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Japan: PlayStation 4 Has Sold Less In Its Three Weeks Than Wii U Did

IGN is reporting that the Wii U sold more units in its first three weeks than the PlayStation 4 did for the same time period. However, it should be noted that the Wii U launched during the holiday season in Japan when festive shoppers were out purchasing gifts. IGN blames the poor sales of both consoles on the massive adoption of smartphone gaming in Japan, with the Nintendo 3DS  lagging behind the Nintendo DS’s performance, and PlayStation Vita performing badly compared to the PlayStation Portable.

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Super Smash Bros Director Sakurai Impressed With PlayStation 4

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has shared his impressions of the PlayStation 4 with Famitsu. Sakurai initially stated that he hates console wars and went on to say that he’s very impressed with the hardware that Sony have delivered with the PlayStation 4. Here’s Sakurai’s impressions of the system.

“Let me begin by saying that I don’t care for faction wars like Nintendo versus SCEJA.”

“PlayStation 4 is good-looking, the DualShock 4 is light and using it feels good, Remote Play can reliably handle even action games, and the network functionality is well done. The machine power is another attractive factor, there is no loss of detail in the image, and it looks so natural and spontaneous that you often forget that you’re playing a game.”

“It’s a good thing if creators can make stylish games without putting in a ton of time on that. I hope that a masterpiece will come with bells tolling. This is definitely not a period that will leave us without the possibility of playing rich games.”

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Japan: PlayStation 4 Sells Around The Same Amount As Wii U During Its First Two Days On Sale

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu is reporting that the PlayStation 4 has sold 322,083 units in two days in Japan. What is interesting is that the Wii U sold similar numbers when it launched in Japan back in 2012. However, it should be noted that the Wii U launched during the busy Christmas period, whereas the PlayStation 4 launched in February.

  • 1998.11.27 [Sega Dreamcast] (¥29.800) – 101.490 (3 days)
  • 2000.03.04 [Sony PlayStation 2] (¥39.800) – 630.552 (2 days)
  • 2001.09.14 [Nintendo GameCube] (¥25.000) – 133.719 (3 days)
  • 2002.02.22 [Microsoft XBox] (¥34.800) – 123.929 (3 days)
  • 2005.12.10 [Microsoft XBox 360] (¥29.000 / ¥39.795) – 62.135 (2 days)
  • 2006.11.11 [Sony PlayStation 3] (¥49.980 / ¥59.980) – 88.443 (2 days)
  • 2006.12.02 [Nintendo Wii] (¥25.000) – 371.936 (2 days)
  • 2012.12.08 [Nintendo Wii U] (¥26.250 / ¥31.500) – 308.570 (2 days)

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Nintendo Planning Big eShop Sale The Same Day PlayStation 4 Is Released In Japan

To counter the looming threat of the PlayStation 4 in Japan, Nintendo will be holding a large eShop sale in an attempt to discourage those that will be heading out to buy Sony’s latest console. The Japanese eShop sales starts February 22nd and will begin by seeing discounts of 20 to 30 percent on Donkey Kong related titles. There will be another sale on March 1st for The Legend of Zelda and another special sale on March 8th for Mario titles.

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Reggie Says Wii U Feels “No Pressure” From $399 PlayStation 4


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime doesn’t think there’s any additional pressure on Wii U since Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 will be $399.99. Reggie says it’s just business as usual and Sony and Microsoft are going to do what they’re going to do. He concluded by saying that the main question he asks himself  is how do we satisfy the needs of all of the consumers out there with Nintendo products?

“It puts no pressure on us at all. Sony and Microsoft are going to do what they’re going to do. My bet is that there are going to be more announcements the closer we get to whatever their launch date is.”

“From my perspective, I can’t focus on that. I have to focus on: How do we satisfy the needs of all of the consumers out there with Nintendo products? How do we make sure they understand our proposition? How do we make sure they’re excited about the software that we offer? And from that standpoint we’re going to let our competition do what they’re going to do.”

“I would say the big difference in the Wii launch vs. the Wii U launch is that, at the [Wii] launch we had a fantastic game in Wii Sports that really helped people understand the magic of the Wii Remote, and we had Zelda. We had Zelda there at the launch to satisfy the [core] player and when you look at what we had at the launch for Wii U, yes we had a Mario game–a fantastic Mario game that has a very strong attach rate to the hardware–but there wasn’t as many opportunities for the [core] player to really get behind the system.”

Activision Says Next Xbox And PlayStation 4 Could Face The Same Challenges As Wii U


Outspoken Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick said during the company’s recent Q1 2013 Earning conference call that the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 could face the same challenges that Nintendo has faced with Wii U thus far. Kotick says that console manufacturers are now competing against an influx of low-cost tablets and smartphones that provide gamers with a quick gaming fix at a cheap and affordable price point.

“There are still many unknown factors, such as pricing, launch dates and quantities, the level of first-party support and, importantly, consumer purchase intent in a world where consoles are no longer just competing with each other, but also with new platforms, such as smartphones and tablets.”

NPD Says 29% Of Core Games Will Purchase Next-Gen System At Launch


U.S. market research firm NPD Group believes that around 29% of core gamers are looking to buy the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox console at launch. The data for this survey was conducted by  U.S. respondents age 9 and older who currently play games for five or more hours per week on an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, or Mac. Out of the of the 6,322 respondents surveyed, only 887 qualified as a core gamer. The survey suggests that just over one in four plan on purchasing the PlayStation 4 or the next Xbox.

Nintendo Shares Have Risen After PlayStation 4 Announcement


Nintendo shares have risen after Sony revealed its long-awaited PlayStation 4 console on Wednesday. Sony’s U.S shares were down 2.7% to $14.08 by midday, with Nintendo’s shares up 2% to $11.79. Trade on the Japanese market were similar as Sony slipped about 1.8% by the close of that session, and Nintendo Japan gaining about 1.3%. There isn’t any real explanation as to why Sony shares dropped and Nintendo’s rose, but it’s good news for the Kyoto based company.

Time-Limited PlayStation 4-Exclusive ‘The Witness’ May Eventually Come To Wii U

the_witness_worldThe Witness will first be released on Sony’s next console, the PlayStation 4, which is scheduled to launch this holiday season. The game’s developer, Johnathan Blow, the creator of Braid, told Joystiq that he and his team want The Witness to be playable on as many platforms as possible, and he suggested that the upcoming 3D puzzle video game may eventually come to Microsoft’s next console and Nintendo’s new Wii U console.

“Basically, you’ll see The Witness on PS4 before you’ll see it on the next Microsoft console or on the Wii U, presuming we eventually do ports to those consoles. Ideally we want the game to be in as many places as we can get it, but since we are a small developer and it’s a complicated game, we can only do so much at once.”

-Johnathan Blow