Pokemon Director Would Like ‘A Cool New Version Of Pokemon Snap’

Pokemon director Junichi Masuda has said that as a gamer he would love to play a brand new version of Pokemon Snap running on the latest hardware. However, Masuda said that just adding improved current gen visuals wouldn’t make it as interesting as people imagine.

“As a player I definitely want to play a cool new version of Pokemon Snap, but at the same time I also think if it was just a remake with better graphics I don’t think it would be as interesting as a lot of people are imagining.”

“If someone was to end up developing it they’d have to come up with some cool ideas to really make it a good game for the current generation. It’s sort of like what I was saying about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. If it was just a direct port that would be kind of neat as well, but having new elements is definitely important.”

New Pokemon Snap Would Need An Original Idea To Make It Interesting, Says Masuda


In a new interview, Pokemon X and Y director Junichi Masuda was asked about the possibility of a new Pokemon Snap game. While expressing a keen fondness for Pokemon Snap, Masuda was reluctant to give a definitive answer about whether a new installment in the series will see the light of day. But he said that he would not rehash the same material, and that “a new idea” would have to be developed to make the game more interesting.

Pokemon X and Y launches worldwide on October 12th. Masuda’s full comments about Pokemon Snap appear below.

“Personally, I really love the Pokemon Snap game, but it wouldn’t be interesting if we just released the same game, how it was before, for the Wii U or 3DS,” Masuda said. “So we have to come up with a new idea or something that will make it more appealing to players. Sometime down the road, we may have something.”

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Pokemon Director: “It Would Be Very Cool If You Could Play Black 2 And White 2 On The Wii U”

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 director, composer Junichi Masuda doesn’t seem interested in an HD Pokémon Snap for Wii U, because most people own a camera that can take photos of whatever whenever they want. The thought of a core Pokémon game on Nintendo’s upcoming home console, however, intrigues Masuda. “It would be very cool if you could play Black 2 and White 2 on the Wii U,” he says.

Here’s What An HD Pokemon Snap Would Look Like In Unreal Engine 3

Christian Davis, an associate environment artist at Junction Point Studios, created detailed models of the Pokémon Blastoise with UDK, which is a simplified edition of Unreal Engine 3. The image above is Davis’ depiction of what Pokémon Snap would look like in HD. Check out more of Davis’ Blastoise models here.

Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Revamp Virtual Console Game For Wii


In a surprising move Nintendo have seen fit to enhance a Virtual Console game to add Wii specific functionality.

The title in question is none other that N64 title Pokemon Snap which will benefit from added functionality not previously seen in the original version. Though the added functionality isn’t a complete overhaul of the game code – it allows users to post their in-game photos to other users via Wii connect 24, it does go some way to breathing fresh new life in older dustier titles.