titled Scalebound and appears to be a brand new IP. The trailer showcased a lush jungle setting with a protagonist who appeared to be similar to Dante from the Devil May Cry series. Kamiya says that Scalebound offers action at a whole new scale.