Pokemon Global Link Will Undergo Maintenance Between November 13 – 21 To Add New ORAS Features

The Pokemon Company International has confirmed that the Pokemon Global Link will be undergoing maintenance between November 13 to 21 in order to make way for the newly announced features for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. As we reported yesterday, the new remakes – which are scheduled for release in late November – will showcase new Mega-Evolved forms for two legendary Pokemon: Latios and Latias. Alongside these two new reveals, players can soar into a new perspective after the main storyline and capture rare Pokemon in new secret Mirage locations.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will feature a new league inside the Global Link, so players can battle with their specially caught, hatched, or gifted Pokemon in this area. The ORAS league will co-exist with the Pokemon X & Y league in the Global area after maintenance has been undertaken. Also featured on the Global Link is the ability to share your secret bases with others across the world, as well as in-game photos from Pokemon contests. Please be aware that if you are looking to use the Global Link during November 13 to the 21, you will be unable to do so.


Pokémon X & Y Global Link Opens October, Will Spell The End For Black & White

Pokemon_X_Pokemon_Y_logoWith the highly anticipated Pokémon X & Y due for release October 12 on the Nintendo 3DS, the Global Link will be undergoing a few renovations. Scheduled maintenance for the Global Link will run from the beginning of October for twelve days in order to prepare for the special X & Y version, but it will also spell the end for various online features within Black, Black 2, White and White 2.

October 12 will see the trial version of the Dream World deactivated from the previous versions, as well as new user registration, plus on December 10 you will no longer be able to put Pokémon to sleep. Fans will have a few months grace before the big changes start happening, though, as on January 14 the following features will be deactivated:

  • The GTS tracking for Gen V and Rating Mode on Random Matchup
  • The ability to do WiFi Memory Link in Black 2 & White 2.
  • C-Gear, Musical and Pokédex Skin changing.
  • Waking up your Pokémon to get items and Pokémon – however, you will be able to wake your Pokémon up from the game side at any time, but the ability to do so from the Global Link will be deactivated.

Using GTS, Free Rating in Random Matchup and all other in-game online features will continue, however, so there’s no need to completely abandon your beloved Black and White games just yet.